Hypno-Twins Ch. 02

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tagIncest/TabooHypno-Twins Ch. 02

"You are now in a deep trance." There was no denying it this time. He couldn't move his body if he tried. "And your body is beginning to heat up as your breathing gets deeper and deeper." He knew his sister was beside him. He felt her hand on his.
"This session assumes 'she' will be pleasing her man." the video continued. "If this is not acceptable, you may choose to awaken now." There was a few seconds of pause. Neither Tod nor Ried moved a muscle. "Good. You have chosen to continue. She is beginning to feel her mouth water already. She is beginning to feel her heart race and she imagines what is to come." He could feel her warm, sweaty palm twitch on his. "She imagines it at first. Getting down on her knees, kneeling before her man, looking into his eyes, touching his pleasure and feeling joy and arousal. She can't stop salivating. She is drooling thinking of his cock." He heard her swallow hard. He could hear her breathing speed up. Her fingers twitched, "She imagines touching, kissing, squeezing, sucking, slurping," He felt her squeeze his hand tight. Her fingers stroked his like she had already started. "She is getting hotter by the second. She can't hardly keep from touching herself at the thought of having him in her mouth." He heard a weak whine from his sister. "She is hungry for it. She needs it. She wants it so badly. She wants his cock. She wants his sweet and delicious man milk."
She moaned, and snorted, "Heh, man milk." Even in a trance she couldn't help herself.
"Now you will do everything you just imagined." The short laughter quickly subsided, "You feel your body moving without you telling it to. You are kneeling before him." She didn't let go of his hand, but she slipped down and knelt into his vision. He noticed his twin still didn't have her clothes on. He saw the freckles on her shoulders and lower back as she put herself between his knees. "He sees your beautiful face. He sees your beautiful body as you touch and worship him." She had a dumb, goofy smile like always, but her eyelids fluttered as she touched inside his legs. She looked strangely bashful. "You touch his cock." It was flaccid, still recovering from before. He was still wet with his own come. She touched and stroked, getting her hand covered in it. "When you kiss it, you will find something strange. It will be sweeter than you imagined."
She looked half ready to fall asleep and half ready to laugh. She bent over and touched her lips to his still dripping cock head. He saw her breasts sway slightly as she did. "It tastes almost like candy." Her eyebrows rose. "If you lick your lips it will be still salty, but sweeter every time you taste it. You kiss again." She did, she lingered longer, licking along the limp shaft. When she left the video said, "You can't stop yourself. You want more. It tastes even sweeter now." she was licking up all the come she could on his legs and cock. She cleaned him with her mouth. "Even more like candy." If she didn't look so relaxed she would have looked astounded. She had an expression of aroused confusion. "Each time it will taste sweeter and sweeter, like cotton candy. Try another lick." Her mouth opened and her eyes were locked on his as she licked the member directly up the shaft, from base to tip, her chin pressed against his sack as she rubbed it all over her face. Her cheeks were wet with his semen. "You are starting to get addicted." she took a break to suck her fingers clean. "It's turning you on how much you love his cock." Her mouth was open and panting, waiting for permission to continue now that he was just about clean. "Now, as your mouth waters, you may put it inside your mouth and hold it there." She did, with an audible slurp she sucked his recovering cock in her mouth.
"It's getting harder now, and you can feel it as you lick and suck." To his astonishment, it was. It had felt good up till now, but he was still soft. Now, at the command of the video, his cock was standing back up at attention. It had been hardly any time at all. Even Ried seemed surprised. "It's getting bigger, and bigger as he feels your love. He loves the way you worship his cock. He loves the way you suck his cock. And you love the way he grows when he sees your body." With one hand still holding his hand, the other caressed her self. He could see her speckled butt grind the ground now, even as she kept the dick resting in her jowls. She covered between her legs, somewhat bashful. "Now that he is harder, he tastes even sweeter, like rock candy."
"Hmm!" She hummed, her eyes rolling back and her cock sucking face smiling as much as it could. She was licking on the inside. "But you know his cum will be that much sweeter. You want it. You need it. You have to have his come." He felt her pushed shallow on his cock now. It was erect to the point that she gagged a bit if she tried to force it down. "You want to fill yourself with him as much as you can. Relax, and let it grow inside you. His cock, and your desire for it grow together." he could feel her growl vibrate through his dick. He couldn't help but give a short moan in response. That seemed to lend new energy to his sister. Without being told her head began to bob back and forth. She couldn't control herself as her body undulated.
