How I got Married | straight story from Happy Husband/Son-in-law

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I first saw my now wife and thought she was the one the instant I saw her. She was 23 at the time and didn’t date or party at all. I was 26 and had become obsessed with my now wife and she lived with mother 41 who was the complete opposite to her daughter. I always been financially well off due to my family being very well off. Self-assured I decided to best way to the daughter was thru her mother and so I bought the business the mother worked at. Then I got close to the mother, meaning bedding her regularly. Finally with her help I bedded her daughter and then married her. Now a few years later I’ve 3 children and another on the way. my wife got pregnant from first sexual encounter and so did her mother and we live together, and all still sleep together. I’ve sold the business I bought to get close to my now mother-in-law, my is still a little shy around my family. But she is well loved by them, and my mother and her mother are with her every time she goes shopping. Well with 3 young children all under 4 in tow, you need extra help. As for my child with my mother-in-law, there’s only a couple days different in birth dates of my first 2 children. Only family know who the mother actually is, others assume they are twins.

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