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tagIncest/TabooHow to Train Your Daughter Ch. 12a

Many thanks to all my readers; your letters and comments and ideas and hopes mean a lot to me, and do much to enrich the little world of the Festival.
If you're not familiar with the previous chapters, I might recommend at least reading chapter 2, which is a short explanation of this world; long-time readers will doubtless find that their explorations have rewards strewn throughout this episode as well, however, and chapters 5, 6, and 9 will certainly add color to one's appreciation of this one.
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The morning bell rang as substitute teacher Ryan Desilva and his daughter, Shannon, joined the cheery rush of high school students ascending the broad stone stairs to the main entrance of Stonewall Academy on their way to their first classes of the day, and Ryan paused in the golden glow of the warm early-autumn sunshine to give his daughter a paternal farewell kiss before they went their separate ways for the day.
The tip of his tongue gently parted her soft lips to say good morning to her own sweet, pink tongue, and he was filled with a fatherly warmth as he tasted her fresh, minty saliva.
Ryan's wife was of Cuban descent, and her exquisite genetics had combined brilliantly with Ryan's own Clark-Kentish profile and dark hair in Shannon. Their daughter was vivacious and petite, though a powerhouse for her size, with flashing, deep-set walnut eyes, a strong, serene brow, extravagantly sculpted lips, and a rich mane of midnight hair she wore today pulled into a high ponytail, a thick forelock of her bangs cutting from the herd and chasing the high line of her cheekbone, past her long dimple, and down her jaw.
She'd taken an interest in her heritage lately; she'd become infatuated with a classic Cuban-American pop star from fifty years ago named Camila Cabello, and had taken to drawing inspiration from her fashion style. From the glimpses Ryan had seen of the singer's old album covers, Shannon was doing a pretty good job, and he was filled with pride at her blossoming beauty as he kissed full, soft lips deeply.
Like a father dog affectionately sniffing and licking and investigating his own little female puppy, he instinctively gathered as much of her nectar as he could and lapped it into his mouth, swallowing it down with contented pleasure as her freshly-brushed taste and her subtle essence of female hormones and pheromones spread pleasantly across his palate and sent reassuring signals to his brain that his young daughter was healthy and in good spirits.
Shannon had shown signs of being quite orally fixated from a young age. She'd always been happiest anytime she could lick or nurse or chew on something, especially if her girl parts were being gently touched at the same time, and her suckling reflex was immediate and strong whenever anything was inserted in her mouth; on the sage advice of his pastor, who was one of his experienced and trusted girl-handling mentors, Ryan had encouraged and cultivated his daughter's predilection during her upbringing.
Since her Festival last month he'd been pleased, though not terribly surprised, to see her become endlessly fascinated with discovering the many ways the men who trained her chose to use her young mouth to bring pleasure to themselves, and the feedback he received from her trainers always positively noted her eagerness to learn, and her natural talent when it came to her oral duties.
Now his heart was touched, and his cock swelled and grew heavier in his trousers in spite of himself, as he felt his daughter's warm tongue eagerly meet his, offering itself to him and sweetly dancing about as she playfully attempted to suck on his tongue for a second as he tasted her.
'Have an awesome day, sweetheart,' he said, withdrawing reluctantly with a smile, and Shannon giggled and reached for another kiss.
'Thanks, daddy,' she laughed, and turned to join a pair of her giggling friends on the way to their classroom, 'I love you!'
He began to smile again as he watched six adorable little butt cheeks trot away beneath three short navy skirts, but suddenly, in the nick of time, he noticed an issue with his daughter's school uniform, and he called her back to rectify it before she got in trouble for it.
'I love you too, honey—whoa, hey, wait, Shannon—your nipples! Come here for a second.'
Shannon normally could be trusted to maintain her appearance as required by the school uniform standards, but since she was trying out for the school soccer team today, she was carrying her heavy gym bag in addition to her normal school backpack, and with both her hands full she'd been distracted from an important detail in her outfit.
She glanced down at her white button-down blouse and saw the same deficiency her father had, and with a relieved exclamation she rushed back to him, thanking him for his care and offering her breasts to him.
