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This is a thee-part episode in a chronologically and procedurally arranged series; I'd recommend that you start with Ch. 1 of How to Train Your Daughter to get your bearings (which also happens to be one of the most popular chapters), or at least read Ch. 2, which is a very short synopsis of the rules of the universe in these stories, but at this point the story has grown mature enough you're probably best off simply reading through in order rather than jumping into the middle 😉
This series deals with first-time, free-use, age difference, light BDSM/noncon, and light incest.
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(Continued from Ch. 11b)
The men had completed the first punishment they needed to give the girls, and after twenty-five strokes with the paddle across five sensitive parts of their naked bodies, Jennifer and Elizabeth were a heady mixture of exhausted, tender, contrite, and highly aroused.
Their primary infraction was doing sexy things together without proper supervision from an eligible man to supervise them and supply his penis for them to practice handling it and bringing it to ejaculation, which was one of the most important skills they were expected to master as young trainees.
Captain Jack Davis' suggestion of a traditional seagoing punishment, the Five-by-Five, had been the perfect fit for the crime.
He and his older brother Martin were workmanlike in their earnest efforts to impress upon the girls' naked and bound bodies the painful consequences of such dereliction of their duty, and of subverting the correct and natural purpose of their sexuality at this critical juncture of their short lives.
Young girls had been perfectly designed by nature precisely to be vessels for eligible males to achieve release from the mind-melting pressure that built up each day in their testicles as their bodies instinctively sought young, fertile females in which they could deposit their sperm; Elizabeth and Jennifer had not only wasted an opportunity for themselves to gain further confidence and skill in handling a cock and bringing it to orgasm, they had also denied some eligible male or males the pleasure of the relief they were responsible as trainees for providing.
In addition to this violation, Elizabeth had lied about the whole affair, and Jennifer had chosen not to stand up for what was right and put a stop to her friend's misbehavior when she had the opportunity, to the point that she even allowed Elizabeth to give her an orgasm.
This meant that a second punishment was also needed to bring the girls fully back to the correct path and allow them to be good girls again, and Martin had decided that double penetration by him and his brother would be appropriate.
Jack nodded in agreement; he had grown increasingly aroused as he disciplined Jennifer, and he could tell, as she orgasmed on his hand after his final careful spanks on her poor little clitoris, that her vagina was entering an advanced state of preparing for copulation.
Her body was alight with goosebumps, her breath ragged, and she kissed him with the desperate, bestial hunger and shining eyes that were characteristic of young girls when they were handled by a master trainer and brought skillfully to their sweet spot, sometimes even without their full understanding or consent.
Now he would focus on keeping her at this torturous, high simmer for much of the rest of the afternoon, taking advantage of how her inexperienced body could be made to fall into a self-perpetuating cycle of extreme arousal which caused practically everything to turn her on; in this state, even withholding stimulation from her would only increase her hunger.
Her mind would slowly fray as her body asserted its demands, and he knew from his voluminous experience of the several decades of girls that he'd trained how a whispering touch, a vanishing peck of a kiss, a feathering caress of her inner thigh, or the very tip of his tongue inside the drooling entrance of her young vagina could prevent a young girl's agonized body and brain from ever coming down, but would never be enough on their own for her to achieve escape velocity and the desperately needed release she would soon be begging for in vain.
Imprisoned in this state, her body would begin doing everything in its power to induce him to breed it, which meant that literally every aspect of this exquisite little creature would become even more alluring; her breathing, utterances, and bodily responses would become ever more pitched and irresistible as her primal instincts overwhelmed her, and thrust her body headlong into its ultimate mission of procuring his semen.
Her nervous system would refine her movements in an effort to hack the secret combination of hip shakes and flashing eyes and serpentine little dances that would turn the tables and render him powerless in the face of the roaring, ancient need to take her, to penetrate her, to fill her. Jack Davis lived for those moments.
