How my ex’s 13 year old daughter became my sugar baby – Part 1 & 2

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By Gator3212 This us the true story of how I found my ex girlfriends daughter on a website and made her my sugar baby

True story –Like most men I’ve always had a thing for younger girls, when I was 25 years old I met this 15 year old girl (Tara) on hotornot, we chatted for months, exchanging pictures, but I was always apprehensive about meeting because I knew where it would lead. We would meet for coffees and eventually took her back to my place for some drinks. She had only been with one guy before me was very inexperienced but incredibly tight. I’m not a fan of condoms but would always make a point of pulling out before cumming. This went on for months before she had a pregnancy scare. The scare turned out to be false, but after that I decided it was best if I moved on – this was something I was doing secretly as my family and friends would certainly not approve of. I continued following her on facebook, and 4 months later she was pregnant – knocked up by some teen her own age. She had her child (Destiny) and I kept tabs on facebook over the years, and it wasn’t till her daughter Destiny turned 10 did I notice how stunning she was, she was filling out very quickly and by 12 was on facebook, Instagram, twitter. I started following her daughter from an alias accounts fantasized about how tight she would be compared to her mother, it became a bit of an obsession. Destiny’s mom was never going to be a winner (I knew that from day 1), and by 13 Destiny moved out to go live with her dad in a city 9 hours away. I was on seeking arrangement browsing for my next sugar baby one day and I stumbled across a face that had been etched in my memory….it was Destiny, location had her in the city that her father was….my mind raced….would 13 yr old Destiny actually be on this website? Was someone using her pictures? Was this a trap of some sort?

I had to find out so I sent her a message, when she replied I laid out the groundwork on what I was looking for in a sugar baby – she was open to discussing further so we took our conversation to snapchat. I suggested I send some funds and she in return would send some explicit pictures….my jaw hit the floor when she did send them….it was actually her! I had hit the jackpot! After hundreds of dollars in content I made arrangements to drive up to see her, I was nervous the whole drive but so turned on! I grabbed drinks, checked into my hotel and waited for her to show up. My concern is she might recognize me from a picture or something she may have seen from her mom years ago, but it was clear she hadn’t put any of that together. We had drinks to calm her down a bit before I took her over to the bed. I suggest I give her a massage first to start – She was wearing a black slim fitting cocktail dress with white sneakers that her 13 year old body filled out perfectly. I started off slowly but my dick nearly jumped out of my pants when I got to kiss this little girl I had been obsessing about. I remove her dress to reveal a cute set of underwear.

See part 2 for the rest

I applied some oil to her hamstrings and glutes. Initially I started off very professionally massaging all the right areas, but let my hands wander further up her inner thigh, lightly brushing and teasing your lips through her panties. I can feel her respond to this so continue to brush and tease. I moved back to massaging but my mind certainly was no longer on task. I removed my shirt and pants as well. I applied some oil to my chest and straddle this beautiful little girl still laying there. Starting at her calves I slide my chest up her body, my shorts can barely contain my erection….I begin kissing her neck from behind while grinding my erection against her tiny little ass. I mounted her and begin kissing again while letting my hands explore her perky breasts. I made my way down her body kissing, caressing and licking every inch of her torso. When I finally reached her pantie line I start following it with my tongue. I trace the outline licking ever so lightly and proceed to follow the same line with my fingers. When I felt certain she was comfortable I remove her panties. Starting at her ankle I licked my way up and finally got to taste this perfect bald peach! She tasted better than her mother! I enjoy performing oral so I explored her folds lapping up her juices and getting her prepped for penetration. When I’ve felt she had enough teasing I place the tip of my cock on top of her tiny clit and just slide it back and forth, getting her love juices all over my cock. She pulled me down towards her for a kiss, so I grabbed my cock and lined up to finally have her. She was even tighter than her mother – I was seriously struggling to get it into this little girl! Very slowly and gently I slide in and out, working myself a bit deeper with each thrust when I was finally all of the way inside her I pause for a moment to just enjoy the feeling of being balls deep in my ex’s 13 year old daughter. I could feel her wet vaginal walls pulsing on my cock, that feeling alone was almost enough to put me over the top, but I resisted the urge. Slowly and gently I start sliding in and out of her while kissing her soft lips. The feeling of her pussy milking my cock was completely blissful! I would love to say I lasted for hours, but she was so incredibly tight that we managed a few more positions before I was unable to contain myself. I knew I was about to cum, and knew that I should pull out….but I chose not to. Instead I buried my cock as deep as I could in that tight pussy, as I came I could feel the pressure of my cum leaking back out – after a few more thrusts I pulled out and watched my cum drip from this perfect peach! This truly was a dream come true – and something I wasn’t going to let go of. This young girl has cost my over $15 thousand dollars over the past 4 years, but I’ve also got to fuck one of her friends – so it’s been money well spent. It is however coming to an end as I’m moving to Houston July 1st -so will be on the hunt for another sugar baby in Texas!

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By Gator3212 #Teen