Humped my sexy friend

I’m 30 and been married for 4 years. We love each other a lot and have a very happy married life and a great sex life too.

This happened about 4 months ago, when my wife had to travel abroad for a month on work. M is a very good friend of both me and my wife and we meet up every weekend and party. M had a long time boyfriend and he had gone abroad for a year on an assignment. She used to visit our place very often and hang out with us. This evening, M called me at around 6:30 and asked me what my plans were and if I wanted to have dinner with her. I said I’d love to, but don’t feel like going out. If she didn’t mind, she could come over to my place for dinner and she said yes. She had visited our place several times when my wife wasn’t around and we were pretty good friends.

She came over at around 8, and was wearing a sleeveless figure hugging top and a knee length skirt. She is a very attractive woman and was always very stylish and fashionable. We had a couple of drinks, watched TV, and were chatting away. They were showing some movie on the TV and the couple in it started kissing and making out. M was sitting next to me on the couch and she moved in a way that made her skirt ride high. I could see her legs clearly and it kind of turned me on.

After a few drinks, we decided we’ll go out to a pub. She basically wanted to go all the time and started making fun of me asking me not to be an old fart. I played along and agreed to go. We went to this really cool pub we used to visit often and got a table and ordered drinks. There were many great looking girls around and they were all dancing. M wanted to dance too and asked me to join. I don’t fancy myself much at dancing and never dance unless I’m drunk. She egged me on and I finally agreed. On the dance floor, it was very crowded, and we were very close to each other. M was a good dancer and she was really enjoying herself swinging to the beats. We were touching each other often and she seemed to be cool about it. Infact she started getting closer to me every now and then and dance very close to me, touching me in several places. Then the music switched to retro and they were playing some old romantic songs. All other couples on the floor started hugging each other while dancing slowly. M suddenly just came up to me and hugged me and started swinging slowly to the music. I guess she was a bit tipsy by now. I also held her and swayed to the music. She was really hugging me very tight now and also rubbing my back and rubbing her boobs against me all the time. I was getting very aroused too. I hugged her really tight and started moving my hands over her arms, shoulders, and back. I even wanted to grab her ass but wasn’t sure if it would be appropriate.

After dancing like this for almost 45 mins, we both returned to our table. Since it was crowded, some others had occupied a part of our table. We didn’t want them to move, so we sat in the little place left, next to each other. After a while, M said it would be more comfortable if she sat on my lap instead and asked me if I mind. I said no problem, and she immediately got up and sat on my lap. This was unbelievable; M was looking so hot and sitting in my lap! I held her from the side to steady her and she leaned back on me, turned towards me, smiled, and gave me a peck on the lips. I gave her a peck back too. I was rubbing her arms; I’ve always loved how her arms looked. The skin looked flawless and she had very shapely arms. I also started holding her by her waist at times, to steady her. After an hour of this, the place was shutting down, and we began to leave. Once we were out, we realized that M will have to come back to my place to pick up her car. We started driving back to my place. M was in high spirits, may be because of all the alcohol. She was rubbing my thigh while I was driving and chatting with me. When we reached my place, she asked me if I wanted to have a few more drinks. I said why not. We entered my flat and again sat on the couch and I mixed a few drinks. When I returned with the drinks, I sat right next to her and put my arm around her. She didn’t mind. Infact, she snuggled up to me and pressed herself to me. I was quite excited but wasn’t sure where this was going.

After a little while of chatting and drinking, M suddenly asked me matter of fact, if she could take off her top as she was feeling hot. Before I could respond, she pulled off her top and sat next to me. She was wearing a sexy black bra and I could see her yummy cleavage and the outlines of her boobs. I thought well she’s made her move, time I made mine. I put my arm around her again and starting rubbing her arms and shoulder. She looked at me and gave me another peck on my lips. This time, I wanted to go further. I moved close to her and kissed her on her lips. I gave a nice full blown kiss, and she responded warmly by offering her tongue. Things moved into high gear. She got up and sat in my lap, facing me, and continued kissing me passionately. I was holding her waist and pulling her closer to me. I then kissed her neck and moved down to her cleavage and kissed her all over her chest. She had started moaning now. I reached around and unclasped her bra and threw it away. I was running my hands all over her bare back now and her boobs were pressed against my chest. It was a terrific feeling, though her boobs looked firm and perky, they were very soft at the same time, and whenever she rubbed her boobs on my chest, it was sending a thrill down my body.

I then picked her up by her waist, stood up, and took my shirt off. She was looking gorgeous, standing there topless, with her sexy skirt hugging her contours. She had a great belly button too, on an almost flat stomach, and a perfectly oval deep navel. I grabbed her waist and pulled her close to me and start kissing her. While kissing her, my hands moved down to her butt and I started squeezing it through her skirt. I slowly started yanking her skirt up and feeling up her thighs and buns. She was rubbing her hands all over my chest and back and kissing me passionately. I then pulled down her skirt and she was wearing a black thong underneath and her bum was fully visible. She had a very shapely bum and the perfect juicy size. She started taking off my jeans too. Once I was out of my jeans, she saw the tent in my underwear and started rubbing it. I couldn’t take it anymore. I picked her up in my arms, walked to my bedroom, laid her down on my bed, and got on top of her. I started kissing her all over her body, starting from her face and lips, to her neck, boobs, belly button, her legs, and finally her pussy. She had trimmed her hair and her pussy was looking very inviting. I licked on her pussy, and started probing her with my tongue. Within no time, she was moaning loudly and reached a huge orgasm. She then pulled me up closer to her and hugged me tightly. Her shapely melons were crushing against my chest. I quickly rolled on a condom, and thrust myself into her pussy, slowly at first, and then my entire shaft inside her. She moaned loudly and started saying out my name again and again. I worked myself into a rhythm and was humping her watching her boobs sway with every stroke of mine. Her jiggling boobs were turning me on big time. I bent down to her to feel her boobs bouncing on my chest. I put my arms under her and squeezed her back, and hugged her tightly to let her boobs crush against me while they were bouncing with every stroke of mine. Very soon, she started moaning loudly and reached her second orgasm. I was still ready for more action. I kissed her gently on her lips, neck, and ears while still inside her. She was horny again. She didn’t seem to get enough of me!

