I “Accidentally” Fucked my Little Sister – Part 2

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By GA0053 I kind of “accidentally” stuck my dick in my little sister’s butthole. This is Part 2.

The first part is here: /2024/05/i-accidentally-fucked-my-little-sister-now-what/

The link to the first part is above. Or you can search for the title (same as this one without the “- Part 2”) If you read this without reading that one (how it started) this part of the story may not make sense.

Thanks for all the comments, positive and negative, on that one. It kind of gave me an idea how to proceed but I realize that it’s up to me what to do about this situation.

Well, like I said in that other story, I’m 15 and my little sister is 13. We do something that may seem unusual, or very unusual, and that’s that we still shower together. I talked about all that before. Our folks know about it but evidently think it’s 100% innocent. And it was.

So what happened after I wrote that? I expected her to say something about showering that same night. She didn’t and I didn’t say anything either so nothing happened. This morning, however, she came in my room. Our folks work days and we’re out of school for the summer so we have the house to ourselves.

She walked over and sat on the bed. She said, “Is your thing still sore from using that soap as lube?” I said “Nah, that didn’t last long. Are you?” She said, “Not really.” Now, due to considering some of the comments I got from you guys, coupled with my own thinking on the subject, I had decided that as long as she told me to do it and I made it clear to her that it wasn’t a game and she couldn’t tell anybody or it’d be both our asses in trouble, I was going to go for it.

Being her normal blunt self, she said “Is it hard?” I said, “About half but not really.” Then she said, “Can I see it?” All this was the first time this ever happened. She had never, ever, said anything like that before, coming in my room and asking about my dick. Never anything remotely like that. We showered (well, a lot more than showered, now) and saw each other butt naked and it was no big deal but we didn’t discuss sexual stuff.

But after what happened in the shower, I expected something would change between us, for better or for worse. It may not have, I guess, but it was looking like at least something did. That’s when I gave her the speech I had been planning.

I said “I know what you’re getting at. All this stuff could end up getting us in serious trouble if you tell anybody. Or at least I’ll be in serious trouble. Do you realize that?” She said, “I’m not trying to get you in trouble.” I said, “I’m sure you’re not trying to but you’ll end up doing it. What we did, some people would call sex. Actual, real sex. I know you said it wasn’t but you have to keep your mouth shut about it.”

She said, “I wouldn’t tell anybody.” I said “Yes you would. You think it’s a big joke and when you tell your friends “Guess what my brother did?” it’s all over for me. I’ll be in juvie or jail or who knows what.”
She said, “Why are you saying I tell everybody everything?” Fuck, she could be thick-headed! I said, “Because you do! You can’t keep your mouth shut and I know you’ve discovered some new shit and you’ll be eager to tell everything you know about it!” She just looked at me like I was falsely accusing her but I definitely wasn’t. People with big ass mouths don’t like to be told they have big ass mouths, I’ve noticed. They’ll deny the shit out of it, then run and tell 40 people what you said.

So now she’s looking like she’s pouting or what our grandpa used to call “Puffed up like a bullfrog”. I didn’t care if she was or not. If she couldn’t tell me she could keep quiet, and make me believe it, I wasn’t doing shit else with her. Still, she didn’t say anything.

I said, “Do you know what I’m talking about? We can have fun but you can’t tell one single person about it. This shit is not a joke, it’s fun but it’s just between me and you and you can’t tell anybody, I’m serious.” Now she had on her “I’m considering this” face. Finally, I said “Well?”

She just said “Ok”. Jesus on a bicycle. Exasperated, I said “Ok what?” and made her repeat back everything I had just said. She did, amazingly. For a minute I thought she was daydreaming about her favorite show or something. But she must have listened. A lot more than I thought she had, anyway. I said “Are you seriously hearing the “This is only between us and nobody else” part?” She said, ” Yes, you’re right.”

Still not done I said, “About what?” She explained it back to me. It sounded like it had sunk in. I said, “And I mean nobody, understand?” She said that yes, she did.