"Your head begins to go back and forth." She was way ahead of that tape. She was enthusiastically gargling it. "You are so turned on you can't help it." She whimpered and he saw her hand that was covering her groin switch to lightly touching herself. Her fingers circled. "You might even come from sucking his cock." Strands of brown hair that had been missed before tickled him as her ponytail bounced. "Maybe." She grunted and wheezed through her nose. "But first you want to taste it. He can't get much harder now. He loves you. He wants you. He needs you." She sucked tight. "He grabs your hair, and you can't help but touch yourself." she circled her sex. He held her head free hand. He caressed her face with adoration before he pulled her bobbing ponytail like a rope. "His hips move on their own, are you blowing him, or his he fucking your face? Doesn't it feel like getting fucked? It might even feel better than that. It feels so good and sweet this way."
She hummed and cooed as she touched herself and sucked his cock. "Both of you are coming close now. I am going to count from ten to one." He wasn't sure if he could hold till ten. She whimpered, perhaps thinking the same. "Ten, his cock is sweeter than ever before, you can taste him leaking out. Nine, he loves you, every part of you, and wants to all of you." her hand touched her whole body, her breasts, her legs, her rear, she spread her legs as if hoping, begging him to look at all of her. She seemed desperate to get herself off. "You need his come. You need it in order to come." her pace quickened, he tightened his grip on hers as he pulled on her ponytail. She seemed to appreciate it and tightened her own grip in response.
"Eight, Your sex is dripping with desire. You can hardly hold it in. He is ready, but you need to have patience." She growled and groaned. She went deeper and faster and harder, as if that would speed up the timer. "Sucking feels so good, almost like sex. Your lips are so sweet, so sensitive, almost like your mouth is another fuckhole." She was clenching her eyes together in frustration. "Seven, you know you will need a second helping, even though you haven't tasted him yet. Six, he is pulling you deeper, and it tastes sweeter when it is deeper." Any resistance he had to fucking her throat was nearly gone. He felt his cock slip deep into her like a sleeve. He was so close to bottoming out in his sisters neck. "Five, you are almost there." He felt her slurping and growling. Whenever he got tired of pulling her she took initiative and pushed her own face in with just as much with zeal and determination. "Four, you feel it coming, like a volcano about to burst. When he comes inside, you will be next." her eyes locked onto his. All humor and jokes were gone. She was desperately begging him for his come with her eyes.
"Three, holding back is nearly impossible. Two, you are right one the edge, there is no turning back," Her nose was like a train whistle. She growled like an engine with his cock as her piston. Her hips were humping her hand. He grunted and grabbed the back of her head for one final flurry of thrusts. "One. You are coming." he shoved his cock inside of her and felt her gasp and gag. He fucked her and saw her hump and grind the air as she came with him. She shook and seized. When he reeled back for fear of her breathing she quickly coughed, gagged, cleared the throat, and sucked and swallowed his twitching, sputtering cock again. Come splashed on her face when she did so. There was so much that it was overflowing and bursting from her lips. He shuddered and groaned as she sucked off stream after stream. She was dripping with it. How did he have so much left? Some drops fell from her chin but she was sure to catch them on her legs and chest. She was still coming and writhing as she did so, but she still couldn't waste a single drop. "It is even sweeter than you thought isn't it?" She groaned the affirmative and nodded as she shuddered and sucked the last shots of come. She swallowed down as much as she could, and she licked her lips and fingers.
"Don't let any of it get away. Suck it all down." Ried obeyed and shuddered as the waves of sex subsided. Tod felt it as she kept on going. The video was silent for a few moments more as they cooled down.
"Look into each others eyes." They did so. Ried slipped the cock out of her mouth and opened it to him, showing the pool of come on her tongue and the white drool that overflowed from her face. Then she closed it with a smile. "I am going to count from ten to one. When I reach one you will both be happy, calm, relaxed, re-energized, and even closer together than ever before…"

"Tod!" Tod stopped as he left work. He turned to see Tabitha. She had a brown cardigan over a white blouse and wavy black hair. She waited, her skirt flowing in the breeze.
"Oh, hi." he waved. She smiled at him and waited. "What?"
"Oh, Sorry!" She seemed nervous, "It's just, you asked me out last week, and I was busy, remember?"