He loved observing orgasms as they manifested themselves in newly-initiated females, and he had dedicated significant time and effort to mastering the process of eliciting, sustaining, and intensifying them.
There was simply nothing as lovely or life-affirming as a naked young thing experiencing new sensations and touches at his hands until she reached a tipping point she may not even have known she had, and became a trembling, soaking, incoherently moaning little mess of soft skin and sweet nectar and warm, welcoming pussy that begged to be filled.
In those moments, as he beheld eternity in a girl's starry eyes and in the delicate, swollen pink opening between her legs, he felt more at peace than at almost any other time or place on earth.
Despite already being a connoisseur, however, his experience watching Jennifer's climax had been almost transcendent. He was transfixed as she maintained his gaze with her trusting, determined, pain-wracked eyes through each firm swat to her clitoris, and he watched those deep brown pools well with tears of pain and relief and surrender as he delivered the final stroke, then roll back and close in a torrent of ecstasy and ancient song as she erupted in front of him.
Jack didn't believe in God, but he whispered a prayer of thanks to whomever was responsible for creating this divine perfection of a creature, and for allowing him to experience her.
He was looking forward now to the next portion of the afternoon—preparing the two girls for anal, then teaching them double penetration. While not inherently a punishment—technically it was just another sex act with which girls needed to develop at least some competence—it was an advanced use of the female body that represented significant physical, mental, and emotional challenges for many young girls when they were first introduced to it.
For these reasons it could function as a useful disciplinary tool as well; when administered by experienced eligible men, it offered the delightful opportunity to completely and utterly use a girl's body, which could be greatly gratifying, and it additionally allowed for the judicious application of discomfort, pain, and possibly embarrassment, making it a potent and and enjoyable-to-administer punishment for any number of more serious misbehaviors.
Putting a girl through double penetration training for the first time necessitated great care to avoid injury or inadvertent psychological trauma; it was an intense experience in any case, which few young girls naturally fantasized about on their own on a good day, let alone as discipline for misbehavior, and so Martin and Jack made sure to lay proper groundwork for the second punishment of Elizabeth and Jennifer.
The first step had been completed; they'd brought the girls to a highly-pitched state of general arousal as a result of the spankings and the other things that the brothers had done to their bodies so far; this meant that they were more predisposed now to experience a broad range of physical and mental stimulation as erotic.
Now it was time for the men to bring their penises into the process and begin guiding the girls' arousal to a finer focus; by fucking them well, and carefully building on the intense experiences of the last half hour, the men planned to start reinforcing the connection between anal stimulation and arousal for Jennifer and Elizabeth, and ultimately cause them to authentically embrace the deep pleasures their little butts offered to men.
The fact that the journey to that Xanadu was paved with discomfort and pain meant the men could make it serve double duty as both a punishment as well as a lesson; the fact that they were using it as a punishment gave them a bit more leeway in how vigorously and roughly they chose to enjoy the teaching process.
Captain Davis had a plan for how he wanted to train Jennifer, and he shot a questioning glance and a raised eyebrow to Martin, motioning at Jennifer's throat.
Martin was lovingly attending to his granddaughter's full, heavy breasts with a blissful look on his jolly face; he massaged their poor, sensitive undersides, which he had spanked so thoroughly, observing soothingly to her that they were especially warm and heavy now from the work he'd just done on them with the paddle.
Elizabeth's short, curvy frame was blindingly beautiful as she hung from her wrists on her tiptoes; the powerful, juicy curves of her calves and hamstrings, and the athletic vault of her buttocks, were optimally presented in her suspended position.
From the front, however, she was possibly even more desirable. With her arms stretched to their limit above her head by the strong leather straps that Martin had tightened so heartlessly, the lines of her lats swept downward behind her classically sculpted underarms and accentuated her narrow waist by mirroring the luxurious spring of her hips.
Her adorable, soft belly was forcibly lengthened to reveal her long, sleek abdominals that lay just below her delectable puppy fat, and between her powerful, spread thighs nestled her furry golden delta and the delicate, sweet coral blossom that resided there.
