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Just over forty years ago I got married and still am and had 11 children all grown up and are happily married themselves. My father had died, and I had taken over running the family business and there was a outstanding loan on the books. The loan was to an old army buddy 52 of my father and my father hadn’t much bothered with it over the years. But with his passing the accountants and government wanted everything fully disclosed was the term they used. I hadn’t much if any contact with my father’s Vietnam war buddy over the years and so to allow everything to be finalized I went to see him. A blind man could see he wasn’t able to payout the loan then or in the future. He lived in an old house with his wife 37 and daughter 19, the house had power connected and they lived a simple life. I don’t know how they survived, but thought it was with the veteran pension. He had lost a leg to a mine in Vietnam. I introduced myself and being 26 and told him why I was there and had already decided to write off the loan on my arrival. But I was distracted by the daughter, to me she was gorgeous. Which didn’t go unnoticed by the father and his response was to offer his daughter to me as my wife. The idea appealed to me, I dated and done fairly okay, but none of my dates had taken my interest so much on our first like she had. At first, I thought he was joking, but he wasn’t, and I was somewhat stunned by his daughter just accepting the proposal without complaint. His wife also said nothing and as I thought he was joking at the time I said OKAY I accept. Waiting for him to back away from the offer he didn’t. A week later I was married, and the loan had been written off. My wife was very compliant and as I found out so was her mother, it was their belief that a woman done as the man wanted no argument. I was married about 5 months and my wife was newly confirmed as pregnant (3months) we were visiting her parents and on arrival I could tell there was something wrong. My father-in-law was sitting in his chair and didn’t move on our arrival and my mother-in-law was distressed. My father-in-law was dead, and I called my doctor as it was quicker to get him then call an ambulance. My doctor confirmed the passing of my wife’s father and instead of an ambulance the coroner came and took away his body. Massive heart attack was the cause of his death, his health wasn’t great after serving in Vietnam (agent orange related). My father had suffered from the same cause after his service. Anyway, in my father-in-law’ handwritten will I got all his worldly property, and the only caveat was to take care of his wife. That was a given anyway, my first act was to have my mother-in-law move in with us and had their old house removed. Nothing happened for serval months, then my wife on doctor’s advice told me no sexual intercourse till after the baby was born. I accepted that and was willing to comply, but that same night I was shocked when my mother-in-law joined us in our bed. My wife and her mother believed I had the absolute right to sex whenever I wanted it. As my wife was unable on doctor’s advice to supply me with sex, her mother as she now living with us would supply my sexual needs. I was at first unsure what to do, but like the old saying when in Rome do as the Roman’s do. I started sexual relations with my mother-in-law. She was 38 at the time and my wife had turned 20 after our marriage. One thing I didn’t take into account was precautions as neither my nor her mother took precaution I should’ve. Just after my wife had our son her mother was confirmed as pregnant and would have 3 children in total for me. My wife had 8, I realized why my father and her father only one child each. Their wives had gotten pregnant and had miscarriages due to agent orange effects, it seemed to affect them more as the years passed. But my children had no major health problems as a result. My wife is the same as when I married never complains or argues, her mother is still alive and is content with her life and not sexually active for some years. Of all the loans I’ve had to deal with in my lifetime, that loan of my father’s to my father-in-law was by far the best having the best loan outcomes.

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