How I fucked Judith, our new neighbor. Pt 3 | cheating story from Annonymous5

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Judith and I finally told her husband I had been ducking her. He was broken, but slowly seemed to,recover with lots of TLC from Judith. He confessed to,having had fantasy’s of seeing her get fucked, but not by anyone in particular. I cached Judith on the things to say to,him if he brought up his fantasy again, and had her put a listening device on their headboard, so I could listen. He came back from a weekend trip and at once when they were in bed began asking her if I had fucked her while he was gone. She said no but had he fantasized about it and he said he had beat off every night imagining me fucking her, and how she really liked it. She asked him if I made her suck my cock. He said no. She said she was so afraid I would come while he was gone and make her suck my cock. She had sucked my cock but acting reluctant like I told her she said I hope he doesn’t make me suck his covk. It is way too big and hard. Her husband asked her how big my clock was and she said around 9 or 10,inches, and real thick. She began stroking his cock saying I hope he doesn’t force me to suck him. I am afraid he might make me suck his cock. He told me once he was going to rape my sweet married mouth and force me to suck on his cock. Then she asked would he like to watch me force her to suck my big cock? He started to moan saying he would like to see her made to,suck me. So Judith and I arranged for him to see just that. He was home Saturday so she said she heard me coming and would he hide in the closet and watch . After he got situated, I came in the door telling her now I was going to fuck her mouth like a pussy/. She started crying and begging me not to make her suck my cock, and I could fuck her, even fuck her ass hole, but not her mouth. I told her no I had wanted to,rape her mouth with my big cock all this time so grabbed her and pushed her down in a chair where I knew her husband could see her face clearly. I pulled out my cock and as I played with it it grew to full@ength. She was crying (play like) and saying don’t make me suck your cock or taste your cum. I,told her to strip naked and to play with her pussy, which she quickly did. I grabbed her hair and said now I am going to,rape your sweet little married mouth and you are going to,swallow every drop,of my cum. She c began moaning and I pushed the head of my cock intp her mouth. I began fucking her mouth jike a pussy and was soon going deeper into her mouth. Now I said every time your husband kisses you he will,wonder if it is my cum he is tasting, and pushing still deeper into her throat I started to cum. Swallow every drop bitch, and if you don’t I will,paddle your hot little ass until,you can’t sit down. She gulped and swallowed every drop of cum and kept licking the sides of my cock to,get the rest. I yanked open the closet door and there was her husband, naked, jacking off like crazy. I made him go,over to,his young wife and put his cock in her mouth. I told him to fuck hrrmouth like it was a pussy and he soon came, and she swallowed every drop. This was the first time she had sucked him. I then made her get on her knees and told him to,tongue fuck,her sss hole and he ravished his wife’s tight little ass with his tongue and then I told him to move and I began pushing my big cock into her tight little ass hole. I soon shot my cum up her ass. Then I made him get on his knees and gave her a dildo I had brought and told her to fuck his ass with it. She did. She royally fucked his little ass hole. She kept saying see, this is how it feels when he fucks me up the ass. Do you like it? Do you? He said yes and she said did I want to fuck his assand I said no, but she could fuck his ass any time she wanted to.

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