How to Enjoy Sex

Hey Readers! I’m Daniel, a 25 year old, from Trivandrum, working for a Global software company in Bangalore. I’m a very passionate guy, love music, bikes and almost always carry a Guitar with me, well built and tall. I used to be the most stylish guy in college. This is my first story; it’s based on my real life experience. I had newly moved to a service apartment near my office, only to realize that the most sexiest girl from my office, Prema stays there. She has a perfect body, with really firm and sharp boobs that don’t require a bra. She usually wears tiny skirts in her room that barely covers her butt, exposing her fair sexy thighs. When she stands in front of me, her boobs stare at me with her nipples projecting on her t-shirt. We became too close to each other in a couple of days and I used to spend time watching TV in her room every evening, wearing shorts with no inner wear. My long and thick penis almost hangs out of my shorts when i sit beside her on the sofa and watch TV. Whenever there is a hot scene on TV, my penis becomes thicker and longer and touch the sofa. She saw it one day and started giggling. She continued to stare at it and I pretended to be more interested on the TV screen, without adjusting myself. She continues to stare at my cock and occasionally on my face with a naughty smile. She could not control herself and moved my shorts up to have a full view of my big dick and balls. She took the fully grown banana in her hand, and it was in its maximum size now. I had the biggest shock of my life. I looked at her and gave my trademark one sided smile with one eyebrow raised. She lifted my cock with one hand and started playing with my balls with the other, occasionally scratching my balls with her finely polished fingernails. She slowly came down exposing her pink laced panty under her white mini skirt and took my whole cock in her mouth. She started sucking so hard that I felt she is going to drink off all my juice. Suddenly something happened… I shall tell you what happened, in next episode if I get feedback from you. I’m waiting for your feedback. Yours Lovingly, Daniel