'Oh my gosh, thank you daddy!' She laughed at her absent-mindedness, thrusting her chest toward her father to make it easier for him to rectify the state of her little nipples.
'We don't need you failing a uniform inspection first thing this morning, do we, sweetheart?'
He chuckled as he reached out and took his daughter's breasts in his hands, locating her dark nubs beneath her blouse and gently tugging on them until they became hard and poky and pressed insistently against the light fabric.
The school soccer coach was known for his high standards, and every aspect of her performance and appearance had to be up to par. She was a vibrant, athletic girl, and her nipples needed to clearly signify her enthusiasm and energy for the coach's keen eye if she wanted to earn a starting position on the team this year.
Shannon's eyes sparkled as she welcomed her father's touch, but they quickly closed with a dreamy smile, and she shivered in pleasure as Ryan caressed her.
As a little girl she had always been in awe of how strong and big her father's hands seemed, and she was super proud now of how perfectly her growing breasts were beginning to fill them.
Not long ago, she'd just had two firm little lumps beginning to press her nipples away from her chest; they became extremely sensitive and sometimes even sore, and it had always felt so good to her at night when her dad tucked her into bed and would rub and massage them gently for a bit before kissing her goodnight.
An observant girl, she had noticed that he generally seemed to really enjoy larger, fuller breasts however on the girls he chose to train, and so it thrilled her to feel how perfectly her growing pair were beginning to nestle in his hands now whenever he cupped them.
She was proud to see how much pleasure their gentle heft brought him, too, and it sent a delicious thrum through her shoulders and spine, and a blissful sense of calm washed over her, whenever he cradled their soft, full weight in his warm palms and rolled her nipples between his thumb and fingers.
His daughter's nipples now appropriately alert and eye-catching, Ryan gave her breasts a last affectionate squeeze, took an extra moment to tidy the collar of her blouse and ensure her cleavage was attractively presented above her low neckline, and sent her off to class with a pat on her butt.
'That's better, honey. Ok, good luck at tryouts—and don't worry, Coach Kendrick is going to love you.'
'Thank you, daddy! I'll try my best! I love you too.'
As her dark ponytail flounced away in step with her young classmates, he turned and climbed the wide, creaking wooden stairway to the upper-floor offices from the main entrance of the school.
The high school was an enormous old stone edifice perched on a bluff overlooking the bay, and looked very much like a Victorian castle. Its endless drafty hallways and passages and spires and turrets and old classrooms were alive with the history of the place, and the adventures of the many boys and girls who had studied here over the decades.
The cacophony of the arriving students died rapidly down, and the hallways emptied as classes began. Ryan encountered a few young ladies rushing to avoid tardiness marks and the discipline that came with them; he smiled and nodded in greeting as they passed, and didn't notice any glaring uniform violations that needed to be addressed as he continued on his way through the west wing of the gothic structure to the school nurse's office.
The Desilvas had just moved to town about a month ago from Texas, only a few days after Shannon had celebrated her Festival there, and Ryan was working as a substitute teacher while waiting for a full-time position to open at Stonewall Academy; in practice this meant he was something of a utility man, and helped out in whatever way he was needed at the school, whether teaching classes or in other tasks.
He enjoyed the constant variety, and always looked forward to what each day would bring; today he'd been assigned to assist with intaking some new transfer students, whatever that might entail.
The two-week Festival break had ended, and as the semester resumed it was common for new students to enroll in the school; often girls would move with their families from other cities or states, or even just across town, and Ryan guessed he'd be helping with simple, laborious paperwork—although why he was reporting to the nurse's office, he couldn't say.
Ryan had shrugged his shoulders when he got the message last night; he was certainly no medical expert, but if Principal Darger thought he was the man for the job, he'd certainly do his best to help Mrs. Pemberton, the school nurse, with her duties.
He strode briskly, his steps echoing against the granite and oak of the high vaulted hall, when he suddenly remembered with chagrin that the new player's handbook for the soccer team had specified the grooming standards for female athletes' pubic hair as well, and he'd forgotten to check his daughter's work before leaving the house this morning.
