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As my orgasm slowly subsided and my breathing reached a fairly normal rate, I could sense both of their eyes on me. Sandeep noticed my belly, moving with each breath, as did my breasts, still taut and rigid from the attention they received. My chest was flushed and splotchy with excitement. My face was red. My lips were pouting and nearly plum red from biting and sucking on them in the thrust of cumming. My eyes were bright and alive with a fire only sex provides. My hair was now soaked to my temples and forehead. Sandeep looked wickedly at me, with no words telling me he was not even close to being finished.

I felt a momentary mix of elation and panic as I realized that the look I’d never seen on his face meant that he wasn’t ready to go home just yet. I could tell that he had treated me to the orgasm so that upon finishing, he could truly apply his attention and talents to his own orgasm and pleasure. My breath caught in my throat. I knew somewhere in the back of my mind, that my own incredible satisfaction was just cherry on the cake, and that having Sandeep come inside my stretched and swollen vagina was the main objective. Still, I knew that if this man was that good at giving me pleasure, he must be a phenomenal beast when it came to his own.

Before I was able to give it a moment’s more thought, Sandeep was standing before me. He was a tall man with a physique that rivaled those of models. His hand was holding his gigantic penis and rubbing it very slowly as he drank in my form. His eyes were filled with a cloudy and yet stabbing lust. He was getting harder by the second, and I watched in naked silence as he grew to a size, which, again, caused me to catch my breath. He was gigantic, in my opinion, and he grinned when he recognized what must’ve been a common expression on my face.

I glanced up and saw his grin, realizing how young and naive I must have looked. Sandeep then smiled one of his enigmatic smiles, allowing me to see the man I knew so well. I let my head relax on the satin, unable to stop my eyes from traveling downward to his penis. When my eyes once again made their way to his crude and rugged face, I could tell he was finished allowing me to get over my shock of his size. He lowered himself again, lunging his face into my vagina causing me to squeal in humorous shock. I laughed out loud at his sudden and teasing movement, appreciating his talent for lightning up a situation.

He kneeled between my legs and brought my hips upward under the guide of his hands. He lowered my buttocks onto his knees so that was at an angle and at his mercy. I watched as he grabbed his penis, thick and hard as it already was. I watched as hand and penis, together, gave my already beaten, pounded and stretched pubic area a good spanking. His bulbous head was being slapped against my pubic bone with what seemed a great deal of force. With each slap, I swear I saw his shaft swell, being led by the growth of his mushroom tip. I was watching this while fully aware of how wet the slight thump-sting to my already sensitive area was causing me to become hotter and turned on by this man.

By the time my hips began tilting even higher, begging for a better beating, he was to his full erectus and ready to drive me home. He pushed my knees upward, freeing his legs from bracing my buttocks and inched forward until he was positioned, as he wanted. I recall feeling his thighs against the backs of mine and how the seconds before first thrust seemed to last a lifetime. Suddenly and finally, I felt his marble-hard penis force its way into my tender vagina, guarded by two delicate but strong lips. I felt the head, slightly pointed, large ridged and hot push its way in. His organ was intensely hard and smooth and had a strong brute force as it lent its strength to the head. The head hit the back of my pussy with a fury and passion equal to none but my own. A strong and sharp pain filled my vagina for a moment, leaving me aching for more.

As he pulled his penis out of me, I prepared for the return of the ram. I held my breath and just then, I felt him re-enter and attack my inner back walls, attempting, and it felt, to break them down. I felt the pain again, too, but this time it didn’t startle or hurt me as much. I enjoyed knowing that the sharpness was from this huge organ hitting deep inside me. The more I thought about his penis filling my already stretched vagina, I got more turned on. My thighs thrust hard against his, forcing our bodies to collide in a sexual fusion. I found that my previous animalistic screams were just the seeds to what was coming out of my mouth now. I didn’t recognize my own sounds. They sounded alien and nearly horrific and oddly, purely sexual. Just as I was sure I was on my way to cumming again, Sandeep suddenly pulled out and in one graceful move, turned me around so that I faced the headboard and windows.

I felt his hands, large and strong, grab my hips and pull me roughly against his raging penis. He thrust his member into my vagina and with the thrust; I felt my entire being weaken. He pushed so far inside that I felt that pain again, but it was different. This time, his head rubbed against my G-spot as he barged his way into my domain. My arms shook with weakness as they stressed to hold me in position. My head jerked back to the point where it touched my shoulders, and with it, a groan that was deep and throaty. My buttocks and vagina clinched, locking a hold around his penis which I could tell immediately that he enjoyed. With a swift pull, he was at my opening again, and preparing for entry.