I said “Well, lighten up then. You just have to be cool about this shit, that’s all.” She nodded her head “Yes” but didn’t say anything. Now, I was thinking that maybe I had taken it too far and scared her off. Figuratively, I mean, because she was still sitting there. I tried to lighten the mood and said “Anyway, you can see it if you want to but stop calling it a “thing”. Say “dick” or “cock” or something. And by the way, while we’re naming parts (and I pointed) that’s your tits, that’s your pussy, and your butthole is under there.” She laughed and said, “I know that, stupid.”

I said, “In that case, if you want to let me look at some of those things, maybe it’ll get hard so you can see it.” She stood up and stripped butt naked, which I was pretty sure she was going to do. Like I said, nudity has never been even the slightest issue between us, but sex was a never-mentioned, never-thought-about topic.

Then, reminding me that she was the sister I knew, maybe not stupid but certainly naive, she said “How does taking off my clothes make it hard?” My sister could seriously get on my nerves sometimes. I said, “You mean to tell me you don’t know a damn thing about the birds and bees and sex and how it works and all that?” She said, “Some, yeah.”

I said, “But you don’t know how looking at a naked girl makes a dick get hard?” She said, “You’re so stupid sometimes. I meant how does looking at your SISTER make it do that.” I said, “Because you’re a freaking naked girl right now, not just a “sister”, that’s why!” She had a look on her face like she got it mostly but not completely.

I said “Ok. Sit down.” She did. I wanted to demonstrate something. I moved the covers back and showed her my hard dick (yes, of course, it was hard by now) I stroked it a little and then told her to do the same thing I just did. She kind of did but was holding it like it was a snake or something. I said, “No, do it like you really want to do it. If you don’t want to, at least pretend you do.”

This time she placed her hand around it and gripped it, firmly but gently and not too hard, a pretty good start. But she didn’t move. I said, “Ok, like that, but now move your hand up and down.” She did. I said, “Keep doing it for a minute.” She did. She turned on the bed and was taking an interest, or at least seemed like she was.

I said, “Ok, now does that make you feel like kind of tingly or something? Your pussy kind of tingles?” She said, “Yeah.” I said “Ok then. That’s because guy’s bodies turn girls on and vice versa. Brother and sister or not. Do you see now why looking at you or touching you makes my dick get hard?” She just repeated “Yeah”.

She stroked it for a couple of minutes. I told her to stop. I said “You do realize that’s what makes “white stuff come out” like your stupid friend said, right? It’s called cum. It’s having an orgasm.” I said, “You can do it too but cum doesn’t squirt out like a guy.”

Her face turned slightly red. I said, “Have you done that before? Rubbed your pussy?” She said “No” but looked down when she said it. I said “That’s bullshit. How long have you been doing it?”

She was silent and I was about to say something but she finally said, “For a while.” I said, “It feels good, right?” She nodded her head yes. I asked her if she ever put anything inside her when she did it and she said no. I said “Never?” She said “Never.”

Thinking about what happened in the shower, I said “What about your butt? Why did you tell me to stick it in your butt?” Her face got red again but try as I may, she would not admit she had ever put anything in her butt, including even her finger. I was pretty sure that was a lie.

So I repeated my question, “Why did you say to do that then?” She said, “It tickles.” I said, “Tickles?” She said “Not exactly tickles.” but wouldn’t say anything else. I said, “Does it make you feel kind of like when you rub yourself?” She said, “Kind of like that, yeah.”

She just sat there. I said, “So did you want to do anything or what?” She said, “What we did in the shower but not with soap.” I said, “Nah, definitely not with soap.” I thought about the small tub of cocoa butter on my dresser. My “jerking off lube”, in fact. I pointed at it and said, “What about that?” She looked at it and said, “I guess.”

But she didn’t move. I said “Well, get it then.” and sat up in my bed then stood up while she walked to the dresser. That ass. How could I have been in the shower with her all this time and never paid any attention to that?

She walked back to where I was with the cocoa butter in her hand. I said, “Well, if you want to do the same thing we did before, put some of that on it” and looked at my dick. She got some out and smeared it all over. She seemed to have lost her hesitance to touch it pretty quickly, I thought. I figured she’d glob it on or either barely put any on but it seemed about right.

So, there we were. My sister, who until the day before yesterday I had never once, ever, thought about sticking my dick in, had just lubed up my hard-as-a-rock dick, presumably to insert into her butthole simply because it “tickled” and made her pussy feel tingly, or whatever she said it did.

