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In the previous article, you may recall that me,- Deepa, as a mother, gave myself to my son Rohan to be owned by him as his mate, after he joined college. I felt horny, young again, unleashed myself and responded like a whore to his ever un-quenched needs.
Sandeep, his Dad was very sportive, and always encouraged me to smooch our son, tongue him and mate Rohan eagerly, every time my son wanted me, so that he will feel that he owns his mother and without any hesitation, use me – his mother, for his erotic pleasure to fulfil his lust.
Sandeep used to counsel me, "Deepa let our son Rohan use you like his mistress."
"The taboo sex of you and Rohan also gives me pleasure and excites me" Sandeep continued, "And Deepa, the real excitement, is in the undignified acts you and Rohan perform in your fucking sessions."
"As an alpha man, Rohan likes the pleasure of abusing you and Deepa, you must learn to be excited in being subject to such depravement."
"In the most erotic moment, when he humiliates you Deepa, you will learn to get excited and you will become habituated to respond to his moves with equally filthy, depraved acts, over time."
"Your intimacy should be so real and deep with secrets, that are so filthy intimate, that you will get excited my merely recalling them."
Sandeep continued, "Rohans dick is verile Deepa, He can perform power mating that will leave you exhausted and satisfied, but look forward to your next session with him."
"Keep his dick erected, whenever he is around you."
Deepa : I soon started liking being a slave for my son, like Sandeep has advised me. When my Dad died in an accident and my mom came to live with us, Sandeep took to the charms of my mom. He made my mom see how our son took me to fulfil his desires and made me his whore. In so doing, he excited my mother and very soon she was open to the idea of her son-in-law making inroads into her private space.
Deepa : I told Sandeep, Rohans' dad, the other day, " Sandeep, I am glad you have released me to please your son. I thank you for your gracious act. I do enjoy being a slut for him Sandeep"
"And I am so glad to see you and my mom becoming intimate, Sandeep."
"Make her a slut like me, fuck her several times a day Sandeep."
"Let her relish and enjoy those pleasures, which my dad never gave her."
Sandeep, "you had a great role to play in contributing, to the intimacy between Rohan and me."
"I am also proud of developing the confidence in Rohan our son, to treat me like his woman"
"I am happy that we have been able to fulfil our wishes in practicing family love, Sandeep. And you are also pleasuring my mom and i can tell she is looking forward to being fucked by you daily."
"You know Sandeep, nowadays, whenever Rohan wants to show me off as the sexy woman he owns in front of his friends, he makes me go with him in satin / light cotton frocks or contrast colored sleeveless blouse with transparent saree with no bra or panties."
"He also likes me in light T shirts and tight fitting three quarters jeans and high heels."
"He is particular that i should not wear a full bra, so that my nipples showed over the t shirt."
Sandeep, "I have begun to feel that my tits are for the enjoyment of our son, and if he feels excited in me displaying it for others, I am pleased to do it, so that I earn his appreciation."
I could see that Sandeep was getting excited by what i was telling him. He was holding his crotch and giving his dick a squeeze every now and then.
Sandeep: Deepa, you have been a great wife for me and now become our Sons' lover and mate. I could not have asked more from you. I am excited by the intimacy you both have and I am also happy that, what we talked of earlier in practicing family love has actually been realized."
"I have told our son that love and lust go together. I have told him Deepa, that your tits are to be used by him for his pleasure. Your mom and me were excited to see you both together in the bath today. You were impaled on his dick and he was fucking you with a slow bounce, as you were kissing him and smooching him deeply"
"Nowadays he is so confident and displays pure lust in taking you. Our practice sessions earlier, has helped Deepa. Do you recall how we decided that you will undress and dress in his presence."
"It is also good that we removed our bathroom door. He has seen you naked as you took bath or pissed. And I am happy you have now made it a habit to join him in his bath every day."
Deepa : Yes Sandeep, "How many mothers' can say that they feel proud of having their body remain excited by being touched, handled and used by their sons."
"Rohan has grown up to be a handsome man and i am proud to be used by him."
"You would have seen how his virile hard dick grows and always seeks my cunt to ram and ravish."
And Sandeep, "Not a place remains in our house, where he has not made use of, in taking me and fucking me."
Sandeep came and grabbed my tits as he said, "Keep fucking our son Deepa. I am glad to see you both engage in such uninhibited fucking."
"Now if you will allow me, I am taking your mom to a night club tonight." Sandeep said smiling broadly.
You know Deepa, "Just as you have become successful in Rohan craving for you, I have started working on your Mom and she now has learnt to submit to her son-in-law."
Deepa : "Yes Sandeep, I am glad you have been able to make her indulge in sex with you."
"And I love the way you call her Mom while you slide your hands behind her to grab her ass, pulling her towards you, her pussy hitting on your dick while you smooch her deep."
"I can tell she is loving the feeling of having her pussy learning to suck in your hardness each time you impatiently lift her saree, and push her panties down to engage in your primal act of fulfilling your lust."
"Do have a nice time in fucking her to your hearts content and see if she is ready to take other mens' dick also in her pussy."
"My mom still looks ravishing and I am sure you can share her to be used your boss and friends and get them to return favors to you."
Sandeep gave a broad smile and kissed me good bye as he left.
Left to myself, I walked in to the bedroom and sat on the bed to see a picture of Rohan hugging me on the bed stand.
My thoughts took me back to his college days when he took me to be his date on his graduation day.
It was a memorable day for us both. I liked being there for him on that day, as his woman. I took care to select a dress to wear for him the way he liked, a light semi transparent net sari to be worn with hips showing with a matching plunging neck line blouse over a tight half cup bra with cleavage showing.
I called him as soon as i came out of my bath, in just a towel with my long naked legs showing. I knew that he liked me dressing in his presence. As he walked in to the room, i was wearing my panties and then my bra, letting the towel slip down to the floor. Rohan was in his boxers and was in the process of wearing his shirt.
I called him over, "Come Rohan let me button your shirt."
I swung my hands around his neck, bending his head and making his face rest on my tits, as i folded his shirt collar, around his neck.
I have not completed wearing my blouse and saree. My tits and bra were still visible with only a few buttons of my blouse in place. But my sons' needs always preceded mine. With partially unwrapped saree and incompletely worn blouse, I concentrated on my son and helped him wear his shirt.
My son always liked me to dress him and liked being around me as I dressed. We always liked helping each other while dressing. If Rohan liked my dress or found me sexy or when he got horny in seeing me in a state of undress, he would always lift my saree and pettycoat, to insert his fingers into my cunt.
Earlier that day, Rohan indulged in the pleasure of using my pussy like he always does whenever he was anxious and looking forward to his basket ball game in the evening. I calm him taking his dick in my pussy, making him suck and maul my tits and kissing him in between, complementing him on his motherfucking capabilities and encouraging him to use me aggressively. I remind him how well he has taken control in mating me and making me his woman.
I liked his confident alpha qualities, as he grabs my pussy, even before his dad, if he wants to fuck me.
Sandeep has encouraged me and got me several bondage type straps which have now replaced my bra and panties. The private moments with my son has nowadays become intense, intimate and highly personal to us both.
Because I knew it was my own son, who is fucking me, the connection was more intense than any other man I'd ever been with. The sex was better because he was my son.

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