I am a Black stud, and I know the need that some white women have for men such as me

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I am a Black stud, and I know the need that some white women have for men such as me. I seldom deny them the chance to explore their hidden desires to engage in what some call ‘taboo love,’ to be taken in sexual positions or to depths that they only dream of with their ‘significant others.’ Neighbors, the real estate lady, the girl friend of a co-worker or social friend… Even the local beauty care door-to-door saleslady, they all come calling in one fashion or another, each secretly hoping that I’ll find them sexually alluring enough to engage in a secret lunch-time or afternoon rendezvous with them. Word gets around, that the black guy on Randolph Road who mows his lawn wearing only the shortest of shorts, has a thick schlong that is delicious, long-lasting, gets into all of your hard to reach crevices, and best of all, is available to sophisticated, discreet, and needy women on such short notice. Or maybe even walk-ins, with no reservation is needed at all.
Just this afternoon I was casually working in the yard, weeding one of my flower beds, when the local beauty products lady drove into the driveway in her company awarded car. Nice! I knew almost instinctively that she wasn’t expecting to win another Saleslady-Of-the-Month Award at my residence.
She was stylishly dressed, wearing a business suit complete with a short skirt just above the knees. She opened the door of the car and stepped out, showing a bit more leg and thigh than I thought necessary. But, it was appreciated, all the same.
Her face almost lit up as she looked at me, and her smile seemed calculated to win over even a hard-core sales resister. I made a mental note to not resist, too much. “Hi, is the lady of the house at home?”
“Well…” I said, moving slowly over to where she stood at the side of her car. “There really isn’t a ‘lady of the house. I live alone.” Somehow, I think she already knew that. But she had to keep up appearances.
“Hi…” she said, “I’m Annette Wilson, and I sell personal beauty care products in this area. Perhaps you have a special friend who you’d want to surprise with a gift package. Maybe I could show you a few things?”
“Yeah,” I thought. “And I’m sure I have a few things that you want to see.” Instead, I responded, “I’ve never sent beauty products as gifts, but I could take a few minutes to look and see what you have.”
“Fine!” She said. “Perhaps we could do this inside—it’s a bit warm out, today.”
“Sure… Where are my manners?” I allowed her to lead me towards the front door.
“What’s your name?” She asked, as she walked in front of me. I could sense that she knew I was watching each step of hers, her ass cheeks moving rhythmically under the short business skirt.
“I’m Ralph,” I responded idly, still focused on the shapely white calves encased in what I already knew to be thigh high stockings. I could already see that this ‘presentation’ was going to be much more than ‘—- calling.’
I opened the door for Annette, and she moved confidently through the foyer, and into the living room area. I offered her a seat, but she remained standing.
I looked at her quizzically as she turned around and faced me fully, looking right into my eyes.
“I need to explain something to you, Ralph, and I don’t want you to think ill of me… I am working now, but a ‘mutual friend’ told me about you, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about what she told me. When I drove by earlier and saw you outside, I knew I had to stop and at least talk to you…”
“About what, and who is the ‘mutual friend’ are we talking about?” It was beginning to make some sense, but I had to allow Annette to express her thoughts, in her own way. She looked closer at me, seemingly losing her nerve, but trying to continue to explain. “Ah-h, we-well… Susan told me that you and she…” Her voice trailed off. I knew I needed to reassure her.
“Susan… so—that’s it. Yes, Susan is a ‘friend…’ What did she say? Don’t be afraid, Annette, you can talk to me in confidence. Nothing you say will go outside this room.”
“Thanks for that, Ralph.” She said, bolstered a bit that I wasn’t offended or pretending to not know what her interest was.
“Let me be direct. I came here because Susan said that you might ‘take good care of me’—of my ‘special needs.”
“Oh, she did, did she? What kind of ‘special needs’ do you have, Annette?”