He shook his head, knowing it was too late now; hopefully she had done a good job. In any case, if she hadn't, her inevitable discipline from the coach would be a valuable learning experience for her; she had to learn to take responsibility for her own body and her own ambitions as she grew older.
He wasn't terribly worried, though; Shannon was intelligent and motivated, and was very mature for her age.
Several young girls were already lining up, giggling and chattering quietly amongst themselves, in the row of chairs that had been arranged along the wall of the corridor outside the school nurse's office, and Ryan gave them a cursory nod as he passed and entered through the heavy wooden door; a photocopied sheet of paper was taped to it which said, 'FEMALE TRANSFER STUDENT INTAKE: WAIT FOR YOUR NAME TO BE CALLED'.
The nurse's office was relatively spacious and simply arranged; in addition to the usual desk and chair, a portable massage table had been set up in the middle of the room. Ryan was surprised to see that sitting behind the desk was not the matronly Mrs. Pemberton, but rather a wiry, red-bearded gentleman in a white lab coat who sprang to his feet from where he'd been examining some papers and extended his hand with a cheery smile. His green eyes twinkled as he welcomed Ryan.
'Ah, you must be Desilva,' he exclaimed, perching his reading glasses on top of his curly head, 'I'm Dr. Andrew Freeman. Glad you're here; we've got quite a busy morning ahead of us. Have you done this before?'
Ryan shook his head and said he'd thought he was supposed to help Mrs. Pemberton. Dr. Andrew laughed.
'Unfortunately she's come down with a nasty cough, but yes, usually she would be taking care of this project. I own a feminine relaxation therapy clinic in town, and I specialize in treating girls that are nearing their Festival, which is why Principal Darger hires me come administer the intake examinations for the school; Mrs. Pemberton normally assists me in getting new girls started here.
'She helps with the examinations and documentation, and helps the girls feel more at ease during the rather invasive inspections I must carry out in order to ensure they are fully healthy and ready to join the rest of the student body; I suspect she also feels that an important, if unofficial, part of her job is keeping a close eye on me while I do them,' he said with a wink.
Ryan laughed and relaxed. Dr. Andrew seemed like a pleasant, cheery fellow, and it didn't sound like it was going to be a terribly stressful sort of day.
'Well I'm sure that's understandable,' he chuckled, 'how can I help?'
Dr. Andrew handed Ryan a pen and a clipboard full of forms, and indicated a short stack of Manila folders on the desk, each with a different girl's name on the tab.
'You'll be my Mrs. Pemberton—though I think I'll decline if you offer to inflict your impression of a buxom, middle-aged British school nurse's accent on me, thank you very much. Help wrangle the new schoolgirls, fill out these forms with all their information and measurements, take relevant notes in their official school files here as I examine them, and take their ID photos for their records when I've finished.
'Here's the list of the thirteen girls we'll be intaking today, arranged in order from youngest to oldest; and you can see that this checklist here consists of the questions we'll ask them, and a series of inspections and tests we'll need to administer to each of them.
'If you're interested, and feeling comfortable, I can teach you how to do the exams as well; it would only benefit the school for someone else to be able to get new girls properly enrolled if I happen to be on vacation or something like that. Go ahead and bring in the first one from the hallway, and we can get started.'
Ryan was excited; this was the first time he'd helped with new student intake, and he was looking forward to learning as much as he could about the important process from Dr. Andrew, as well as having the opportunity to get a good bit of actual hands-on experience today.
Poking his head into the hallway, he saw that half a dozen fresh-faced female students in their best first-day-of-school uniforms had begun to fill the metal chairs lining the wall; he consulted his list and called out the name of the youngest girl, and he was immediately filled with a warm glow of anticipation when a delectably full-bodied redhead hopped to her feet with a raised hand and a bright smile, and joined him and Dr. Andrew in the office as Ryan shut the heavy door behind her. It was becoming clear that this would be a fun and rewarding workday.
