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"Awesome, it's a date!"
Joe couldn't believe he was finally going to meet the woman he's been talking on the internet with over the past few weeks. His roommates Rick and John were happy that Joe finally had a date lined up and wouldn't have to hang out with them another lonely weekend.
"Is it weird to meet someone for the first time at an airport?" Joe asked.
"She's pretty trusting to have some rando drive her home without meeting them first. I'd say that's a great sign." John responded.
"You might even get lucky this time!" Rick teased.
Joe rolled his eyes.
"Yeah yeah, I know it's been a while. After two years of striking out, I've learned not to expect anything to happen on the first date. I'm just happy to be going on a date, even if it turns into her ending the date once she gets home. At least she gave me a chance."
"We're all rooting for you here." John smiled. "Can't let all that work at the gym go to waste!"
The noise in another part of the house grew louder.
"3, 2, 1. HAPPY NEW YEAR!"
Joe felt this year was going to be different. Although he didn't believe in fate, he was very optimistic.
Joanna seemed to be perfect. She was beautiful, smart, knew multiple languages, was studying to be a scientist, and to top it all off she also hated sports as much as Joe did. All Joe had to do was make a good impression on her and maybe she'd at least go on a second date with him.
* * *
The low rumbling of jet engines filled the air.
Joe waited anxiously in the parking lot of the airport for the text saying that Joanna had landed. He also wondered if this first meeting was a good time to bring up the fact that he was a virgin, mostly. Joe did have a girlfriend a few years ago whom he had attempted to finger and eat out a few times with as well as one quick blowjob that didn't really go anywhere. Joe was not the most sexually experienced person in the room but he decided that was not a thing you bring up within minutes of meeting someone on a first date.
His phone dinged and vibrated loudly in his lap.
"No turning back now." he said nervously to himself.
Joe circled the airport twice but it felt like forever. With his heart beating faster at every turn, he was beginning to wonder if this whole thing was all just a setup. Maybe there was no date, just some cruel prank his roommates were playing on him to get him out of the house for the day. That made more sense than someone willing to go on a date with him, let alone trust their safety and transportation needs with.
All of Joe's doubts about the validity of the date melted away when a cute and curvy twenty-something blonde wearing glasses standing next to luggage flagged his car down.
Those doubts now turned to anxiety about having to drive Joanna safely home while maintaining his cool on the first date. It would not be a good date if he got into an accident because he couldn't stop staring at her.
"Ugh, that plane ride sucked!" Joanna exclaimed.
"I'm sorry it sucked. I'm Joe by the way, nice to finally meet you in person."
"Oh, sorry to vent to you right away but I had the worst person next to me on the flight." Joanna strapped on her seatbelt. "They talked the whole time for six hours straight. I thought that flight would never end."
"I'm really happy that it did and that you are here safe and sound." Joe turned on the radio. "Do you have any music listening preferences?"
"No, I'm pretty open to most music. Anything would be better than someone talking your ear off about what the best fallout shelter is in a nuclear apocalypse."
They continued to chat while classic rock played in the background.
"Are you hungry?" Joe asked.
"Yes, very hungry. I'm still new here so I don't really know what's around yet. I also need a few things from the store before going home, if you don't mind the extra errand. We can even grab some ingredients and I'll cook some dinner for us, how does that sound?"
"Perfect!" Joe was excited at the thought of a home cooked meal. It had been a while since someone cooked for him without having to go to a restaurant.
"It's the least I can do to thank you for picking me up from the airport." Joanna smiled.
After stopping briefly at the store, Joanna guided Joe to the university-run apartment complex for graduate students. It looked much nicer than the crowded dorm situation he was expecting to see.
"Do they make you sleep in bunk beds?" Joe asked jokingly.
"Of course not, we get our own room." Joanna smiled. "All that rhythmic creaking in the middle of the night would really wake up your bunkmate. They need that sleep to graduate."
"Do you have any roommates?"
"Just one but she is staying with her boyfriend for the night so we'll have the place to ourselves."
