How To Give A French Kiss?

Kiss is the way to express your love and feelings to your partner. There are different types of kisses but the demand of French kiss is very high among the couples. This is mainly because they feel a French kiss is deeper and filled with passion which can build the mood to make love. Many people don’t know the right technique to give a French kiss so here are tips to have a proper and effective French kiss.

How to give French kiss?

  • French kiss is romantic and passionate. By kissing, you create a romantic mood filled with intimacy and coziness. French kiss is sucking the lips so it is good to moisten the lips before moving close to your partner’s lips.
  • Rub your tongue on the lips sensually to signal that you are in a mood to make love or kiss! Women apply lip gloss or lip balm which keeps the lips moist. Men can try to make their lips wet once. Don’t use saliva time and again to keep the lips wet as the gelling of the lips will be moist.
  • While coming close to your partner, tilt your head angle towards one side either left or right to avoid the interference of nose.
  • To get the feeling of a romantic French kiss, close the eyes before kissing. This makes you feel the intimacy and touch in a better way. Looking into each other cross eyed can be a turn off. So, close the eyes when both the faces are extremely close.
  • French kiss is an open mouth kiss which involves lip contact. Start by first kissing the closed lips and then open the mouth slowly and let it go deep.
  • While you give a French kiss, you either suck the lower or upper lip at a time. If you are sucking the lower lip of your partner, your upper lips will be sucked by the partner. 
  • Use your tongue while kissing. This type of kiss is not limited to lips but also involves tongues. While kissing, rub your tongue on the partner’s lips and try to insert in the partner’s mouth. You can also pull the tongue slightly with the help of your teeth when your partner tries to put the tongue inside your mouth.
  • This type of kiss can make the use of tongue to tickle each other while kissing. Use the tongue to its fullest while you give French kiss.