"Right, sorry about that. I guess that was really awkward-"
"No, I mean, I really was busy! And I wanted to know," She played with her hair, "Are you free this Friday?"
"Oh" Tod blinked with understanding and then rubbed his shoulder, trying to find a way to explain, "Actually, this Friday, my sister and I have a thing. Movie night."
"Tod?" He turned and saw his sister drive up. They shared a car and she was here to pick him up. "Sorry I'm a bit late, I-" She stopped and gasped, putting the car in park and skipping out of the vehicle. "Is this Tabitha?" She giggled as she approached. Ried was wearing the sweater she had just found the day before. "Hi! I'm Tod's sister Ried!"
"Oh!" Tabitha smiled and nodded, "Nice to meet you! Tod talks about you often!"
"Oh I bet he does." She elbowed her brother in the ribs. "He talks about you too!" Ried rolled her eyes, "Like, all the time!"
"Oh?" Tabitha looked to Tod. He looked away with a groan and she chuckled. "Well, he said you were having a movie night this weekend? What are you watching-"
"Oh my gosh do you want to come?" Ried said excitedly.
"Ried, that might not be-" Tod started.
"Your brother said it was more of a sibling thing-"
"Psh!" She waived her off, "Tod's just nervous cause you're pretty."
"Ried!" Tod was about to tell her to get back in the car, but Tabitha was laughing. Tod laughed back politely.
"It sounds like fun!" she said, "I can't wait!"
Tod was silent for most of the drive back. Once they got home and the door was closed he said, "Hey, Ried?"
"Hmm?" She turned to him before sitting on the armrest of the couch. "You still nervous about Tabitha?"
"I wanted to talk." He said. "About our last movie night."
"Hmm? What's there to talk about?" She shrugged, "I had a lot of fun! And you did too, right?"
"You don't feel awkward about it or anything do you?"
"No." He probably should have, but he didn't. The hypnosis was working flawlessly. "But-"
"Then what's the problem?" She let her voice trail high as she got off the couch and went into the kitchen, "You've been going after Tabitha for weeks! This is perfect!" She joked, "What, are you afraid I'll snatch her up? You know I don't bat for that team right?"
"Right." He scratched his head, "It's just, did you make the order you said you would?"
"Hmm? Oh yea! It's in the mail! It should be here by Friday." She she popped a bowl into the microwave. And hopped onto the counter when he entered after her. "You exited? I think there is butt stuff in this one." She teased.
"Ried," he started, leaning against the wall, "How do you feel about me?" he knew his sister was slow when it came to these things.
"Hmm? You're my little bro!" she kicked her feet in the air playfully as she leaned back on the edge.
"But how do you feel?"
She seemed to understand the dour mood he was in. "I mean, I love you. You know that right? Why so glum?" Her legs calmed down.
"But, I mean, how would you feel if Tabitha and I were a couple?"
"I'd be happy for you!"
"And what if I moved out and moved in with her?" he asked. "Without you, I mean."
"Without me?" The microwave dinged as Ried's face widened. "Oh." There was a long silence after that.
"Right." Tod nodded. "What we did together was fun and all, and I don't regret it." He explained. "But we wont really be able to do that with Tabitha around." Ried looked down at her toes. "You get that right?"
"But I just ordered the next tape-" She said. Her feet dangled hopelessly. "It was going to be so much fun-"
"I get that." Tod sat up on the counter next to his sister and hugged her close. "Hey, it was always going to happen eventually right? Living with you has been great, but we are our own people. Even if we do look similar."
"You sure I can't just live in the closet or something?"
"Huh? Is that a metaphor?"
"No! I told you I don't swing that way!" She grunted, "I mean if you move in with Tabitha?" Tod laughed. "I'm serious!" she pouted angrily.
"You were always the creative one Ried." Tod admitted. He sighed to himself. It was always up to him to be the rational one. It was a hard job. "When was the last time you asked a guy out on a date?"
"Um," She thought about it, "You, in fifth grade."
"Ha! No way! You totally had crushes after that! What about Brody? Didn't you date him for a week or two?"
"Brody asked me out, and he was creepy." She scowled, "And I never talked to anyone I had a crush on!" She explained. "They were just so pretty and cool." She explained. "But too scary up close."
"Well, how about I be your wing man?"
"Oh stop!" she shoved him playfully. "No, I don't want that." she looked away. "People are weird. I'd rather just watch."
"Oh? You like to watch?" Tod teased. He saw her gulp and blush. "Did I strike a nerve?"
