How to Please Her: A Demonstration

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tagIncest/TabooHow to Please Her: A Demonstration

*** Warning! Warning!
This story contains incest (step family), cuckolding/cheating, reluctance, bondage, m/m/f threesome, and other topics that not everyone may enjoy. If these items are not in your wheelhouse this story is not for you. Every now and then I want to try something a little different. If you stick around… I hope you like it.
Cooper kissed her, but it was sloppy as usual. She pushed him away and smiled, but internally she was sighing. Why was he so bad at this?
"Something wrong Katie?" Cooper asked, licking his lips.
She wiped her own with the back of her sleeve. "No," she lied. "Wanna come inside?"
"Is your stepdad or stepbrother home?" Cooper asked.
She shrugged. "Where else do you wanna go, then?" She already knew the answer, she just needed him to come up with it.
"So they're home then?" Cooper frowned. It was adorable.
She leaned into him, pressing her breasts against his chest. "I love you, Cooper. I promise it'll be fine. Let's go in, okay? Please?" She kissed him on his adorable pouty lips and he melted in her hands.
He sighed. "I still don't understand why you still live at home. You're twenty two already." She gave him her puppy dog eyes and he quickly folded. "Sure, fine. Whatever," he agreed, kissing her again. "How can I say no when you look at me like that?"
After a few more kisses she pushed him away and wiped her mouth again, then rewarded him with a pleased smile. She took his hand in hers and headed straight to her room, hoping it would make him more comfortable if they didn't run into Daddy. Today was finally the day she'd teach him how to make love to her, she'd been waiting all week since she and Jordan had come up with the plan.
"What's with the chair, babe?" Cooper asked as she pushed him through her door. He nodded to the wooden kitchen chair in the middle of her bedroom.
She flipped around and pulled him against her, kissing his neck and jawline. "I wanted to try something different today."
"You wanted to have sex that bad?" he asked, his cute coy face on. He kissed her cheek, then bit her ear. "You naughty girl."
She giggled, she was so excited about this that she couldn't contain it anymore. She pushed her way out of his arms and headed to her dresser, digging around in the top drawer.
His eyes grew wide when he saw what she'd retrieved. "Babe? Handcuffs? Really? And, why two sets?"
She put both pairs of handcuffs on the wooden chair, then pressed her body against his and kissed him quickly before pulling away. Looking up at him with unbridled arousal, she began unbuttoning his shirt. "I wanna use these with the chair. Can we?" she purred as she moved down the buttons on his shirt, then pushed it off his shoulders.
"You wanna, shit. That's pretty intense. You into S&M?"
"Not sure," she murmured, fingering the hem of his slacks. "Wanna find out?"
"That's, ah… Sure, I guess."
She smiled up at him and he flushed. "Take off your undershirt while I work on these pants then."
"You're really excited about this, aren't you?" he asked, pulling his shirt over his head.
"Shh," She purred, dropping to her knees. She unbuckled his belt and opened his slacks. They slid down his legs and pooled around his feet over his shoes. Katie stood up and reached around him to grab the handcuffs off the chair, then pushed him so that he fell backwards onto the chair. "Good boy."
"Wait, what? You wanna handcuff me to the chair?" he asked, sounding a little nervous.
His dick was hard, pointing straight at her. She hoped after this it would be better at pleasing her. "Of course. You didn't think I was gonna handcuff myself to the chair, did you?"
"I just, ah, wasn't expecting, ah, you know," he fretted as she pulled one of his hands behind the back of the chair. She connected the cuff to his wrist with practiced grace, then locked him to one of the slots on the back of the chair.
"Too tight?" she asked, giving the first set of cuffs a yank.
He shook his head, his dick bobbing excitedly between his legs. "No," he squeaked.
"Good." Katie took the other set of cuffs and locked him to the other side of the chair. "Are you gonna be a good boy, or do I need to tie your legs to the chair as well?"
He groaned. She could see he'd already formed a pearl of precum, beading up at the tip of his cock. "I'll be good."
She rewarded him with a smile. "Good. I'm gonna go get changed, I'll be right back."
"You can change in here," he offered.
"I don't want you to see me until I'm ready," she teased.
"I'll close my eyes, I promise," he countered.
"Wait right there, Cooper. I'll be right back." She gently clicked the door shut and slipped quietly down the hall to her stepbrother's room. He opened the door after her first light tap. "Everything all set?" Jordan asked, stepping back to let her inside.
