How my sister and me become lovers and maybe more

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By JLM My sister who’s 4 years older then me, always was the one I wanted but, she thought I was a stupid kid, until.

She married young, having only just turned 18. I found only later it was what’s called, a shot gun wedding with my sister 3 months pregnant. The guy she married is 5 years older then she was, and a loser if you ask me. They lived in this dump of an apartment as he could never hold a job for long. To tell the truth I was shocked he didn’t walk away when my sister lost the baby. She worked as hard just to keep what little they had. Our parents would tell her if she wanted to live as a adult then, don’t ask for any help cause they weren’t going to give any. Yes they are assholes, specially our dad.

Her husband took a job with the railroad, and would be gone for days at a time. When II turned 16 I would drive over in my old beater to visit my sister every chance I got. She still thought of me as just a kid but, this kid couldn’t get enough of her.

One day as I went to their apartment knowing her husband had just left, she didn’t want to open the door to let me in. I had a bad feeling, and told her she could open the door, or I would break it down. When she finally opened the door I saw her left eye almost closed, blood on her upper lip and a tooth on the floor. I’ve been working as much as I could so, I had some money to pay the hospital I took her to so her eye could get looked at, as well as her nose then a dentist was called in to replace her tooth which had been knocked out. The cops got called and after a lot of talking with her, she finally broke down and said, how her husband got mad at her cause a guy she works with called her to let her know there was a extra shift to be had, but her asshole husband said she was just going to fuck this guy, and that she had to be fucking just about everyone in town. It was me who finally convinced her to press charges, and call a lawyer.

Once we got out of the hospital she said she had to get to her job, to which I told her that I called her work and she has at least a week off cause they didn’t want their customers seeing her in that condition. She turned to me saying that they would loss their apartment, if she didn’t go to work. I told her that with my job that we could find a better apartment, and live together. I went on saying once I finish school then we could go from there.

As luck would have it we found an apartment just 4 blocks from my school, but it had to go in her name due to my age. It’s a 1 bedroom with a den, which I would use as my bedroom. It even has a wash dryer so no more going to a laundromat paying a small fortune to wash a few clothes. Our parents didn’t give a shit that I was moving out, as long as I still mowed the lawn once a week for nothing. We didn’t have much but, she didn’t want much from their so called marriage. Her husband got charged with battery, and assault causing bodily harm. Her lawyer got her 700 a month support and he can’t come within 500 feet of her for 3 years which starts after he gets out of jail.

After the judge handed her ex husband 14 months plus 2 year probation. She give me a huge hug saying I saved her life. Things were going so well with me working afternoons for the power company as they helped me get my certification, so once out of school I could be a fulltime worker for them. My sister’s boss asked her to become the head server which got her a buck fifty raise in pay. When summer come on a Saturday morning I decided it was time, to let my sister just how I felt.

She had worked late and was still in bed, so I made her breakfast taking to her bedroom. Once I opened her door I looked at her form under the sheet covering her lean sexy body, I knew that she is the love of my life. I hit the bed just enough to wake her. She looked up at me asking what was wrong, and this is what I said ” Nothing is wrong, as long as I’m with you my sleeping beauty. You know you are just so perfect that I couldn’t help, but fall in love with you.” She looked at me with her mouth open as she said ” You do know what your saying do you not? I am your sister, so, we can’t cause it’s not right, even if I kind of feel the same way about you.” I put her breakfast down saying we would talk after she ate.

I left her alone for her to eat and, when she came out, she looked at me saying we should take things slow cause, what we may end up doing isn’t right with society. I said society can go get fucked, cause love is much more important then what people think. She sat beside me as, I took her in my arms giving her a hug, and a kiss on her neck. She give a groan before she give in to her feelings, and kissed me on my lips. One kiss become many kisses, as our passion rose as did my cock. She said ‘ Bro if we are going to do , what I think we are, remember, I’m not on anything so, be careful bro,” She took my hand as we went back in her bedroom. We stopped just before the bed, with her turning to face me asking me how long I felt this way. I kissed her before I told her that I fell in love with her when I was about 12, but didn’t understand why I felt so weird when I saw her.

She smiled as she started to unbutton my shirt. I stood there as my shirt hit the floor, followed soon after by my cut offs. I took hold of her nighty looking into her eyes as I lifted it over her head, letting me she her naked body for the first time. I stood back taking in her beauty before I said, “I can’t believe how beautiful you are. I’m in love with the most beautiful woman in the world.” As I moved forward as she lifted my waistband of my jockeys over my very hard cock, letting her see what I in attended to be using to make love to her with.

Her eyes traveled down, seeing my equipment for the first time. and as she looked back up she said looking me in my face ” Go slow bro, it’s a lot more thicker then I have ever had.” I pushed her back until she had to sit on the bed, I got on my knees kissing her before moving wanting to taste every part of my lover, my sis. When I got to her B cup breasts I took her hard nipple in mouth, as I played with the other before going back and forth many times. My sister moaned ” Oh my god bro where did you learn this? Oh fuck I’m getting so fucking wet for you.” I made my way down drinking in every freckle or mark of any kind. Once I made it to her center, she was leaking wet and I couldn’t wait to taste her.

I kissed all around her center making her chase my tongue trying to get me to eat her. I finally give in giving her one long lick, making her arch her back. Her hands took a hold of my head holding me where she wanted me. I opened her flower with my thumbs as I began making love to her with my tongue. When I started to pick more on her clit, she began humping me face. I would backed off driving her nuts with her saying ” Please bro please, I need it, please make me cum.” I could I not do what she wanted, attacking her with my tongue pushing her over the edge and into a huge orgasm with her squirting on my face and open mouth. Her cum tasted oh so sweet.

I lifted my head as she said in a breathless voice ” Please bro I need you so badly, please fuck your sister. It’s so dirty but, I want you so bad, OH GOD.” As I pushed about half of myself inside my sis for the first time, making her arch her back once again. Her eyes rolled back as I pushed a little more each time inside my hot fucking sister until, my balls finally hit her sweet tight ass. My sister was moaning that she was so full as I began fucking her, showing her the love I have for her. After a few minutes her first orgasm was building from our mating. When it hit, it seemed to not stop as she just stay up on a orgasm wave riding to until she finally yelled ‘ CUM, I NEED IT, CUM.” Ok I know she wasn’t protected but, I couldn’t stop myself and came inside my sister.

As we laid together we kissed, and my sister said ” Sorry bro, I got carried away. I think that was the first time, I have ever been made love too, and by someone who does really love me. I love you bro. ” I asked ” So what happens if we, you know, if we just. ” She put her finger to my lips stopping me from using the pregnant word. She said ” We can’t have that happen, at least not now, maybe some time later, and far away from anyone who knows us. You having me thinking that, maybe you and me wouldn’t be such a bad thing. You love me, and I do love you so maybe. ” I cut her off by kissing my so fucking hot sister with the passion I feel for her. It’s 9 days later that she got her period. We both felt relief, but I was a little sad at the same time. I know we aren’t ready for that but, the thought of holding some tiny baby that we made, puts a huge smile on my face.

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By JLM #Incest #Teen