How things change | incest story from Surprised Sister

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All my life I had thought of my brother as a loser, he never done sports never dated that I knew of. Done well at university and got a job, big deal I thought. I had partied and never went to university and ended up pregnant and married with 1 child 2 and a husband that thought I was his punching bag for getting pregnant and he having to marry me. Back home for my grandmother funeral, my husband drank too much as usual and decided to take it out on me again. But this time my brother was there, and he put my husband in hospital. My loser brother was a martial arts instructor in his spare time, and he was weedy as he worked out. That was his life work, working out at the gym and martial arts training. My husband of course blamed me and left me, filing for divorce and claiming the child wasn’t his. I didn’t contest the divorce and was thinking of moving in with my parents and finding a job. My mother suggested I move in with my brother instead, he has a bigger home and there are more jobs in the city then in our hometown. I agreed and so I moved in with my brother, at first, I thought he must be gay as he didn’t date. But I soon changed my mind as I caught him several times checking out women. He just didn’t try and date them, so I asked him why. He said he got tongue tied and never knew what to say to a girl. I also realized I was jealous of my brother because he was doing so well, and I wasn’t. He also took good care me and my daughter, that why I finally decided to fuck my brother. There was another reason I was horny, and I could’ve gone out and met some guy and fucked him. But my brother was here with me and was looking after me and my daughter, I thought I should give him something special in return. Sex and I thought I would maybe be his first fuck; I wasn’t a female professor took his cherry. But I was the first woman under 47 to fuck him. Fucking wasn’t that hard as he let me do what I wanted, and I decided to teach him. So, I moved into his bed and fucked him regularly. He really improved as he was quick learner, I only made one mistake I didn’t take as much care as I should have. So, I’m now 7 months pregnant with my brother’s son and all tests show the baby is healthy. The divorce is in its final phase, my parents aren’t as upset as thought they would be. My brother is my lover of choice and I’ve started to change my surname back to my maiden name. My ex has already gotten another woman pregnant, but this time he didn’t hang around. The settlement is easy I get half of nothing, as my ex has nothing. But at least I won’t have a legal bill my brother paying my bill. I haven’t told my ex I’m pregnant, he hasn’t tried to see his daughter or asked about her and she has started calling my brother daddy anyway, only a little coaching on my behalf.

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