“Really special needs… erotic, and kinky needs that aren’t being satisfied. Frankly, Ralph, I need to have a place I can go and discreetly be used like a whore, at times like right now. Sometimes, late at night I wake up with my pussy aching so bad to fucked to its limits–that ache has never really been satisfied. I need a man who is able to do ‘nasty things’ to me, and is open to me coming to him late at night—or whenever the whore in me surfaces. I’ve been told by Susan that you’re a man who will appreciate, and use me like the whore that I sometimes need to be.”
“Okay—I believe I understand. Let me get cleaned up, and we’ll talk more about them.” I moved to go to the bathroom to clean up, but Annette was having none of that. She stopped me in mid-step.
“There’s no need for that, Ralph. I can clean you up right here, just fine.” She again stared directly into my face. This sales lady intended to take me on, right there.
“I’m a professional woman, Ralph—I hope you can already see that. I don’t want to say any more about my private life. As long as it’s mutually beneficial to the both of us, I want to be your private whore. Do to me, and with me what you want, sexually. As long as I am sure you’re mature enough to be discreet, and as long as you continue to challenge me sexually, I’m yours to use.”
“Fine. Then let me say this. I’m a sexually needy Black man. I like White closet sexual sluts. I need a woman who can be sophisticated, alluring, and socially confident in upper crust environments. But under that polished exterior, she’s also a woman who needs to come to me and crawl on her knees, begging to be made into a wanton, submissive whore. Is that you, Annette?”
Annette responded, “Before I drove over here, I removed my panties. Check and see for yourself if I’m what you need.” She hiked her skirt halfway up her shapely thigh to the tops of her stockings and moved her legs apart to pull the skirt tight. Annette brazenly thrust her thighs out towards me, inviting me to grope her under her skirt.
I moved closer to her and returned her stare while putting one hand under the skirt, and pushing upwards towards the source of the heat which was making its presence known to me. I could feel the wetness coming from her hotbox, as it had oozed down the insides of her thighs. Not one to stop until I found what I searched for, I confidently plunged one, then two fingers knuckle-deep into Annette’s wet pussy, hooked her, and then pulled upwards, startling her with the force of my palm against her clitoris. I worked them hard inside of her pussy, groping her, seeking her reaction.
She pushed against my hand in response, letting me know that she was pleased by my initial exploration of her.
I moved backwards, pulling her by her quivering pussy, and seated myself on the sofa. I motioned Annette to kneel and remove my trousers. “You like what you see?”
“Ohmigosh… OHMIGOSH!” Annette’s eyes went large at the sight of my thick, pulsing cock already pushing out towards her face. “I’ve heard of monster cocks like this, but I always thought it was gross exaggeration! A girlfriend told me that she’d heard that some huge black cocks have left women’s pussies so spread and distended that the woman can’t really feel sexual sensations in her vagina with anyone else.”
“Do you want it, Annette?”
“Yes… I want it very much!!”
“Then, take it in your hands—show me how you plan to use it.” I could see the desire in her eyes—they told me that this woman sexual needs had hardly been tapped. She was fully aware of it, and certainly not about to let this big one get away.
Annette went at my cock with the enthusiasm of a woman who’d not eaten in a while, but had just had her favorite meal set before her. She grabbed my muscle with two hands, and pushed her face to it, sniffing it deeply. She ran her nose along the head, then down the shaft to my nuts, inhaling continuously as she went. As she started the trip back up the shaft, I felt her wet tongue laving the underside, and little noisy kisses escaped her.
Annette sucked my cock wildly for several minutes, then stood up, her face sticky with pre cum. “Can I have that fuck monster inside me, PLEASE?”
I said nothing—I knew I only needed to wait, and she’d be overcome with her own heady desire. I held my cock out to her, an invitation to her to come and get it. Annette pulled her skirt up to her ass cheeks and straddled my thighs, pinning me against the sofa. She fucked herself down onto my cock, and proceeded to screw herself onto it, impaling herself there. She stroked me, penetrating herself with me until I was corkscrewed all the way to the rear of her uterus. She yelped in surprise—no one had ever found the back end of her pussy before.