We were just standing there. Finally I said, “Ok, do you want to put your hands against the wall like in the shower or bend over with your hands on your knees and do it like that or lay face down on the bed or what?” She didn’t say anything but she walked to my bed, stood in front of it, and bent over onto it, but with her feet still on the floor. “Like this”, she said. That seemed pretty elaborate to me. I said, “Have you been thinking about this?” She said “Yeah.” I said, “And that’s how you want to do it?”

Instead of answering, she said, “How do you want to do it?” I said, “How you are is fine, I guess.” I wasn’t that sure myself. I stood behind her, put my hands on her hips, and said “Like this? Same as we did before? Between your cheeks or inside?” I wanted to be clear. She said “Inside.”

So, without further ado, like they say, I started to point my dick into her butthole with my hand but I realized that although she was bent over like that, her butthole wasn’t easy to see like before. I told her to spread her cheeks with her hands.

She did, no hesitation and no stupid questions about why. Amazing. I pressed the head of my dick against her butthole. I pushed it a little and just like in the shower, was kind of surprised when the head popped in. She gasped and jumped. I said, “What are you doing that for? Does it hurt?” She said, “No, it just popped in.” I said, “Yeah, I noticed that.” What the fuck. So I pushed it in a little more but she said “Wait a minute.” So I stopped pushing. Also just like in the shower, she said “You be still and let me move back to see how far it goes before it hurts then don’t put it in more than that, ok?”

I didn’t say anything. She started slowly moving back until, again, it was about what I’d call 3/4 or maybe slightly more in her. She said, “Ok, don’t put it in deeper than that, ok?” I said “Yeah. You want me to do it slow or fast or what?” She said, “I don’t know.” So for a second, I wasn’t sure what to do either. She said, “Are you going to do it inside me again?”

For some reason, her refusing to call stuff what it was got on my nerves. I said, “What is that called?” She said “Orgasm.” I said, “Yeah, but the stuff that comes out?” She said “Cum.” I said, “Well, say it right then.” She said, “Are you going to orgasm in me again?” Fucking Christ.

I said, “No, call it the other thing.” She said, “Are you going to cum in me again?” I said, “That’s better. I don’t know, do you want me to?” She said “I don’t know”, and hesitated like she was embarrassed but wanted to say something else. I said, “Do you want me to or not?” She said “Yeah.”

I started fucking her tight butthole slowly, then a little faster. She wasn’t saying anything but she was breathing faster and I could hear it. It reminded me that I was going to be breathing fast myself any minute now and I didn’t want to do it so fast.

Now, for some reason, I was noticing her hair, her smooth skin, her small waist, her ass cheeks, and I looked down at her bare feet. None of which I had paid one ounce of attention to before. She had her toes scrunched up. I looked back up and noticed that she was gripping my bed covers with her hands and seemed very tense.

I said, “Does it feel like you need to pee? I mean, not exactly like that but like something is going to happen?” In a hoarse whisper, she said “Yes!” I stopped and took my dick out of her.

She stood up straight and faced me. “What did you do that for!?” I said, “Uh, I was about to cum and I didn’t want to do that right away.” She said, “Who cares if you do? We can just do it again!” She seemed a little hot under the collar that she felt something about to happen and I stopped before it did. The same way I did when I was jerking off and close to cumming and Mom screamed for me to come get my bike out of the driveway or something stupid. I said, “It doesn’t work that way. After a guy cums, your dick gets soft and it won’t get hard again for a little while.”

“So you’re just done?”, she said, like she was disappointed and a little ill about it. She hadn’t wanted me to stop, that was a fact. I said, “No, I just wanted to take a break for a second?” “For what?”, she said. I said, “I just told you.” Really it was because she was about to have an orgasm, I was positive about that, but I didn’t want her to do it so fast.

She just stood there looking at me like she couldn’t understand what I was talking about. I said, “Lie on the bed on your back with your feet pointed this way.” Like before, she kind of amazed me when she just did it with no further questions about “Why?” and “For what?” and “What do you mean?”