Dr. Andrew introduced himself and Ryan, and explained that they would be completing the girl's enrollment process so she could join her first day of classes; and with that the men got their day's task underway, and began to methodically work their way through the list of young girls.
Transferring students wore their old uniforms for their first day at a new school, and most districts' guidelines were similar enough that they did not typically require significant alterations when starting somewhere new; after giving the girls an initial uniform inspection, Dr. Andrew had Ryan make notes on his form concerning any adjustments that might be needed, such as altering the length of a skirt hem, or switching to all-white underthings as required here at Stonewall Academy.
Dr. Andrew then instructed each girl to undress, and gave her freshly naked body a cursory inspection, asking a series of health- and lifestyle-related questions, while Ryan followed along and carefully noted her answers on his clipboard; the girls were carefully measured at various points on their bodies, and then were instructed to hop up on the massage table, lie back, and part their thighs in order to allow the two men to make a more detailed examination between their legs.
Since none of the girls had yet celebrated their Festival, Dr. Andrew carefully checked their vaginas to confirm they were still virgins at the time of enrolling at Stonewall Academy, and then Ryan had them stand before a blank wall so he could take several photographs of them from various angles and distances for their student files, including shots of any distinguishing marks or other unique physical characteristics that might be important to note in their records.
Finally, he printed and laminated their new Stonewall Academy student ID cards, which included clear, detailed photos of each girl's two most distinctive and recognizable features: her face, and her vulva.
Once Dr. Andrew had signed off on their file confirming they were virgins, healthy, and in compliance with Stonewall's appearance and grooming standards, the men allowed the girls to put their clothes back on, and sent them on their way to join their new classmates in their first day's studies.
Thirteen new schoolgirls made for a full morning, but it was pleasant work, if one could get it, and as Ryan got the hang of his duties, and the two men fell into a rhythm, they went about their task efficiently but without rushing.
Dr. Andrew explained that girls this young were often still developing in their understanding of their body's purpose, the realities of their imminent role in society, and the responsibilities that came with it; and they could sometimes be easily spooked or vexed when told to undress and allow two men they had never met to touch and explore their naked bodies, even if it was for important official school business.
He noted that too brusque or hurried an approach usually caused more problems than it solved; even if pressed for time, he said, the best results when handling girls during the intake process were usually gained by a dispassionate, amicable demeanor, along with a steady hand and a kind smile.
The men chatted easily together as they worked, and occasionally included the girls in the conversation also as they inspected them.
The girls, for the most part, appeared to have been raised well. Ryan wondered at first if they expected, or missed, the reassuringly maternal presence of Mrs. Pemberton, who would normally have been on hand to put them at ease and help them feel more comfortable disrobing and offering their nude bodies to Dr. Andrew's purposes; but if any of them did, they didn't show it, and for the most part the girls easily complied and submitted to their inspections with hardly any reservation or hesitation, cheerfully stripping out of their school uniforms and doing their best to accommodate the two men so they could do their jobs thoroughly and properly.
Ryan was finding that he rather quite enjoyed the work, and he made a mental note to discuss the possibility with Principal Darger of eventually assuming responsibility himself for overseeing the new student enrollment process on a permanent basis.
He had at first become uncomfortably aroused; he had awoken too late to train a girl before coming to work, as he was often wont to start his mornings, and the effects of his daughter's sweet filial kiss still lingered in the growing thrum he felt coursing through his full testicles as they began to brim with the rich, heavy load of semen they'd spent the night producing.
Unfortunately for him, however, none of these new schoolgirls had yet celebrated their Festivals, and so were strictly off-limits for any of the increasingly acute urges his body had for theirs.
At first he was frustrated, and wondered amusedly how he would even survive through thirteen examinations until he would be free to go and find an eligible girl with whom to relieve himself.
He thought of the lovely, dark and juicy Jordanna, in whose mouth he'd cum a couple weeks ago after teaching a particularly stimulating social studies class—she was very sweet and accommodating, if a little simple, and he resolved that if he could locate her schedule this afternoon, he would take her aside between her classes and try out her vagina.

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