How my older BF took my virginity at 14 (100% true)

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By Rosy I’m 16 and my bf is 20 but this happened back in high school when I was a new freshman and him a senior, so 14 and 18 (all names changed obviously)

Sooo hiiii! Names Rose, and this is gonna be my first story on here but me and my bf like to read stories here and he thought it would be a fun idea if I made my own, so I decided to make the story about my first time with him. Hope you enjoy!

So to give a little bit of context, at 14 I wasn’t exactly the most sociable person, I only had 2 very good friends and that’s it and my looks were ok but nothing special, 5″3 lightskin, long curly hair, 30B cups and hourglass body.

When I first entered high school as a freshmen I mostly kept to myself, no friends in my classes and only talked during lunch with my best friends, and even then they would drag me to other people’s tables to talk with them and all but I wasn’t really feeling it. I generally liked pretty nerdy things and wasn’t too crazy on girl stuff. I was also a massive perv but we’ll get to that.

Cut to 3 months into high school, same old stuff, until I get switched to a new gym class where I first met Noah. He looked like a typical gym kid with fluffy hair, but I noticed that he was also kinda shy like me. Later into the class the pe teacher puts everyone into pairs and me and Noah just so happened to be put together by the teacher. Now, he’s much taller than me, almost a whole foot taller, but he was kind and tried being friendly with me so I become friendly back to him. After school as we were leaving he found me and asked for my socials, so I gave them to him and started talking, and before long I started to have a crush on him. We had similar likes, personality, and we just got along very well. My two best friends were very jealous of me that I become friends with a senior so quickly lol.

8 months into freshman year and me and Noah have been friends for 5 months, but I was reallyyy starting to love him, but I didn’t know if he felt the same way. I told my two friends about it and they said that they, along with Noah, were invited to a house party, and told me that they could get an invite for me and at the party can be where I tell him my feelings. At first I was a little hesitant because I was shy and it would’ve been my first school party, but they were able to convince me to go.

A week later and it’s finally party time. I new there would be drinking and drugs and such, because high schoolers, and I wasn’t new to drinking but I didn’t want to drink too much so I wasn’t a whole mess. I go inside and I meet up with my friends, they tell me that the game plan is for me to talk to Noah for a bit, maybe have a few drinks with him, and then find a room just for me and him and then tell him my feelings, they’ll help me find a room and make sure no one goes in. I agree and soon after I find Noah, he’s surprised that I’m at the party and thought I wasn’t a party person, I tell him that I new he was gonna be at the party and wanted to surprise him. He chuckled and we began to talk like normal, even having a few drinks.

I see my friends no so discreetly waving at me and showing me an empty room, so I drag Noah with me and head inside the room, I close the door and lock it and we both sit on the bed. Now, I got drunk fairly quickly but was still able to think, while he wasn’t too drunk. I placed my hand on his thigh and told him the whole thing, how I really liked him and wanted to go out with him and that I have perverted fantasies about him. I definitely shouldn’t have started with that, let alone told him about my fantasies about him, he looked at me shocked, told me it was the alcohol talking, I told him that these are my genuine feelings. We had a moment of silence and I started to blush out of embarrassment, thinking it was over for me.

He then asked me about one of my fantasies about him, I was surprised that he asked, but I told him a basic one like how I wanted him to man handle me and fuck me like a doll. To my even bigger surprise, he placed his hand on my shoulder and moved it on my neck and said “like this?”
(This point foward until the end of the story I remember everything we said, with the help of my bf reminding me, so this will be shown like a proper story)

He pulled me by the neck and kissed my lips, it wasn’t my first kiss but it was certainly my first kiss by someone I loved. I was in shock as he kissed me, his hand around my neck, then I wrapped my arms around him and began kissing him back. He broke the kiss and looked at me
“I’ll admit this too, I’ve also had a crush on you for some time now, but since I’m so much older than you I was sure you would’ve thought I was a pervert”
I say “Noah, I think I’m a bigger perv than you so I don’t care about our age. I love you and I really really want you” this would also be my first time saying I love you to another person besides my family.