She did have a little bit of a skeptical look on her face as to why she was now face up, though. The pussy I was trying to ignore, and had been successful in ignoring, was now right there. For the first time ever, I mean ever, the thought crossed my mind that I’d like to lie on top of her and fuck the shit out of her.

She was on the very edge of the bed, her butt right on the edge and her feet almost touched the floor. I hadn’t noticed her legs were that long before. “Lift your legs and put your knees to your chest”, I told her. She didn’t do it. She said, “For what?” I noticed she looked a little nervous. Maybe she noticed that her pussy was “right there” just like I had. I said, “Don’t worry, It’s the same thing, Just do it.” So she did but slowly, not very eagerly, it seemed.

Yep, she had realized that a hard dick wasn’t very far from her very exposed little pussy, the same as I had. I tried to ignore the look she was giving me, which was a combination of “Don’t even think about it.” and “Well, we can if you insist.” Conflicted, I guess you could say. Like I said, I ignored it. I guided my dick with my hand again and pressed the head of it against her butthole.

When I had positioned it and started pushing, the look she had on her face disappeared. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth slightly and I saw that she gripped the covers on the bed with her hands that were down by her sides.

My dick wasn’t even in her. But it was about to be. I pushed, and yet again, there was some resistance then the head popped in kind of suddenly. She reacted like she always did. Jumped a little. I pushed it in about as deep as it had been before but just left it there. After a few seconds, she opened her eyes and looked at me.

I said, “Put your arms above your head and leave them there.” She did it without saying anything. I have no idea why I said that, it just popped into my head. She looked more vulnerable and exposed like that. I liked it like that, no idea why. I told her to spread her legs wider. She did it.

I was looking at every inch of her. Fucking hell. I was pretty sure I was going to cum soon and I hadn’t even stroked my dick into her one whole time yet. I tried to focus on something else but I couldn’t. I wasn’t sure what to do with my hands so I gripped her ankles, one in each hand.

I slowly pulled my dick almost all the way out of her butt then pushed it slowly in again. She closed her eyes again. Then I tried to do it with kind of a rhythm that wouldn’t make me cum right away. Then I did it a little faster, but not what you could call really fast.

I saw her grip the covers above her head. I said, “Rub your pussy while I fuck you.” I realized as soon as I said it that she had insisted up until right then that “doing it in the butt” wasn’t sex, therefore not “fucking”. At least that’s what she told me in the shower. So what she had considered nothing more than “tickling fun” was quite a bit more than just that. This was getting pretty serious. And I had just said it out loud so she knew I thought that too.

“What?”, she said. I said, “You heard me. Rub your pussy while you get fucked.” Sure enough, she said, “That’s not what this is.” I said, “Yeah well, rub your pussy and pretend like it is.” Without opening her eyes, she said “No.”

I got wary that I better cool it a little bit before she had a sudden realization and ran out of the room. I said, “I was just messing with you. Some people like to talk dirty. I know you don’t say curse words much and I just wanted to hear you say it.” She said, “Say what?” I said, “You know, fuck.” Surprisingly, she blurted out “Fuck”. I laughed and said, “Not like that.”

How I hadn’t cum yet was nothing short of amazing when I thought about it. It had only been about two minutes or a little more but I was surprised I made it that long because I thought I was going to do it when I first stuck it in her.

Maybe my “steady rhythm” idea was helping me out after all. But right when I was feeling pretty proud of myself, she gripped the covers harder, tensed up, and bit her bottom lip. I also noticed, as if they weren’t there the whole time, her feet were almost right in my face. I was even holding her ankles, after all. Her toes were scrunched up again.

For some reason, I wanted to put her toes in my mouth. Her toenails were painted red, I noticed. Something like that, kissing her toes or sucking them, that all of a sudden seemed like such a good idea, with my sister, was a thought that had never once in my life entered my head. That was then and this was now, so I did it anyway. I held her little foot and licked the bottom of it, then her toes.

Then I said, “Does it feel like you’re about to do it?” Exactly like before, it was only kind of a hoarse whisper, “Yes!” Then suddenly “Stop!”, she said. Almost scared me half to death. I did. “What the hell?” I said. “I don’t want to do it!”, she said. I knew what she was talking about. I started fucking her again. She was damn well going to do it now, like it or not. “Just do it”, I said, “It won’t kill you.” She said, “I don’t want to!”