She padded over to his bed on bare feet, looking at the outfit he'd laid out for her. "I think so," she said, picking up the sheer black babydoll top and matching panties. "This's new?"
Jordan stepped up beside her, his arm rubbing against hers. "Yea, thought it'd be better, something that's specific for him. As a teaching point."
She leaned into him, then picked up the top. "Sure, sure. I mean, it's not your style at all," she said, giving him a coy smile.
He flushed. "I thought you'd look good in it."
"I'm sure I will," she agreed. "You always make the best lingerie." She put it back down and pulled her sweater off.
"Well, you're a very inspiring muse."
She huffed playfully, then Jordan unhooked her bra. She let it slip from her shoulders. His hands followed the bra cups and closed around her breasts.
"Your nipples are hard," he noticed, catching them both between his fingers.
She wriggled, then shook his hands off. "Hey. I need to get dressed. He's waiting."
"Anticipation makes it better," Jordan whispered in her ear, grinding his cock against her ass.
"Jordan!" She stepped out of his reach and pulled the black babydoll over her head, then tucked her breasts neatly inside it. The bottom flared out from under a band of elastic, frilling around her midsection nicely. Her pants went next, but she saved her underwear, that was one of Jordan's favorite parts.
"God, you're so beautiful," Jordan praised, his fingers circling the top of her panties. He hooked fingers into the hem and crouched down, his face close enough to her ass that she could feel his breath. They caressed her skin as he slipped them down her thighs. "You wanna teach him anal, too?"
She shook her head. "I think that could be another lesson. Let's start with the basics," she said.
Jordan chuckled, then pressed his face between her cheeks. He pulled away after just a second, but she could still feel the heat and pressure from his face. "Fuck, Katie, you're so wet," he cooed.
"I'm really excited about this," she admitted as she pulled the matching panties up over her thighs. She'd been leaking, her panties were instantly wet with her desire.
"You really love this guy, don't you."
She turned and faced him. "I do. How do I look?"
Jordan's eyes trailed slowly over her body from her feet to her face. "Completely fuckable. You ready?"
She nodded. "Thanks, for doing this, I mean."
"Anything for my kid sister," Jordan said. "Let's not keep your man waiting." He pushed her gently and she headed back to her room, his hand on her shoulder amping up her excitement even more.
"Sorry for the wait," she apologized as she quietly opened the door and stepped inside, leaving the door open. Jordan stayed in the doorway, just out of sight. "How do I look?"
Cooper swallowed hard. "So good," he said, his eyes already fucking her. She knew Jordan would come through on the outfit. "Door's still open, Katie."
"Um-hmm. Thanks," she purred, climbing onto his lap. She kissed him and he struggled against the chair, temporarily forgetting about his handcuffs. "Mmm, Cooper. Don't hurt yourself with those cuffs."
"I just wanna touch you so bad. Your breasts are so freaking sexy in that nightie." His hips bounced up, rubbing his member over her mons.
"I'm gonna hafta tie up your legs, too," she said with a sigh. "Just a second."
"No, Katie, I'll behave," he exclaimed, sitting back down in the chair. She slid off his lap and headed back to her dresser.
"No, it's okay. I don't want you hurting yourself. And, I need to get a condom anyway." She took out the paracord, already cut to length based on Jordan's legs, then returned to Cooper. "Sit still."
"Katie, you don't have to tie up my legs," Cooper said again.
They'd been practicing this, her and Jordan, so she made quick work of the knots and felt good about her work. "Shh," she murmured. She secured both feet and put the condom, still in its wrapper, under his bum. "That's better."
He struggled against his bonds, but she'd tied him down well. "Katie," he whined.
"Shh, Cooper. It's okay. I'm gonna teach you how to make me come. I love you from the bottom of my heart, but you haven't gotten me off in a long time. I'm sorry if this seems extreme, but if we're gonna be together I need to know you can satisfy me," she explained. "And, you need to accept Jordan and Daddy."
"You come every time!" he complained.
She bit her bottom lip. "I suppose faking my orgasms probably made the situation worse, but I didn't wanna hurt your feelings."
"You wouldn't have-"
She snorted. "Cooper, you're sensitive, it's part of what I love about you."
"Katie, let's just talk this through. I can…" He trailed off as Jordan entered the room and shut the door behind him. "What the hell?"
"You ready?" Jordan asked.
She nodded. "Cooper, shut up and pay attention. Jordan's gonna show you how to please me."
"What the hell, Katie! That's your stepbrother, just, what the hell?"