Then he, with his hand still on my neck, pulled me down on my back on the bed and got on top of me, took off my shirt and started kissing me again, deeply, and passionately. I have my arms wrapped around him and my pussy has never been more wet. He breaks the kiss again and starts to kiss my neck, he asked me “can I take off your shirt?” In my drunken and lustful mess I said “you can take off everything I don’t care” he smiles and then lifts up my body a little to remove my shirt and bra, he gropes my tits and I begin to gently moan.

“First time?” He asked me, I nod, “I’ll be gentle then, don’t wanna ruin my new girlfriend after all”
I just melt from what he said, I knew he was a flirty person but hearing him actually flirt with me was such an experience. He leans back down and starts kissing my shoulder and moves down to my tits and kissing then and licks my nipples. I moan out at how sensitive they are as I’m trying to hold back from saying some dirty and nasty things.

He lowers himself more and kisses my stomach until he reaches my pants, he looks up at me for confirmation and I nod, he puts his hands under my pants and pulls then down, lifting my legs up a little as he does, showing him my soaked panties

He giggles, “wow you really do like me huh?” Noah says to me, he pulls down his pants and finally I see his already hardened cock, must’ve been 6 inches or so. I blush hard as I watch him stroke it and place it near my pussy. “You like what you see?” He says, I nod again, then he said “be a good girl and use your words” almost immediately I said “yes I love what I see” “good girl” he says, then he lifts my legs up and places them on his shoulder and lifts up my waist since I’m smaller than him, he moves my panties to the side and I feel his tip trying to press into my pussy, at this point I’m moaning and whimpering as this would be my first time as well as my fantasy come true

He holds my waist and very slowly pushed his dick inside me, spreading apart my pussy as I start to cry a little from the pain, but he makes sure that I’m ok and says things like “are you ok?” “You’re doing a good job” “your pussy feels so nice”

I get more relaxed with him and before I know it his whole cock is inside me, I could almost feel his tip touching my womb. “Can I move now?” He asks me. “Yes you can, please don’t hold back” I say to him, he moves my body out of his cock and then thrusts me back in and then back out, I cover my mouth to keep myself from moaning loudly to the point of screaming as he’s ramming my body against his cock. I didn’t last long as I start to cum all over his cock, my body squirming and shaking a little as he keeps his cock deep inside me

He let’s me go and let’s be catch my breath for a bit, I see his cock rock hard and twitching with my pussy juice all over it
“That’s was the best thing ever” I say, catching my breath some more, then Noah turns me over on my belly and tells me “want to try a new position? I need to cum too after all” “mhmm please Noah” I tell him, then me lift up my stomach to put me in doggy position and he goes back inside me, pounding me more as I have my face stuffed in the pillow. I could hear him groaning and huffing and puffing as he fucked me which made me even more wet

He pulled my hair and head back and told me “fuck, I’m gonna cum baby” “cum for me Noah, I need your cum on me” I tell him, moaning loudly with my tongue out like in hentai because I figured why not at that point

Then he takes out his cock from he and begins to cum on my back, giving me backshots, groaning as he does. We’re both catching our breath now.
“How does it look?” I ask him. “Wanna see?” He says, I nod then he takes out his phone and takes a pic of me, pov style, then he shows me the pic, and all I can see is a cum covered slut for his bf.

Noah helps me clean up and get changed, and as we’re sitting on the bed all clothed he kisses me again. “So I guess we’re going out now?” He says, back to his shy self. “Yep, I love you Noah, let’s see where this takes us” he nods and I kiss him back, leaving the house and he drops me off home.

Aaand that’s my first story! Hope you guys liked it, it may be a bit weird to read since it’s literally 3 am and I can’t exactly type while rubbing myself, but comment if you liked the story! Also comment if you wanna know more about my pervy side, I might write some stuff about it. Also, I’m down to have a 1 on 1 ok session if you really wanna, just type down your code and I’ll message you whenever I get the chance! Have a good day! ^_^

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