How my brother trained me

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By Erika This is my view of what was between my brother and me . Think I have a different view

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Mt naked is Erika and this is my views on what happened with my bother Steve . He started baby sitting me when I was 10 . Mum worked double jobs most days so was hardly ever home . I really loved and trusted Steve so never thought he would ever hurt me . I was young and nieve so never really thought anything that happened was wrong and always thought it was normal actions for a brother and sister . It all started one night when I went to have a shower . I had just turned the water on and he came in naked and got in with me . I was alittle shocked but he told me it was normal for siblings to help each other wash . I was still alittle shocked but I did trust him . Next thing I knew he was washing my back . Then his hands came around the front and I could feel them massaging my barley there titts . His fingers would rub my tiny little nipples . I could always feel them getting hard and stiff . Then his hands would move to my ass cheek and rub all over them . Finally his hands would move around my little pussy . I will admit after not many times it would make me feel all weird and tingly when he touched me there . Soon he would have me washing his cock for him . It scared me the first time it started to grow as I thought I did something wrong when really i was doing something right . Soon that started to include him always watching or helping me get changed . It didn’t take long for me to not care about being nude in front of him as I always seemed to be . He started to even watch me go to the toilet . I really hated that but he seemed to like it . He would say it was to make sure I properly wiped everything I just thought it was weird. Then as time passed more he would have us both sleeping in his bed . At the start it was not to bad at all as with mum hardly ever being home at night I would often be scared at night so Steve being beside me helped me feel safe . I really didn’t even care that most mornings he would be cupping one of my titts through my night dress or that I would feel his cock hard up against my ass . But as the season heated up he changed that to us being in there naked . He would still cup a titt but sometimes when my nipple would be hard I would wake up to it pinched between his fingers . It would hurt for ages after . Still feeling his hard cock against my ass . I was always scared it would enter me . I didn’t know that it would soon be . Things started to get alot more sexual after that . Hos first sexual act was a shock to my system . One night he layed me down and told me to spread my legs open . I trusted him and did it . The next thing I knew his head was between my legs . The first thing I did was cry out asking him what he was doing . He would tell me it was a special thing between siblings . With all that was happening I let him keep going . I never wanted to say no to him for some weird reason . I could feel the roughness if his tongue to begin with on the little hood of my clit . At this point everything down there was little . I think I really was one of them late developers . It was starting to feel funny . The roughness of his tongue has made my bud stiffen . I’d never seen it out like this . Then I started to twitch as the rough tongue started to rub that bud . I could feel this weird wetness inside my pussy . I was feeling so funny all over . His tongue was then on my slit and licking it . I was moaning but didn’t really know why . As it parted my slit i could feel it touching my little opening but thankfully not going in not that he wouldn’t the next time . By the end I learnt I had a small orgasm my first ever . Soon his tongue would be going inside me . He would always tell me how good I tasted . Most times if I got really wet he would kiss me after and it tasted so sweet really . Then the next step for him was for him to get me to wank him . It was a awkward feeling having to wank him . Having his cock grow in my hand . I was freaked out the first time he cummed over my hand . Soon i would go till my hand was so sore . He soon wanted me to suck on his cock . It was so hard to begin with as his cock would hurt my mouth . I could feel it growing and my mouth would have to streach to take it . Often he would try to get his cock to go into my throat but couldn’t . After alittle while the did manage to get his cock into my throat . It hurt me so much . I couldn’t help but to start to badly gag . It made me throw up . He wouldn’t give up on the idea and the next few times I still threw up and gagged so much . I eventually started to stop throwing up but would still gag like crazy . I would end up covered I’m my saliva and cum . I hated it but didn’t want to say anything to him . Soon he would have me turned over . He started to lick my anus . I would squirm like crazy . To me it didn’t feel right and I didn’t like it that much but I still ley him . I would always feel him trying to get his tongue inside my ass . Eventually his did that and it felt even more weird having his tongue part my rectum . It never got in very far due to my tightness there . Oral was what took over for ages . Nearly every morning and night I would have to give him a head or he would be licking my pussy or ass and at night it would be the same . In a way I started to get pleasure from it . My orgasms became more frequent and I was starting to always get dripping wet . Then one night he finally got me to squirt . The first time I pleaded with him to stop licking me as I thought I was going to pee . He didn’t stop just yelling me it was ok and to let myself go . I felt embarrassed thinking I had urinated on him till he explained it to me . Soon oral took a back seat as one night I felt something else at my pussy . I could feel his middle finger running along my clit . I couldn’t help but have my clit react to it . My clit had became sensitive and now always reacted to his touch . Soon as it was pulsing he was running his finger along my slit . I was really hoping he wasn’t going to try putting it in me but I had a fair idea that was coming . Soon it was pushing against my hole . Him rubbing and rubbing . J couldn’t help but moan . Then I yelped out so loud as I felt his finger penetrate me . It hurt so much . I wanted him to stop but didn’t say a word . I could feel him pushing more into me . I jumped when j felt the tip of his finger touch my hymen but not breaking it . He just sawed his finger in and out painfully . I tried so hard not to cry . I could feel my pussy streaching that tiny bit to accommodate his finger . As time went on he would finger me more often . This eventually brought me to something new and I was shocked and scared the first time I ever cummed . He made me taste my cum . I didn’t like tasting my cum . He would always lick me after he had made me cum . This would lead to him starting to finger my ass . It hurt me so bad . Feeling his finger rubbing my little anus ring . Him pushing against it so hard . My ring trying ti resist his finger . The first time he penetrated my anus I cried out and tears