Joe couldn't believe his luck. Maybe Rick was right after all. Joanna was really easy to talk to, even if Joe was nervous talking to her the whole time, the conversation kept flowing easily. This was turning out to be one of Joe's best dates and it only got better as the night went on.
Joanna placed a freshly cooked plate of food on the kitchen island and cracked open two bottles from the fridge. "I hope you like mushroom risotto and lemon shandy for dinner."
"I love mushrooms but I don't really like alcohol that much." Joe breathed in the smell of the delicious risotto. "But I'm willing to try anything."
"This is basically lemonade with beer in it. Enough sweetness to taste good and enough beer to get you fucked up if you try hard enough." Joanna took a big gulp.
"Sounds good, cheers to trying new things!" Joe clinked bottles with Joanna.
"Wow, that tastes real sweet, just the way I like it." Joe was grateful that Joanna had similar tastes in food and beverages. "Thank you for turning me on to shandy and for this delicious dinner."
"My pleasure. It's not everyday I get to cook for someone and introduce them to something new." Joanna finished her drink and risotto. "What do you want to do after dinner? It's still winter break so the campus will be mostly empty. We could go exploring and I could show you around?"
"That sounds great!" Joe was excited to spend more time with Joanna. "I love exploring when no one is around. It feels really calming and private while paradoxically being very public and exciting. Like you're some sort of spy, sneaking around."
After putting the dishes in the sink and the bottles in the recycling bin, they both put on some heavy jackets and went out into the night.
* * *
Joe and Joanna walked around the campus for hours. They went to every landmark the university had and tried sneaking into every unlocked door they could find. While a bit tiring, it was an excellent way to get to know each other. They talked about all sorts of topics, from hallucinogenic mushrooms to the pros and cons of space travel. As p.m. turned to a.m. and the night grew colder, Joe thought of a way to get closer to Joanna.
"My hands are getting pretty cold. Do you want to test a hypothesis I have?"
"Sure, as a scientist I'm obligated to test any ideas that come my way." Joanna grinned. "What is your hypothesis?"
"If we hold our hands together, we can generate more heat than if they were apart."
"Ok, let's test it." Joanna grabbed Joe's hand tightly.
"I think it's working." Joe said. "But we'd better do multiple experiments just to be sure."
"I agree. For science!"
They continued holding hands while walking back to the apartment, their hands and bodies getting warmer with each step.
Upon arriving back at the apartment, they immediately collapsed on the couch to catch their breaths. Joe put his arm around Joanna.
"I have another hypothesis to test." Joe turned to Joanna. "What if we -"
"Just shut up and kiss me!" Joanna pulled Joe even closer.
They quickly began making out. Their lips and tongues coming together after being strangers all day. It was more than Joe was expecting but not more than he was willing to do.
Joe began caressing Joanna's hair and then slowly moving his hands to her legs, making her shiver with delight. Joanna's scent became intoxicating. As they continued making out, Joe felt his cock harden. Joanna could see his pants getting tighter and feel her pussy getting wetter. She directed his hands to her panties, now visibly drenched.
"That feels so good!" she moaned.
He firmly and slowly began rubbing the outside of her tights, massaging her while occasionally grabbing her ass with his other hand. Joanna let out a sigh as Joe bit lightly on her ear.
"You'll have to bite harder than that to hurt me."
Joe bit harder and expanded his territory to her neck and shoulder. The date was going way better than either of them expected.
It had been a few weeks since Joanna's previous boyfriend broke up with her. Joe was the perfect thing to get him out of her mind. She was eager to see what Joe could do.
"Wanna take this to the bedroom?"
"Sure, that would be amazing!" Joe tried to mask his inexperience by acting as confident as he could. In his eyes, nothing could ruin the mood more than blurting out that he was a virgin.
They giddily walked hand in hand over to Joanna's bedroom, closing the door behind them even though no one else was in the apartment.
They began removing their crumpled clothing while trying to make out on the bed. Joe's leg got stuck in his pants a little but Joanna gladly helped him out, lightly brushing against his cock in the process. Joanna unbuttoned her blouse and removed her bra, exposing her voluptuous breasts.
