How We Make Babies? A Genetic Choice

How we make babies depends on a choice; it is a choice to be with a partner. Only when you are with a partner can you conceive a baby. However, scientists who study the science the attraction feel that the process is reverse. It is the baby or procreation we have in mind when we choose a mate for life. That makes the choices we make more interesting. 

So what is that drives us to decide that this man or woman will be a good parent to my baby? Here some of the things about attraction that is influenced by how we make babies.

How We Make Babies Is A Genetic Choice:

1. According to experts the first thing that clicks in the science of attraction is ‘health’. We look for the glow of health in our partner. Why do we do it? So that they can live a long healthy life with us? Not really, it is because we feel a healthy partner will ensure a healthy baby. The set of genes that come the other side will be healthy.

2. The second vitally important thing about how we make babies is related to out sense of smell. The laws of the science of attraction are such that some smells attract us and others repel us. It has been seen in an independent study that the smells of close family members are sexually repulsive to us.

3. This is nature’s process for elimination of inbreeding. When human beings did not live in families but herds or tribes, it was the sense of smell that distinguished close relatives from one another.

4. Inbreeding or making babies within close blood relatives is a negative thing for the baby’s genetic makeup. It means similar sets of genes will come from both partners and the off spring’s immunity will not grow stronger. In short evolution gets delayed.

5. Another interesting discovery in the recent years is that our sense of smell is in some weird chemical way related to the immunity gene in your chromosomes. Now that reasserts the validity of the ‘survival of the fittest’ policy as our whole system of choosing a partner via smell is to make the baby genetically stronger.

6. The more this immunity gene is different from ours the more attractive we find the smell of the person and get drawn to them. This ensures the genetically good matches for the baby to be conceived.

7. Ovulation makes the choosing of a mate more interesting as hormones get involved in this game of genetics. Hormones activity too influences your sense of smell. When women are ovulating, they ‘glow’ or look better and also smell better. Men have been proven to pick up the smell of an ovulating women and find her attractive. 

This is how we make babies by taking hormonally and genetically conscious decisions for the best possibly combination.