wouldn’t stop flowing . It was one of the first times I accully tried to fight him but he was just to much bigger than me . He finally would get his whole middle finger in there . It felt horrible . It hurt me . I hated this so much . It felt like oral and fingering went on for so long before he would again add more to what he did to me . He had started to take photos . I knew he was chatting to people online and sending then photos of me . It made me so self conscious . I knew I didn’t have big titts and I didn’t want others seeing me . Then one night after he had been licking my pussy he climbed on top of me . I could feel his cock was hard and was moving around my slit . I knew I was about to be fucked . I knew this would mean I’d have my virginty taken . I pleading with him not to as I was to young and he would hurt me . He just tells me he would be gentle and not hurt me . His damn finger hurt me so what was his hard cock going to do . I felt it part my slit and rest against my hole . He started to kiss me as I felt his cock stretching my hole and entered me . I went to scream as he was kissing me . His cock was hurting my . It felt so uncomfortable having the head of my cock in me . I yelled as I felt more enter me . I could feel myself streaching . Even the little bit of wetness wasn’t helping at all . He pushed again and that’s when I felt him hit my hymen . I tried to move from under him and he laughed as I grunted as trying to move hurt as it moved his cock . As he thrusted hard I went to scream and he bit my bottom lip . I felt his cock tear past my hymen . He rested nearly all his cock in me . I was crying from the burning and stinging pain coming from my pussy . He then started to thrust in and out of me . I grunted and grunted as I felt his cock being thrusted in and out of my pussy . He was going so hard that I could feel our pelvic bones hitting . I was starting to feel sore all over . It wasn’t long till I felt his cum shooting into me . He was then pulling out . As he got off me I ran to the bathroom . I saw I had blood around my pussy and dripping his cum . When I got back to the bedroom I was sobbing telling him be made me bleed and would I have a baby now . He told me it was normal to bleed the first time and no I wouldn’t get pregnant . I didn’t ever want sex again as it hurt me but knew it was going to be a daily part of my life with him now and I wasn’t wrong . My life for along while became oral and sex . I got more use to sex and it didn’t hurt as much . I even got to the point where sex could make me orgasm , cum or squirt off and on . In my mind I became use to all this . It became in my head what I was for as his sister . Soon I had to go through even more pain . He decide that I needed to have my ass fucked by his cock . It took like 3 times of him trying to even get his cock into my ass . Them times when he was trying it really was painful even though he didn’t get in . I would cry so badly . Then it did happen and he got inside . He was so forceful and I felt like I was being torn apart . I was yelling and screaming . It was a pain like I’d never felt before . Burning , tearing , ripping is all I could feel . The harder he thrusted into me it was like my spine was breaking . I the room started to feel like it was spinning and going dark . He would grab and pull my hair . I must of eventually passed out . When I came to he was laying beside me . I was in so much pain . I could feel his cum dripping from my ass . I could feel that my ring was gaping open . For the next few days he couldn’t touch me as I was in to much pain . I had to hide my pain from mum . I never wanted a cock in my ass again but I knew I wouldn’t get that courtesy . He kept doing anything he wanted to me till I was 18 . He even had me get naked when mum left and be around the house naked all day . To him it made it easy from him to have me when and where ever he wanted . But then one day things changed . A police man arrived at our house . We were scared something had happened to mum . But he started talking to us . He was a guy locally that Steve had been communicating with online and Steve didn’t know he was a cop . He proceeds to tell us if we didn’t do as he wanted mum and Steve would go to jail and I would be alone . So I decided that couldn’t happen so I had to do as he said . For the first few weeks he would just fuck my pussy . I had to learn to take his cock as it was longer and thicker than Steve’s . It hurt the first few times taking sucj a big cock . It would streach me so wide . But soon his cock had me cumming . It even gave me such huge squirts . It would touch places Steve’s didn’t . Just when I was getting use to being fucked by him and not so much hating it he had to go further . He decide he wanted my ass as well . Now I had to go through that pain again . It really hurt me so bad . It accully ripped my poor rectum . No one could touch me for days . A few months I had to put up with him fucking my pussy and ass . He really did teach out my rectum and pussy . They didn’t feel the same now . But he had a bug insult to finish with . He said after this visit he wouldn’t come back . He cuffed me to my bed . I’ll always remember the cold feeling of them cuffs being around my wrists . Then I felt something cold touching my slit and hole . I knew it wasn’t his cock and then he showed me his police batton . I pleaded with him not to put that into me . I could feel him forcing it into me . I was crying so much . I could feel it going in so deep and then ramming against the back of my pussy . It hurt so bad when it hit there . I could feel the handle hitting me so i knew he had it all in me . I want this over but he tells me I will need to cum or squirt for him to stop . In and out it rams . I’m crying and grunting . I try to close my mind off to what’s happening . It feels like eternity till I cum . He pulls it out and shows it to me covered in mu cum . I think he will uncuff me but I was wrong . Next thing I could not believe he could do to me . I was more than scared . I’d never been so scared in my life . He pulls out his pistol and starts to insert it into me . I yell at him to stop . He yells at me to stop fighting incase it goes off . I feel that end off it going in and out of me . Then after a few thrusts i feel that batton at my arse . I try to fight them remember what he said and just have to scream and scream as it’s pushed all the way into my ass . I guess it being covered in my cum let it slide it easier . I won’t say it didn’t hurt as it was like I was dying . He kept that shoved up my ass as he fucked me with his pistol . Finally he finished with me . I listened to that horrible pop as he pulled it out of my arse . Then he packed up and left . Well things with me and Steve have not stopped ever . At this point in time I am pregnant . We didn’t want me to to get pregnant but I am . I’ve sent a photo of what I use to look like at me best point . Also added a couple that were taken when I was with the officer . Please leave any comment you wish to as long as you are not trying to have a go at my writing . If it’s about my writing then piss off

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By Erika #Incest #Teen #Virgin