Annette removed her coat and a crisp white blouse, exposing her breasts. The nipples were already puckered in anticipation of being suckled by me. “I also removed my bra back at the office. I thought you’d want to see these. Susan said you have a huge fetish for breasts.” She pushed them against my mouth.
I suckled, licked, and kissed her breasts, my hands squeezing and shaping them as she fed them to my tongue and mouth. All the while I felt her buttocks pushing down and in to, trying capture even more of my pulsing black cock within her pussy. My cock became more and more engorged as her inner tissues caressed and enveloped it. I couldn’t hold out, and after about 25 minutes I just let go, all of my cum squirting deeply up into her pussy. Annette slowly lifted off me, telling me that she’d had no intention of stopping before milking me of my cum.
Annette went to her knees, her face tilted upward, and her mouth opened slightly, as if expecting to be immediately face-fucked. “I wanna be your favorite white whore, Ralph… Make me a slutty three-holes-open whore for you.” She had no need to worry about that.
“Then, I want you to start making mental notes of what I expect from you. I’m a visual person. I need to know exactly what your needs are—what you want from me. Don’t hide your needs from me—I can’t give you what you need if I don’t know what those needs are. I need to see the slut, or whore oozing from you. That’s very important to me. That’s enough instruction for now—it’s time to see if you’ve got what it takes to be what I’d want from you. Show me, slut!”
She understood perfectly. Annette arched her back, and slithered to the floor, her skirt riding even higher as she opened her thighs to expose her glistening jewel to her new black stud. She threw her hair back, her eyes began to sparkle, and it was almost as if she was hissing as her legs raised from the floor, widely gaped to maximize the effect of her offering. I sank back down onto the sofa to take in the show.
Annette rolled onto her hands and knees, continuing to maintain eye contact, determined to make me know just how far she’d go to please. It was time to test her.
“Good. Now, I have need of you. Offer a part of your sexual self to me.”
Annette again arched her back, and tentatively slid her hands into the inside of her thighs, sighing softly.
“Look up at me, baby… I want you, now.”
She understood, and her fingers pried apart her wet cunt lips as if to offer them to me to take her there.
I went to my knees, and inserted one finger gently in between the lips, feeling their wetness for myself. I pulled out, and looked at Annette, who was waiting questioningly, to see my approval. I tasted her juices on my finger, and found them aromatic and inviting. I sucked the entire finger into my mouth.
“Give me more juice, baby,” I said softly. Annette pulled her fingers out, and put them to my lips. My tongue licked insistently against her finger, and she pushed two fingers into my mouth, moaning softly at my need to taste her.
“Even more, Annette. Offer me your pussy to taste.” She went onto her back and pulled her knees up and apart. “I’m yours to use. I need you to use me.”
And I did. I leaned in between her knees, pushing them even further apart, and licked, sucked and tongued the hot hole that had minutes before so fiercely fucked my rigid cock to explosion. I pressed my tongue deeply into her cunt, inspecting and exploring the newly found crevices which offered themselves to me. Annette pressed herself against my mouth, her hips pistioning and rolling front to back, side to side. I felt her hands caressing my face, encouraging me to continue my cunninlingual assault on her pussy.
I needed to further test this sophisticated creature, though. I wanted to know just what her desires were, and how much cock she’d really want to take.
“On your hands and knees, slut!”
Annette pulled away from my mouth, and eagerly assumed the submissive face-down position. I waited, to see if there was a sense of hesitancy from her about being fucked doggie-style. But, like an applicant who’s looking to fill a job vacancy, Annette made it known that she was willing to try it all.
“I’ll do anything you want, Ralph,” she said softly. “Just promise you’ll use me often.”
“You know what I want now, don’t you?” My hands roamed across her hips, and up her sides to her pendulous breasts.
Annette was excited by the firmness of my grasping of her nipples, and pushed her ass backwards against my cock, moaning at the hardness of it.
“Yes, I know what you want, Ralph—you want my ass, don’t you, baby?” she cooed.