"Shut up!" She shook her head. "You know what I mean!"
"I think I do."
"Idiot!" She growled, "What I mean is when I think of you and Tabitha-" She stopped and said, in a quiet voice, "I'm not that mad. I'm just sad."
"Do you want to call it off?" Tod offered. "I can tell her we need to re-schedule."
"Why? I'm the third wheel here."
"Well, no use letting your video go to waste? Right? I mean, you already ordered it." Ried thought about it.
She kicked herself off the counter and got her steaming bowl from the microwave, "No. I have a better idea."
"Oh?" Tod asked.
"Invite her over!" She grinned. "I have a secret plan!"
"Please?" She asked. "If you want I'll wait in the other room the whole night!" he followed her to the couch. "I know you want to get to know her better, and I don't want to mess that up. If you cancel this for my sake I'll never forgive you!" She turned away.
"Fine." Tod sighed. "But Ried, I want you to know that you matter more to me than her. A lot more. She's just a girl I work with." Ried looked down at her bowl. Her expression was hard to read. "I think ill go to bed. I'll see you in the morning."
Tabitha found it hard to make friends. She was always nervous around people. Even tonight she was worried that she was making a mistake by coming over. Tod had been reluctant, but he had been so earnest the first time he asked her out. She sighed and hugged herself before she knocked on the door to his apartment. She wasn't sure if she had romantic feelings for him, but this was good for her. She was relived to know there would be another girl around, and Ried was such an energetic girl that there was no chance of the party being boring.
"Tabitha!" It was Ried that opened the door as she knocked. "Come in!" She turned, skipping inside. Tabitha closed the door behind herself with an awkward smile. "Nice place." She saw Tod. He looked like he had walked halfway to the door before Ried got there first.
He gave a cute and tilt of the head. "Thanks."
There was only a slight awkward pause before Ried jumped next to her brother and held out several cases of DVDs, "You get to pick Tabitha!"
"She does?" Tod blinked and then continued, "Ah, yea! Tabitha, you can cho-" His eyes widened, "W-Wait! Ried! Is that-" The cases were pushed to Tabitha before he could finish. He winced as stopped his sentence, recoiling his hand.
"This is all so sudden," Tabitha laughed and looked through the cases. She wondered what was making Tod so nervous. The first few seemed like normal, classic movies. Was there a strange movie at the bottom of the stack or- "What is this?" She read it and gulped, "E-Erotic Hypnosis for couples, Volume two? Pain free ana-"
Tod swept the case from her hand as she was speaking, but not before she finished reading. She could feel her body grow warm as she saw Tod's blushed face, "H-ha ha!" He hid the case behind his back, "It was a gag gift really." He scowled at Ried, "Stop being so weird!'"
Tabitha laughed. Tod laughed back. "Oh, so, it's just a joke?" She asked, relieved.
"R-Right!" Tod nodded.
"Is it just a case or…?" She peered around his back to get another look. He took a step back as she advanced.
Ried swiped it from her brother and opened the case, "Nope, it has one hour of content! See-"
Tod covered his sisters mouth with his hand, "Not that we would know!"
Tabitha had a very vivid imagination. At Tod's words, she sudenly could not help herself. A scene formed in her head with Tod and his sister doing things siblings really shouldn't. As she imagined it she shuddered and swallowed as she felt her body tingle with a wave of chills. She had read stories about things like that online. But there was no way Tod was like that, right?
"Ried, you are embarrassing her!" Tod took the case from his sister and growled.
Ried pouted and looked away, "Sorry bro. I just thought-"
"So, you haven't watched it?" Tabitha's eyes were on the disk.
Tod blinked. "Un, right-"
"Well, um," She laughed awkwardly, "I mean, it sounds really campy. But, I think I have seen the other movies before. This might be interesting."
Tod was speechless, "T-Tabitha, I don't think you-" he blinked and looked down. Ried had already taken the movie case and was skittering to the television. "Ried! Wait!"
"Tod?" Tabitha stopped him from stopping his sister. He made eye contact with her. "You look so nervous." She smiled, "It's fine. If it's too weird, we can just stop it. Right?"
"Right." Tod nodded. He still seemed worried. Scared even.
"It's starting!" Ried hopped to the couch. She looked to Tabitha and Tod and quickly slid to the side. There was more than enough room for Tod and Tabitha to sit next to one another.

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