"Hush up now, Cooper. No talking, just watch."
Jordan stepped up to her, then checked his angle and turned their bodies for the best angle for Cooper to watch. Cooper's face was red and he began straining against the chair. She was glad she'd tied his legs, too, or he might have fallen face first onto the floor. "Your stepbrother's here, he's gonna teach me how to please you? What the fuck?! Stop fucking with me. This's fucked up, Katie," he growled. "Untie me! No more playing!"
"Never said we were playing," Jordan said. He tilted her chin up and kissed her, pushing his way into her mouth. She moaned and kissed him back. Jordan's kisses weren't sloppy, they were demanding and firm. His hands slid down her sides and landed on her ass, sinking into her cheeks on either side as he pulled her groin closer to his.
"You're kissing your step brother. You're, both of you, you're fucked up. Untie me, you freaks, this's fucked up," Cooper growled, hopping in his chair.
"You're gonna need to muzzle your boyfriend," Jordan noted.
She sighed, then nodded. "You're right. I'd hoped you cared enough about me, Cooper, to wanna learn how to please me."
"I love you, Katie, but this's fucked up!" Cooper barked. "You're kissing your step brother while you have me tied up like a dog."
"Cause I knew you'd be like this." She picked up a handkerchief and stepped behind him. He tried to dodge her, but she was able to get it into his mouth anyway. After checking it was tied tightly she nodded, then returned to Jordan. "Now, be quiet and watch."
"Lay down on the bed?" Jordan asked.
She nodded, sitting on the edge of the bed. She made eye contact with Cooper before she leaned back to lie down. "I love you, Cooper."
Cooper whined, but she couldn't see him with Jordan in front of her. He dropped to his knees and pulled her panties to the side, then trailed his finger through her wet folds. She moaned, her hips jutting excitedly. "Damn, Katie. You're so wet. This's really turning you on," Jordan praised.
"Make sure he can see," she directed. Jordan pushed her legs wider and scooted to the side slightly. "Good, that's better."
Cooper was still struggling against his bonds, his words garbled by the gag. She ignored him, he'd get over it if he really loved her. There wasn't a future for them if he couldn't please her, and couldn't accept her family. She spread her legs wide and Jordan began stroking her silky folds, his movements over-exaggerated for demonstrative purposes.
"Katie really likes wearing her panties when you go down on her. She also likes being petted for a little bit before you eat her out," Jordan said, taking both hands to stretch her wide. He stroked her inner lips while exposing her vagina. "You're so wet I don't even need lube right now, Katie."
"Mmm," she moaned. "I haven't come in like three days," she explained.
Cooper growled something against his gag. "Hush, Cooper. It's the last time Jordan and I played, not from our time together. Like I said you haven't made me ooohhh!" She moaned as Jordan pressed down firmly on her clit while also slipping one finger inside her. "Mmm…"
"See?" Jordan said. "She is very easy to please if you take the time. I'm gonna finger her pussy for a few minutes, but now I'm gonna start licking her, too. You gotta pay special attention to her clit, it's very sensitive."
She hummed her approval as Jordan's lips brushed her lower lips. His tongue licked her silky folds and she spread her legs even wider, encouraging him to move faster. She knew he was going slow to show Cooper, but she was beyond frustrated. It wouldn't hurt to get off once early on, right? She knew she'd be coming at least once more before the night was through. Hopefully more, if she was lucky.
She grabbed Jordan's head and pressed him firmly against her womanhood. Jordan chuckled directly into her pussy and she moaned again. He worked her pussy with his fingers, thrusting two in and out of her in a smooth rhythm that felt amazing. When he bit her clit she gasped in pleasure.
"He's… god, yes, Jordan, right there, yeah, oh yes," she said, trying to give Cooper pointers, but finding it hard to do as Jordan pushed her buttons perfectly. "A steady rhythm, Cooper. Ung, ah, ah, ah, mmm… He's-" she squeaked mid-sentence as Jordan gently bit her clit. "Oh, god, Jordan, I'm gonna come!"
Jordan pulled back slightly. "That's fine, I'll make you come over and over again."
She fisted his black hair and rode his face. He licked and sucked her in just the way she liked, his fingers curling over her g-spot with every thrust. "Fuck, yes, yes, watch me, Cooper, this's what I look like when I'm coming!"
Katie rode her step brother's face, holding him firmly against her sex as she came on his fingers and tongue. He encouraged her, his fingers thrusting vigorously. "Yes, Jordan, fuck. Cooper, watch me, watch me, watch me!"