I smiled. “I like that—a perceptive and willing slut who knows when her ass is in demand. Even better, you let me know that you need it too,” I hissed, as my cock lay throbbing in the cradle of her warm buttocks.
Annette smiled. “I know there’s more than one way to get fucked, baby,” she said. She pulled her skirt up over her ass cheeks and spread her knees wide, again shoving her voluptuous behind at me. “See what I mean?”
“Ahh… Yes-s-s…” I see your big ass, that’s for sure!” I laughed lewdly.
“M-mm, I hope you’ll like fucking my ass,” she purred, grinding her butt against me wantonly. “It’s a very hot one, and the thought of taking your big black cock back there excites me so much, Ralph! I’ve one cock back there, and I thought I could enjoy it, but the guy didn’t know how to handle me.”
“I think you’ll like what I do—I know how to get in, how to ride it, and how to make sure you enjoy it.”
“Then what are you waiting for?”
I moved in hard behind her, fitting my cock tight against her puckered asshole, but Annette was impatient—she wanted it in to the hilt. She twisted her ass as I gripped her hips, and thrust her asshole against the head of my fuck muscle. As it went past her anal sphincter muscle, Annette groaned in ecstasy.
“Ooh, baby!” she mewled, lowering her head to the carpet even as she pushed her ass back onto my stud cock.
“Ooh, yes-s, Ralph! Aah, shove it in me… Just shove it in this slutty bitch! That’s what I am for you, baby!! Your slutty whore!! Ooh! That’s good… that’s very good, baby!” She was already into one mind-blowing orgasm after another.
“You go so deep. So wonderful! Deep fuck my ass, baby!! Deep fuck me, Ralph, deep fuck m-ee! Don’t stop! Just keep riding your whore!!”
“A-ahh, Annette! Annette!!” I moaned. You love it, don’t you? You love my dick going up your white asshole!”
“Yess! My ass! I’m your white bitch now, Ralph! Tell me I’m your bitch!!” she gurgled, as my hand moved over her naked ass, caressing her flesh, my cock pushed and pulled at her ass.
“That’s my ass you’re riding, Ralph! My ass! My hot-t wet-t ass!”
I pounded against her ass, grunting loudly. She squirmed and arched her back, shoving her ass against me. Her eyes were closed in ecstasy, her titties jiggling tightly from the ramming motions of my cock. The juicy sounds of my cock reaming her ass were loud in the room. As the intensity grew, Annette sobbed softly, spreading her feet wider on the floor to make me drive deeper into her ass.
I moved her around, so that she was face up, to keep from bruising her knees, and to get a better picture of the effects that my pummeling was having on her. Annette pulled her wide-open knees upwards, so that I had a clear view of her pussy, which seemed to be yawning open in sympathy with her sucking asshole. She clawed at her cheeks to get my hot meat even further up her bunghole.
I watched her asshole puckering, and the sight made my cock even more engorged. I could see the dark pink ridges of her hairy ass clinging to my cock.
The ass-suction friction was becoming intense, and Annette started to squeal. “Oo-h! You’re about to give me a cum enema!” she yelled. “I’m gonna cu-umm again!”
“Me too, Annette!” I yelled, fucking feverishly into her bowels.
Annette yanked her hand off her ass, and cupped her mouth to stifle her scream of ecstasy, at the same time as my jizzm squirted furiously into her inflamed asshole.
“Damn, that was something… You’re good!!” Annette giggled.
“I’m glad to be of service. I am a full-service kinda guy,” I said, my cock finally plopping out of her.”
“I can tell, and you can be sure I’ll be back as often as you’re willing to use me. Like I said before, I’d almost given up finding that someone to satisfy my ‘special needs.'”
“As long as we are adult and discreet about it, I think we can take care of those needs on an ‘as needed’ basis,” I told her.
“So, when can I come back, Ralph?” she said, as we made our way to the bathroom.
‘We’ll see,” I said, non-committally. Even then I knew this was likely to become a full-time affair.
“Oh, yeah… Can Susan and I come together next time? She says you’d want to watch and enjoy two of us, together…”

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