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Over and over again, he thrust himself deep within my inner walls, causing me to cum around his shaft countless times. My entire body was shaky and sweaty by the time he gave me the hardest ram of all. I could feel his semen shooting with a matched force into me. His heartbeat was undoubtedly forcing the seed to crash into my walls in perfect time. I could feel the thump-squirt-thump-squirt for what felt like an hour. I loved feeling a strange man’s semen being sprayed into me. The thought of never before having this man’s semen filling my vagina, was an incredible aphrodisiac. With this realization, I thrust my buttocks backwards, farther onto his penis, feeling that now familiar pierce of pain. I nearly sat upright, trying with all my will to swallow his member with my vagina.

I felt his semen quickly begin to ooze from my vagina onto his satisfied penis. He pulled completely out after giving me a gentle nudge forward. Still on my hands and knees, I watched as he wrapped his fingers around his organ, collecting as much of the spilled semen as possible. Then, with fingers and thumb covered, he allowed his juice to drip and slide onto my anus and further down to my vagina, which was so full already, it was beginning to drip on its own. Sometime in the next few moments, he got cleaned up and dressed. I collapsed into a more relaxed position on my side. He came over and smiled down at me. Sandeep brushed my hair gently from my face, peeling the strands still glued onto my skin by sweat. I felt weak and completely used. I loved it. I smiled back at him, not bothering to rise up and be the polite hostess. The times of polite hosting were definitely in the past now. Sandeep bent and kissed my cheek softly to say goodbye

I didn’t even watch as he left the room, as I could not. The moment Sandeep had stepped out of the room, my Husband Prem, who had gone almost wild with excitement at me having been so thoroughly used by Sandeep, pulled me to himself .I was beyond used up and filled up. Although I hadn’t moved during the departure and entrance of Sandeep, I could tell my vagina was very stretched out, swollen and fuller of semen, than I had ever thought was possible. My husband stood in front of me, standing before my exhausted form on the bed. I looked up at him, apprehensive of what I may see in his eyes. Somewhere in the recesses of my mind, I was worried I’d see betrayal, disgust and hatred in his eyes caused by a fantasy to reality gone badly. When my eyes did meet his, what I saw brought relief and a sudden spark of lust.

My husband’s eyes were filled with a wild craving; Sandeep’s had been, but my husband’s eyes also held an incredible devotion and love for me. He smiled and gave me a wink. I rolled over onto my back and gave him my most wicked smiles. He watched as I spread my tired legs for him and let him see the semen, I had been saving deep inside me. My vaginal lips were sealed together, soaked as well as my hair, with the semen of a man who was not the man beside me now. I reached down and spread my clingy lips and allowed my husband to gaze upon his fantasy, as it became reality. He watched as my vagina tried with all her force to pull the strange semen, back inside to no avail. Then, he watched as I used those same muscles and pushed ever so gently, forcing a small amount of the seed to spill forth, sliding down my thighs, landing in a pile on the bed.

I witnessed his chest as it extended outwardly, causing jagged breaths to escape his lips. He watched in silence as my muscles tightened and loosened. Finally, a moan filled the air and he couldn’t resist his inner demanding any more. He wasted not a second longer and delved right into my sticky, hot, filled vagina. His fingers, too, explored the inner walls of my cavity, but unlike Sandeep’s my husband’s fingers were enveloped by a thick, tacky, living glob of seed which was not his own. His fingers danced inside, enjoying the thought of his fantasy finally coming true. Lying back, I watched and enjoyed my lover’s delight in my overflowing vagina. He removed his fingers, brought them into better light, and rubbed them together, feeling the cum slide between his digits. When he finally found himself satisfied that way, with great urgency mounted me. His small little penis was already harder than ever when he held the tip of it to my vagina. He rubbed his head into my lips. He parted my sticky lips with his head and slid his organ into my pussy ever so slowly. I could feel the semen inside me get pushed out by this other organ’s displacement.

I loved knowing that the semen Sandeep had pumped into me just a while ago was now surrounding my husband’s penis, giving my vagina, a lubrication neither of us had ever imagined. The semen oozed out of my vagina, being spread onto my inner thighs by my husband’s own pelvis. I felt Sandeep’s semen slide down my thighs and land again on the blanket and even further, to my anus. My husband Prem’s small penis was thrusting with force and rhythm, enjoying the slippery sensation.

With a sudden forceful thrust, my husband shot his sperms into my already dripping vagina. I could feel his seed hit inside, just as I did with Sandeep. This time, though, I was awash with hot sexual fire like never before! I visualized the two men’s sperms colliding and being forced to mix by the power of my muscles and the hardness of his organ inside me now. The two different sperms would battle for dominance and power, maybe impregnating me with a baby. Later Prem rolled across and went into a very deep slumber, having achieved his objective of seeing me being taken by a strange man…

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