Eventually her orgasm ebbed and Jordan brought her back down slowly, his fingers caressing her gently from the inside, his tongue stroking her with expert skill. He pulled away when she relaxed her hold in his hair.
"She doesn't hold it against you, that you can't please her. It took me a few years to get this good, I'm just hoping to speed up the process with you. She loves you and wants it to work between you," Jordan explained, wiping her juice off his face with his arm.
"Yeefs!" Cooper barked against the gag. It was followed by something incomprehensible.
"Yes, years," Jordan agreed. "I was her first."
"Jordan, I wanna suck his dick," she said, blinking as she came down from her first orgasm.
"She loves sucking dick," Jordan confirmed. "She says that you don't let her suck your cock enough. Katie loves cock, Cooper."
"I love it," she agreed, falling between his legs. "Cooper, for protesting as much as you have, you sure are hard. Look at all this precum!" She trailed her finger in the clear trail of it slowly flowing down the bottom of his dick, then brought it to her mouth and sucked it. "It's really good today, Cooper. You taste so dirty."
Cooper said something, she thought she could make out the word dirty, but she ignored him. His hard cock slipped between her lips and coated the top of her mouth with the naughty taste of precum. She heard movement behind her and pulled off Cooper, looking over her shoulder as Jordan stripped off his clothing. Her eyes locked onto his long pole for a minute and she swallowed hard, then swallowed Cooper's hardness down again.
"Isn't she good at that?" Jordan asked, sounding proud. "I can't believe you don't let her blow you more often. There was a point where she was going down on me every day trying to learn how to deepthroat properly."
Katie tilted her head and took him deep, then kept going, making micro-adjustments as she opened her throat to his member. Cooper moaned through his gag, his hips jumping. She was sure his cock grew harder, too. She kept slowly slipping down his cock, opening her throat until her face was pressed against his belly. She wanted to take him deeper, but with him sitting in the chair this was as deep as she could go.
"Fuck, Katie," Jordan praised. "I love watching you deepthroat a dick."
Cooper said something, it sounded maybe a bit like 'you've done this before?', but she couldn't be sure. She hummed her approval, then began sliding back up his pole. "How was that, Cooper? I've never deepthroated you before, have I?"
She pushed her mouth over his cock again and he half-moaned and half-cried. "She really likes it when you cum while she's got you as deep as she can take you. Likes having cum shot straight down her throat."
She mumbled agreement, then rose back off his cock and looked up at him. His face was still red with anger, but he also looked super close to coming. "You can come in my mouth," she said, lowering her mouth back onto his cock. She began to bob, no longer taking him deep, she wanted his cum now. She knew she was being impatient, she was just too excited to control herself.
"Don't forget his balls," Jordan reminded his stepsister. She nodded, then took his fuzzy orbs into her hand and began to gently massage, rolling them around in his sack. He moaned and she laughed, moving her head even faster as she juggled his testicles.
"That's right," she cooed when she felt him getting close, felt the familiar twitch of his cock as it loaded with cum. "Come Cooper. I want your cum." She moved faster, massaged his balls a little more firmly.
Cooper gave up, she felt it when he did. He humped up off the chair into her mouth, then grunted just before the first jet of smelly spunk landed on her tongue. She hummed her approval and swallowed, bobbing on his cock, silently begging for more of his pungent cum.
He didn't disappoint her. She let his cum fill her mouth, let the flavor fill her entire head before she pulled off of him and stuck her tongue out, showing him his own passion. "Swallow it, Katie," Jordan directed. Katie grinned at Cooper and made an obvious gesture as she swallowed down his cum, moaning in pleasure as she did.
Her pussy ached to be filled, she was dripping wet again. She stood up and went back to Jordan, who grabbed her ass and pulled her cheeks apart, slipping his other hand between her legs. "You're insatiable, you little vixen."
"You made me this way," she replied, smiling at her brother.
"It wasn't just me," Jordan noted.
She smiled. "Yeah, well, you started it. Are you gonna show Cooper how to fuck me, or do I need to beg you?"
"I do like it when you beg, but I'm so fucking hard after all that. How do you want it?"
She bit her lip thoughtful. "From behind, plow me hard. I need it hard," she said with a decisive nod.
She bent over the bed and Jordan approached her, palming his cock as he lined himself up with her greedy opening. She wriggled, needing to be filled as soon as possible and Jordan chuckled. "Don't worry, there's plenty more where this came from for you."

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