I rested on my right hand to one side and started humping her again. I was looking at her belly button and it was so inviting. I rubbed my hands on her belly and squeezed her waist several times. I got on top again and started humping her vigorously. She was almost screaming now.

I picked her up by her waist, hugged her, and continued humping her. She was now bouncing up and down on my shaft. I reached down and squeezed her butt and started moving her hips in rhythm to my strokes. She had closed her eyes now and was thoroughly enjoying the ride. After a few more minutes of humping, I was getting close to shooting off my load. I laid her down again on the bed, and humped her like a maniac. I was also screaming now. Her boobs were bouncing like crazy and that sight just tipped me over the edge and I came, pumping in huge spurts of my load. She also came at the same time. We were both thoroughly exhausted and I laid on top of her for a few more minutes. Then, we got up, and she asked if she could just stay the night as she didn’t want to drive back now. I said okay. We chatted for some more time and fell asleep in each others arms.

When I woke up next morning, I didn’t find her on the bed. I heard her in the living room. So I freshened up, wore a pair of shorts, and went out into the living room. She was wearing only my T-shirt, which barely covered her butt. Her long shapely legs were a great sight first thing in the morning. I said hi to her and she came over and gave me a good morning kiss and said she’d bring coffee for both of us. We both sipped our coffee watching the lovely morning outside. She said yesterday night was terrific and she was glad it happened. I said I enjoyed it a lot too.

She said she wanted to shower and asked me if I wanted to join. I gladly accepted. Back in my bedroom, she took off her T-shirt and I could see her lovely mounds again. I took off my shorts too and went into the bathroom. I ran the shower and mixed the hot and cold water to a nice temperature and got in. She followed me into the shower. Watching her lovely naked body get wet was very titillating and I hugged her and kissed her. We then soaped each other, exploring every part of our bodies and then rinsed off. I wrapped my towel and left and she came out shortly with a towel wrapped around her. She’d wrapped the towel such that her shoulders and cleavage were visible on the top and her lovely legs visible at the bottom. When she turned around, I could see that the towel was barely covering her gorgeous bum. I was too excited now and grabbed her waist from behind and rubbed her bum on my crotch. She put her arms around my neck and started sensually rubbing her bum on my crotch. I was very hard now. I turned her around, yanked off her towel, baring her fully, and threw her down on the bed. She was looking extremely hot, freshen bathed, and lying on my bed. I pounced on her and started sucking on her tits. She started moaning very quickly and I was running my hands and kissing her all over her body like a hungry maniac. I sucked on her pussy so violently that she came almost immediately. I then kissed her on her neck and hugged her tight. I quickly rolled on a condom and quickly rammed my shaft into her wet pussy. I was in heaven! I slowly started pumping in and out of her and got into a rhythm. I was rubbing on her clit and she was moaning loudly. I humped her a little more and she came again. She then turned me around and lay on top of me. I was still inside her and she sat up and started moving up and down my dick slowly. I threw her hair back and start riding me. She was gently grinding herself on me and that made me go mad. I saw her boobs bouncing when she was riding me and I reached out and squeezed her nipples. She was moaning loudly now and started riding faster. In a few minutes, she was riding frantically and reached a huge orgasm. I was very excited too, but I didn’t want it to end and so held myself back. She collapsed on me; I hugged her tightly, and turned her around and got back on top of her. She said I was unbelievable since I could go on for so long each time. I smiled at her and said you make me do this.

I squeezed her boobs with both my palms and bent down and sucked on her nipples. They immediately stood erect and I continued sucking them. She was hot again and wanted more. I was playing with her boobs, squeezing them, sucking on them, licking them all over and then I started pumping into her again. I was making deep powerful thrusts into her and loved watching how her boobs bounced with every thrust. I hugged her now and continued pumping her, her boobs now crushed against my chest and yet bouncing up and down. I built up a rhythm and was soon humping her like a maniac. I then lifted her by her butt and rested her legs on my folded legs. Her pussy at an incline now and I rammed into it powerfully several times. I was close to coming now and humped her hard while squeezing her butt and came to a huge orgasm pumping out several spurts. We lay exhausted in each others arms for almost half an hour and then she freshened up and dressed to leave. She said she had some important work to do that day and would love to meet up again in the evening if I was free. I said I would love to see her again too. We fucked almost every day that month till my wife came back. After that month, I was enjoying sex with my wife much more too!

Surprisingly, we were both very chilled out about it. Though we never told my wife or his boyfriend about it, we weren’t uncomfortable in each other’s presence and continued to be friends like before. In fact, we even fucked each other a few times whenever we got an opportunity. I still love my wife like before, but sex with M is unbelievably orgasmic.