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Brief personal history, I’m very well from my career and thru family wealth. I finished university and started my career, and it was going great from the start. My personal relationships were nonexistent and that was normal for me. I 31 had my own place and hire a housekeeper 45 who came 6 and left about 4 Monday to Friday. On arrival she would get me breakfast and leave my Dinner made for me before she finished. That was how it was until I was told to take holidays, I took 2 weeks the minimum they would accept. So, being home with the housekeeper was something different for me. I got bored as I was usually working, and I got horny and did as usual for masturbated. I got caught by the housekeeper who shocked by finishing masturbating me. Of course, I wanted her to do again, and she was most willing to help me and we started having sex. I was then offered a promotion and it meant a transfer, I wanted to have my housekeeper come with me as she was my first fuck and only woman, I’ve had sex with. I didn’t want to back be having no sex again. She was agreeable on one condition; I marry her daughter 25 and I would’ve both as my lovers. Shocked by her condition, I asked why me, silly I know but it was all I thought of at the time. Her answer made perfect sense. Her and her daughter were struggling to get by, and I was well off and her daughter’s life would be much better than it would be otherwise. Not that any of us are anything special in looks, I’m skinny balding and wear glasses to read. They aren’t gorgeous but are above average in looks and only slightly overweight. I agreed as I would get regular sex and only later did, I think what if the daughter didn’t want to marry me. The daughter is the quiet shy controlled by her mother type. She married me because her mother told her too, I was also her first lover, and our wedding night was a threesome with her mother. I’m quite happy with way everything has worked out my wife 7 months pregnant to me after 8 months of marriage. Her mother is still fucking me and usually decides when I get sex. Which is about 4 nights a week with her. My wife will let me anytime I want, but I’m letting her alone due her being pregnant as I’ve heard sex after six months pregnant can cause problems, also I always have her mother. I’ve always thought of myself as a geek or a nerd, but now I a husband.

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