I said, “The first time I ever did it, it was kind of scary but do it and you’ll want to do it all the time.” Every time she “masturbated”, I realized, she must have only rubbed her pussy because it “tickled” and felt good. I didn’t believe she had ever found out that if she kept doing it just a little longer, she was in for a really big surprise. It was almost comical in a way that she didn’t know that.

She started squirming like she was trying to avoid what was coming but didn’t actually want to really avoid it. Again she told me to stop but I didn’t this time. I knew she didn’t mean it. I guess her yelling at me the first time scared my dick a little because I was positive I was about to squirt into her tight ass right then, but now it had been another minute and I still hadn’t.

I saw her moving her lips like she was saying something over and over but I couldn’t hear what it was. I said, “What?” and she replied “Nothing.” I said, “Say it louder.” She shook her head “No”, but she was still saying it, this time slightly louder, a whisper but now I could barely hear it. She was saying “Fuck me” over and over. A constant stream of it.

I threw all caution to the wind and said “Oh, you’re getting fucked, baby girl. Right in your asshole. I’m going to cum in it and you’re going to have an orgasm too.” Instantly I wished I hadn’t said it but she was whispering “Yes! Yes!” over and over now.

I noticed her body couldn’t have been any more tense if she had tried to tighten every single muscle she had all at once. She kind of stiffened up and froze and held her breath. Then she squealed. I had heard her squeal in my life countless times but not like that. Then she was making small grunting sounds. Her face was red.

My dick started jerking and I was shooting into her. I’m pretty sure that’s the hardest I’ve ever cum. I looked down toward my dick going onto her ass, and was amazed (I didn’t expect to see that) that her pussy and the muscles in her crotch were making these little spasming jerks.

It seemed to go on for about 10 or 15 seconds, maybe more, way longer than my own orgasm. I continued to watch it. Finally, I pulled my dick out of her. She jumped up and put her arms around me and was crying. “I don’t like that!”, she said between gasps. I laughed and said, “Oh yes you did. Just sit down and calm down.” She didn’t. She was squeezing me still but she had stopped trying to convince herself she didn’t like it, because she quit talking, at least.

She finally let go of me and sat back down on the edge of the bed. She said, “That hurts.” I said, “No it doesn’t. It’s kind of like hurting but not exactly. Now you’ll want to do that all the time, believe me.” She didn’t bother to deny it, I noticed. She was struggling with an internal “That felt weird and I don’t like it” and “That was good as hell and I loved it”, I was sure of it.

To be clear about it, I said, “You know what? You’re right. That’s probably not for everybody so you probably shouldn’t ever try to do that again. Know what I mean?” She said, “I mean, I might get used to it.” I laughed. I hadn’t meant to do it out loud but I did. She scowled at me. I said, “Well, then quit saying how horrible it was and admit it’s the greatest feeling ever.” She continued to glare. My sister doesn’t like it when she’s trying to convince you of something and you make a valid point about how full of shit she is.

We sat on my bed and didn’t say anything for quite a while. Then I started letting my eyes roam over her. I didn’t do it for any real reason, at first. I noticed her bare shoulders, the top of her thigh, her bare feet, and her hands. I had seen all those things many, many times. But now it was like that person had disappeared and this new one was in its place. No matter where I looked at this new one, it made me want to fuck the shit out of her. 100 times a day, if possible. No matter where I looked, her nose even, I wanted to kiss it and fuck the shit out of her while I was doing it.

A lot of stuff may be new to her but some of this shit was to me too.

She was looking at her hands in her lap right then and her hair was hanging down the sides of her face so she couldn’t see me looking at her like that. So she didn’t realize I could see her when she barely turned her head barely half an inch and was looking at my dick. She bit her bottom lip, kind of subconsciously.

I don’t think she even realized she was doing it when I saw her slowly caressing the back of her hand with the fingers of her other hand. It was plain as day what she was thinking. She may as well have sent me a letter with every detail spelled out. She was thinking what it had been like to touch my dick with her hand for the first time earlier.

