How I miss my cousin

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Hi to all ISS lovers, this is napoleon from Goa for the first time on this site. I was told by my close friend about this site and have read many stories. This has encouraged me to send one of my true experience to you all. Enjoy it.

I am 35 years old and would like to narrate a true incident that occurred to me just a year ago. This incident is very fresh in my mind and the incident goes this way …..

It was my cousin sister (sorry I would not revel the name) who was due to get married and I was with her in the house. She lived with her parents in Goa and we were very close friends. We discussed every thing from school life to her work life. She was very open minded and used to call me home whenever she had something to say.

It was a Saturday that she called me and invited me to stay in her house as her parents were going out. This was not the first time she had invited me and I went to see her at around 7.00pm. She was waiting for me and as I reached her house she opened the door and invited me inside. Gal she was wearing a silk nighty and had nothing on top her nipples were erect and I could see them, she was wearing a white panty and her boobs were round and firm. Friends to tell you I love round and firm boobs. We had a beer and started to talk she was more interested in sex topics and I was getting hard on the sex topics. She sat next to me and I could clearly see the erect nipples and I could not control, she noticed me seeing her and said to me “Nap you are staring at the wrong place” I was surprised to hear those words as I thought she was noticing me. I said to her “you are too beautiful and I can not control myself” she said “I know I am beautiful but you should know I am your cousin” I told her you are my cousin afterwards but before that you are a women and I am a man we should not forget this relationship of a men and women. She got up and went to the fridge to get another beer and I was making plans to sleep with her that night. She came back and asked me what I was dreaming of and I told her I can not take you out of my mind. She sat next to me and we had the second beer, with the alcohol in us I got the courage to catch hold of hand she did not object and we were talking about sex. I placed my had on her shoulder and in a few minutes my had was on her right boob she said its not right but I said I was just feeling it and she was ok. My penis in my pant was rock hard and she could notice the motion that was happening in my pants she placed her had on my penis and said it is rock hard and you should give it a free space to breath that was the indication I was waiting. I wasted no time in a second my pants were down and the t shirt I was wearing was on the floor. I was fully nude in front of her and she was surprised to see my 7” long hot iron rod which as in full length.

Seeing this she was hot and placed her hand on my erect iron rod and said that she has not seen such a huge cock in her entire life and said that she does not know what size her going to be husband would have. I told her to enjoy the sight as much as you need as you will not get this sight again after your marriage. These words of mine made her wet and she got up and started to kiss me on my chest. (as I was taller to her she could not reach my lips) I could feel her getting hot as she was breathing fast and said that its time I taste the cock and I was surprised by the words she said after she kissed the head of my cock. “Nap you are the one I always dream in the night and masturbate, I was longing to have this cock of yours in me and I am not going to loose this great opportunity” saying this she started to suck my cock and started to roll her tongue on the head I was in heaven, she sucked my cock for nearly 10 min and I could not control and told her I am going to cum she said not so soon. She got up and removed her nighty and stood in front of me and said “I am all yours tonight I want you to make this night a night I will remember for the rest of my life” we started kissing our lips met and she was sucking my tongue and I tasted my own cock. I kissed her from lips to the neck and started to suck her erect nipples she was moaning and said to suck it hard. I am a good sucker and started to suck her real hard she was enjoying every moment.

From one nipple to the other I was on rotation I came down her waist her navel and then I pulled down her panty it was wet and I could see the juices of her cunt dropping down I wasted no time and attracted the gold spot and laid her on the bed and started fingering her, she was moaning I went down and started licking her cunt and started doing round circles inside her cunt she started raising her hips and I was licking her real hard a few minutes of licking I saw the juices coming out of the cunt and I knew she had climaxed, I drank all the juices it was sweet. She was on the bed half dead and I came near her, she caught me tight and said this is not what I want, I need you in me and I need you really deep in me. We started kissing again and she was playing with my cock it was rock hard, I parted her legs and kept my cock on the entrance of her cunt, she told me to insert it and I did so, her cunt was really tight and only half of my penis had gone in she started moaning really loudly and said do it I need you satisfy me to the fullest. I gave a stroke and she cried in pain and tears rolled down her cheeks I told her the fun begins and started stroking her first very gently and then I increased the speed, she was in seventh heaven as I stroking her and I was in heaven too.

As I was about to cum I removed my penis from her cunt and told her I want it in the doggy style she agreed and was down on all four, I inserted my rod in her cunt from the back and started fucking her she was crying with pleasure and to tell you I was enjoying every moment and every stroke. After half an hour of fucking I cummed in her. She loved this and said we will have it again in the night. We had dinner and had sex in different position and the best I liked was the 69 position. We had sex 3 times in the night and again the morning standing against the wall it was difficult but we managed to have it in that position. She is married now and is in Mumbai and I miss her a lot. She was the goddess of sex to me.

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