"Like what you see?"
"Yes, very much."
Joanna climbed on top of Joe's stomach and placed his hands around her tits.
"Be gentle with the nips, they are very sensitive."
"No problem, I'll be kind."
Joe quickly remembered that he didn't bring any protection. He never thought the date would go this well to warrant bringing anything.
"Wait, do you have a condom? I forgot to bring one."
"I do but first I want you to taste me."
She slid up and shoved her glistening folds into his face. Joe began licking and sucking like he was in a pie eating contest. Joanna writhed with pleasure.
"You like how I taste?"
"I love it! Even more delicious than your risotto." Joe continued, feeling all around with his tongue. He was careful not to go too fast or too hard. Joanna appreciated the care he took with her.
"That feels really good but I think I'm ready for something a little bigger."
She reached into her nightstand and pulled out a condom. Joe opened it, and rolled it over himself like an old pro. He surprised himself at how casual he was pretending to be.
Joe let out a whimper as she mounted him. Joanna hopped on and started thrusting her pussy onto Joe's erect cock. They both breathed heavily as the bed creaked to the rhythmic motions. Joanna joked that they could be heard all the way down the street. They both didn't care how loud they were being, it was way too early in the morning for anyone to be up and most students were still out for winter break.
Joe flipped them both over so that he was on top. He wanted to take more control to show her that he was a competent lover that wanted to give her the pleasure she deserved.
"Do you like using toys?" he asked.
"Yes, I have my favorite vibrator that always makes me come so hard!"
Joanna reached into her nightstand and brought out a small pink vibrator, switching it on as she brought it towards her clit.
"Oh fuck, it feels so good!" Joanna placed it on Joe's cock. "Does it feel good on you as well?"
Joe groaned with pleasure. "I can see why this is your favorite." He felt the vibrations travel through him into Joanna's warm pussy. "It feels great!"
Joe continued to thrust as Joanna handled the vibrator. Their bodies effortlessly moved in sync. The sounds they made got louder while the creaking got faster. Joanna held the vibrator harder on her clit as she told Joe to stop and hold his position.
Joe could feel her pussy tightening around him, he tried his best to stop himself from coming too soon. Joanna was focused on the low, rumbly vibrations overwhelming her clit and entire lower half. The feeling of Joe filling her up was the cherry on top. After a few seconds of holding all the tension in, it became too much to bear. Joanna let out a cry and started shaking. Joe couldn't hold back any longer either. He let out a howl as he filled Joanna up even more, making her want to squeeze harder. They held on as long as they could, feeling the orgasmic pleasure engulf them. In that moment, they felt as one.
Joe rolled onto his back beside Joanna. They both felt exhausted and fulfilled. It was indeed a good first date.
* * *
The sun was just rising as Joanna flushed the toilet.
"Are you up for a shower and then some breakfast?" Joanna washed her hands.
"I think I want to nap first. I'm a little tired."
"Good call, I'm pretty beat as well. We both earned it."
"I want to thank you for the best first date I've ever had." Joe hesitated a little. "I'm sorry I didn't bring a condom. I didn't want to assume anything would happen tonight."
"You're welcome and thank you too! It's a good thing I'm always prepared." Joanna smiled.
"I also wanted to tell you that before tonight, I was a virgin. At least as far as penis in vagina sex is concerned. I didn't want to tell you in case it made you not want to give me a chance."
"Could have fooled me. You handled yourself very well. I'm honored to be your first."
"Thanks, I'm glad I didn't ruin it for everyone." Joe laughed. "It could have gone terribly."
"I appreciate your honesty and your scientific inquiries. I'll be glad to help you test any hypothesis you have in the future." Joanna kissed Joe hard on the cheek. "We make a great team together."
Joe smiled. He couldn't wait to see what future experiments they would embark on.
Joanna turned off the lights and slipped back into bed, curling up next to Joe. Finally able to rest, they covered themselves in cozy blankets and drifted off to sleep.

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