I got an idea. Well, more than one thing. First, I told her that we could say “fucking” and pretend we were, even though we both knew that wasn’t what it was and when I said I was “fucking her in the ass” and all that, that was just talk, it didn’t mean anything. And I knew that when she was saying “fuck me” and all that, well, that was just talking dirty. Playing around.

I knew that’s what she wanted to hear. Not that her brother fucked her in the ass and she liked it so much she had her first orgasm. So hard she even cried about it. Pointing that out to her right now was laying a lot on her, I knew. I didn’t want her sitting around grappling with “what it all meant”, and freaking out and backing out of what I had decided (all of a sudden) was a pretty great thing we had going on right here.

To cement that idea, I said, “Lie back like you were.” As usual, I expected questions but there were none. She laid back, lifted her knees to her chest, and put her hands above her head again. I laughed. “Not like that”, I said, “Just lie on the bed and let your feet dangle off.” She just could not get it through her head that guys couldn’t just cum, then fuck again, then cum and fuck yet again.

I got on the floor on my knees, between hers. I picked up her foot and started kissing it. “What are you doing?”, she said. I said, “Nothing. Just shut up and close your eyes. And don’t start saying no and all that. Just let whatever happens, happen.” She shook her head no. I said, “Will you please just shut up and close your eyes and just see what happens?”

She closed them. I resumed kissing one foot and then the other. Then I spread her legs further with my hands. She didn’t resist. I kissed her knees, her thighs, then my face was an inch from that little pussy. I kissed it. She tensed up, but nothing more. Then I licked and kissed her pussy like I really meant it, which in fact I did. My dick was hard but I wasn’t going to tell her that. She’d want to fuck again right then and that wasn’t what I was trying to do right now.

Several minutes later, I could hear her breathing getting faster. She clenched her butt cheeks together then relaxed them then did it again. I looked up at her face. She was squeezing her eyes shut tightly.

I put two fingers in her cum-lubed butthole as deep as I could. She moaned out loud and thrust her hips up off the bed. She put her legs on my shoulders and were using them to pull my face into her pussy harder. I started thrusting my fingers into her ass as I licked and sucked her clit.

I heard her hold her breath again. Then she tensed up and got kind of stiff. This time she didn’t squeal, she just made a small squeaking noise and the small grunting sounds again. She grabbed my head with her hands and was grinding her pussy as hard as she could. Her little pussy was making those small clenching jerks again. I realized with my fingers in her butt that her butthole spasmed while that was happening, too.

After a few seconds, I stopped. “What do you think about that?”, I said. She didn’t say anything. I said, “If you had to vote on that, would you give it a thumbs up or thumbs down?” She said, “Stop talking.” I laughed. “I told you so”, I said.

“That’s not having sex”, she said. “Nope, it’s not”, I assured her. “When can we do it again?”, she said. I said “That? The same thing again? Are you serious?” She said, “No, what we did at first.” I teased her and said, “Well, if I just knew what to call that, I might be able to give you an answer.” She growled, “Fucking! Fucking me in the ass!”

I laughed and said, “Ah! That! I told you already, guys can’t just do it several times right in a row like that.” She said, “I know you said that. I mean when can we?” I said, “I don’t know. Soon, ok?” She stood up and started putting her clothes back on. I sat on the bed and put a pillow over my dick and hoped she didn’t notice. “Let me know when you’re ready”, she said. “I will!”, I yelled as she went out the door. Un-fucking-believable.

So, that’s how that went. It was seriously hard to understand how close I had come earlier that if she hadn’t been able to realize how serious I was about keeping her mouth shut, that wouldn’t have happened. Or maybe it would have. Even if she had said “I’m telling everybody” then later said “Meet me in the shower” and bent over at the waist and told me to put my dick in her, could I have refused to do it?

A smart, cautious person would not. But I’ve made some pretty stupid decisions before so it wouldn’t be the first time I did something knowing I shouldn’t do it. Far from it. But now that she knew what a real orgasm was and how easily they were to be had with me in the same house as her, by ourselves, I don’t believe she’d fuck that sweet deal up by running her mouth, even if that was her way of doing things before now.

Sorry about the excessively long story. I just wanted to tell anybody who was interested in what happened a couple of days ago about this and just told that start to finish and, well, there it is.

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