Most spectacularly, her impressive breasts hung gorgeously from her torso, their weight concentrated in their pendulous undersides like luscious fruits as they offered her defenseless nipples for the pleasure of whoever was near.
'Whoever was near' fortuitously happened to be her grandfather, and he assiduously worked on one of her perfect breasts at a time, gently massaging its warm, heavy underbelly while rhythmically working each of her deliciously thick nipples between his wrinkled, hairy fingers to help calm and center her in preparation for the challenging next part of her discipline.
As Elizabeth purred under his touch, straining adorably against her bonds in kittenish efforts to press her sore breasts into her grandfather's soft, worn hands for comfort after her painful first punishment, Martin caught Jack's glance and nodded, indicating the cabinet by the fireplace.
Jennifer, still recovering from her bone-shaking orgasm, watched unsteadily and spellbound from where she hung by her wrists, a trembling mess, as the the most enthralling man she had ever met returned to tower over her with a smile and slim, black leather choker in his fist.
She glanced from his huge hand to his face with willing question in her eyes as he softly brushed a dark, stray tress from her brow. It had escaped her ponytail during her labors under the paddle, and as he tucked it behind her ear, he cradled her cheek for a moment, the quiet rumble of his voice thrumming again through her whole body.
'Pretty little thing, tell me again what you know of bondage training?'
She swallowed and fought to focus her thoughts, and reiterated as best she could what Elizabeth had told her—that it gave men the opportunity to indulge in their darker, more primitive desires which tormented them almost constantly, despite being otherwise modern and civilized humans; that it gave girls an opportunity to fully yield themselves to their lessons, since they could only behave in ways which their bonds allowed and their bodies required; and that when a girl did bondage, she had a responsibility to endure any test and attempt any challenge, and welcome any sexual use of her body, reserving her sole means of escape—the safeword 'stop'—for pain she truly didn't believe she could handle.
Her main reward would be the certainty that the men who trained her this way would indeed be fully satisfied, and she would truly experience the fullness of her young female purpose as an object of an eligible male's powerful mating drive.
She understood and embraced this, she told the captain; she had always, since childhood, wanted nothing more than to be a good girl—the best girl she could be—whatever that meant. How could there be a more worthy goal than to become the best at whatever purpose one was created for?
Captain Davis was slowly trailing his big hand up and down her torso as she answered, his fingertips barely touching her electric skin as they whispered up her belly from her mons, between her breasts, and back again.
One of his most favorite parts of all on girls' bodies was the enchanting savannah of open expanse between their navel and their vulva, and he thrilled at the soft warmth of Jennifer's body, his brain delivering a fuzzy buzz of serotonin as his fingers tugged with gentle fondness along the top edge of her dark, furry landing strip.
He nodded, commending her for her answer and telling her she was doing a really good job for her first time. Jennifer blushed.
'Oh my gosh, thank you, Captain Davis,' she said sincerely, 'I've wanted to do it for a long time—it's amazing. It's really hard. My brain already feels like mush. I'm really trying my best, sir. I hope it's good enough, and I hope you're enjoying me.'
Jack chuckled kindly and caught himself getting pulled into her gaze again. What was wrong with him? Why did his eyes well up every time he looked at her for too long? Why was he feeling such an…affection…for her? He had to get ahold of himself. Why, why was she so perfect?
'Dear girl, you are extraordinary,' he heard himself saying, like some kind of idiot. He didn't seem to be able to do anything about it, though, and plowed ahead, hearing himself using words that hadn't passed his lips in…how many years? How many ocean crossings?
'You are so strong, and so beautiful. You can do nothing wrong. I want you more than I have wanted anything in as long as I can remember, sweet little thing…'
Jennifer was stunned, and stood, speechless, her eyes drinking Jack in.
No man training her had ever spoken to her like this. No man's voice had ever made her insides melt so completely, and no man's eyes had ever lit such fires as now burned in her.
Jack at last managed to flying-tackle and hogtie himself before he did any more damage to either this lesson or his training reputation, and cleared his throat sternly and asked if she was ready for the next step. Jennifer nodded, and he held up the choker.
'The straps and cuffs that hold you to this tree are what rather obviously signify you're in bondage training right now, little thing.
'I'll tell you a little secret to ponder as you continue your training, which many girls don't understand—these cuffs and straps and buckles are actually symbols. There is something else that is actually keeping you right here, right now, naked and ready for me to do whatever I need to do to you.
'Now, there are times when a man will want to train you in bondage, but he will want to be able to take you places, or enjoy you in various positions.'
He let her examine the simple narrow strip of soft leather, its silver buckle shining in the sun, and gently fastened it around her delicate throat, his big hands surprisingly nimble as they guided the tiny leather strap through the silver clasp, and he tested the safety of the fit by confirming he could just slip a finger between the collar and her soft skin as he continued.
'This signifies that you are in bondage training wherever and whenever you wear it,' he explained carefully, 'whether you are tied up or free, or naked or clothed; at home, a trainer's house, or anywhere else; when a choker like this is around your neck, all the same rules apply just as if you were physically restrained like you are now.'
Jennifer's mind was blown by this development, and she was thrilled. She wanted to feel like this all the time, but she knew she couldn't be tied up for the rest of her life. The possibilities this presented were endless and highly arousing, and she felt another wave of delicious anticipation ripple through her belly and cunny as Captain Davis spoke.
'I am going to release the cuffs on your ankles and wrists now, sweet girl, and we are going to go over to that big patio couch so I can continue to train you.
'But until I remove this collar you are still considered to be bound, and are expected to act as if you were; you will not fight or struggle, you will stay patiently and obediently in any position I put you, as if secured there, and you will only attempt to stop what I choose to do with you by using your safeword—which you must only do in the most extreme eventualities.
'Of course, you are still being punished, so until your discipline is complete, even your safeword will have less effect; Mr. Davis and I will be gauging your level of pain and allowing for the best amount to teach you your lesson. When we finish, and Mr. Davis and I can declare you a good girl again, I will be able to remove this collar. Do you understand, little thing?'
Jennifer nodded, and Captain Davis knelt in front of her to undo her ankle cuffs. She was surprised that rather than unbuckle them to free her, he simply released the steel carabiners that attached them to their anchor straps, leaving the cuffs on her ankles.
He rose, his giant body so close to hers, and did the same with the cuffs securing her wrists; then, taking her small hand in his, he walked the naked girl to the couch, the rings of the leather cuffs she wore jingling charmingly as she stepped.
He had her sit down, her legs together like a lady and her hands folded in her lap, to wait for him as he went to the cabinet and returned with two more leather straps much like her choker, instructing her to lay down on her back.
Her tawny skin and rich, dark hair seemed to glow in the late sun against the creamy expanse of the couch as she complied, and he took another moment to admire the long, lean lines of her naked body, and the articulate perfection with which her ankles joined her elegant calves to her feet in a holy trinity of finely-tuned muscle, bone, and sinew that an Athenian sculptor might have devoted his life to celebrating.
A sudden vision of his upcoming expedition to the Azores flashed, unbidden, before him.
Shore leave with the crew after a long week in the zodiac boat wrangling baby sperm whales to tag and name them.
The secret beach he knew on Sao Miguel.
This girl, stretched out like this, naked on the Portuguese sand in the mid-Atlantic sun.
He stroked his obsidian beard fiercely for a moment and growled as he tried to blot the wooden-headed idea from his mind. Such thoughts—or feelings—concerning trainee girls were ridiculous.
Passengers were not allowed aboard during expeditions anyway—as if she would even want to spend months at sea with him in a leaky old scow like the Enterprise. His brain was clearly foundering, and he realized he'd best finish fucking this beautiful creature and get on his way before he really embarrassed himself.

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