I answered it and was met by a beautiful, young, Thai woman holding a bowl

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Fresh out of college in 1961, I was a young bachelor, eager to see the world that many military recruiting posters advertised. Upon graduation, I’d received an ROTC commission as a second lieutenant in the Air Force.
I was assigned to the Armed Forces Courier Service (ARFCOS), and after some training, my duty station was a base near Washington, DC. As military couriers, we were responsible for protecting classified documents and equipment shipped by the military or the government. Members of the Army, Navy, and Air Force were assigned to ARFCOS, and we traveled extensively.
On a cold day in February 1962, my boss, an Army captain, called me into his office and handed me a set of orders stating that I was to be a courier for a classified shipment to the US Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand. I was to remain in Bangkok for four days, then provide courier service for another classified shipment returning to the US.
“Normally I wouldn’t assign a new second lieutenant on a once-a-year trip like this, but we’re a little short-handed right now. I hope you enjoy it, because most of the officers in this outfit would give their left nut to trade places with you,” my boss said.
Hearing that I’d be going to Bangkok was the best news I’d received since I arrived at my new job. I recalled the sixth grade, when my social studies teacher, Mrs Armstrong, had assigned each of us to give a presentation about a country in Asia. I’d volunteered for Thailand–it had always fascinated me. Now I was going to see some of it firsthand. I must have packed and repacked my suitcase three times before I left.
The flight to Bangkok was long and tiring, with five refueling stops. We finally landed at our destination, Don Muang airport, outside Bangkok in mid-afternoon, three days after we’d left Washington, DC.
The aircrew helped unload the shipment into a US embassy van, then prepared to return to the Philippines. An embassy courier signed the paperwork, relieving me of my responsibility for the shipment. He told me the embassy normally recommended the Erawan Hotel for visitors’ lodging.
I hired a cab into Bangkok from the airport and asked the driver to take me to the Erawan. When we arrived, I checked for accommodations and found there were no rooms available, because it was tourist season. After I returned to the cab, the driver said he knew of another hotel nearby. We traveled a few more minutes to a Sukhumvit hotel on a shaded Bangkok side street.
When I checked in, the Thai desk clerk asked if I wanted a regular room or a deluxe room. He quoted me a price that, as I recall, a regular room was about $6 US, and a deluxe room was about $10 US per night. This was 1962, when lodging was cheap, long before Bangkok became the international travel hot spot it is today.
The clerk stated the deluxe rooms were on the top floor and I could see the Chao Phraya River from the balcony. Since the military was paying part of my travel expenses for lodging, I opted for a deluxe room. The clerk listed many things to see and do in Bangkok. I could enjoy a river tour, see traditional Thai dancing, take several different temple tours, shop at a floating market, visit a silk factory, or shop for sapphires, among many other things. It sounded like a great place to relax and see the exotic Orient. He told me that if I’d like an English-speaking escort, the cost would be another $4 per day. I wanted to see as much of Bangkok as possible during the short time I was going to be there, so I requested an escort to show me around Bangkok.
When I arrived at my room, I checked it out, then called the US Embassy to let them know where to contact me. After I finished my call, I went through two French doors leading to the private balcony, and was greeted by a soft tropical breeze. A comfortable-looking lounge chair on the balcony caught my attention, so I sat down, admiring the beautiful view across the city. In the distance, I could see the river. It was nearly sunset, and the sun was setting behind some far-off towering clouds. The western sky was streaked with a breathtaking array of golds, pinks, reds, and purples. I sat there marveling at the beauty of the tropical sunset until the sun was well below the horizon. Lights were just coming on across the river, and I was glad I’d splurged on a deluxe room.
Even though I was anxious to see as much of Bangkok as I could manage, my trip had been tiring, so I took a quick shower and had a meal in the hotel dining room. Instead of trying to sample the night life, I decided I’d get an early start the next morning to see some of the sights. On the way back to my room, I purchased an English-language newspaper in the lobby. I was hoping I’d be able to find some entertainment advertisements or articles about local points of interest.
I’d kicked off my shoes and was reading my paper, when around 9 PM, I heard a soft knock on the door. I answered it and was met by a beautiful, young, Thai woman holding a bowl of tropical fruit, several towels, and a small woven basket. I thought the fruit was a nice touch on the hotel’s part.
My first impression of this young woman was that she was much too pretty to be a hotel maid. Her tan skin was the color California beach girls only dreamed of. She slipped by me and stepped out of a pair of high-heeled sandals. Next, she placed the bowl of fruit on a small table near the bed. She set the woven basket on the dresser, and stacked the towels neatly next to the basket. She turned, put her palms together, bowed toward me, and said, “Sawadee ka,” a traditional Thai greeting. She introduced herself as Lamai, which I later learned means “soft” or “gentle” in Thai, depending on the translation. I introduced myself as Nick.
Lamai was a bit shorter than five feet, and I guessed she weighed about 100 pounds. She had straight black hair that almost touched her shoulders and bangs which she swept aside over one eye. Her sparkling dark brown eyes accented her Asian beauty. She had a small button nose and a lovely round face with a nice, sensuous smile.
Lamai was dressed in a floor-length, sky-blue, silk sarong skirt wrapped around her waist, fastened at the hip. It was wrapped so that there was a floor-to-hip slit on one side. She wore a long-sleeved, matching silk blouse.
After we’d introduced ourselves, I went to the door and opened it to let her exit. She gave me a puzzled expression.
“No, you can close door,” Lamai said.
I must have had a similarly confused look on my face, because she followed up with, “I am escort.” She removed her sarong and sat on the bed, unbuttoning her blouse.
“The man at the desk said I’d have an escort for visiting Bangkok.”
“Yes, I escort you see Bangkok while you here.”
Her English was poor, but I understood her perfectly–I realized that I hadn’t grasped the definition of escort. In southern Illinois, where I grew up, there wasn’t any need to know the difference between an escort and a tour guide. I thought I had hired a tour guide; now I was getting much, much more. My mind struggled to understand how I’d gotten myself into this situation. I hadn’t considered the hotel would procure female companions for male guests, but I later learned it was common that some hotels in Bangkok did so at the time.
After she removed her clothing and hung it in the wardrobe, she came to me and started unbuttoning my shirt. Lamai showed no hint of embarrassment about being naked in front of me; she certainly wasn’t shy. She tugged my shirt off and unbuttoned my slacks, dropping them to the floor. My eyes were riveted on her two ample, tan breasts, with nipples that sat on them like two large chocolate drops. I enjoyed feasting my eyes on the soft feminine curves of her naked body.
By this time, my shorts were beginning to tent as my cock stiffened. This didn’t seem to bother Lamai, who pulled my shorts to my ankles and indicated I should pick up my feet; she wanted to completely remove my slacks and shorts. Then she asked me sit on the side of the bed while she removed my socks.
Lamai hung my clothing in the wardrobe, then returned and sat on the bed next to me. I could feel the warmth radiated from her body. She looked up at me and smiled as if she was waiting for me to make the next move. To tell the truth, I was dumbstruck. I hadn’t expected to be sitting naked next to a nude woman on my hotel bed. I’d had sex with a college girl friend a few times, but this caught me by surprise.
After a period of silence, Lamai must have decided to take matters in her own hands. She jumped up from the bed and grabbed me by the hand. Lamai led me into the bathroom and turned on the shower. When the shower warmed, she entered it and held out her arms as an invitation to join her.
I stepped into the shower, and stood under the running water. She grabbed a bar of soap and a washcloth, then turned me around so I was facing away from her. I could feel one of her dainty hands making whisper-soft touches on my buttocks as she reached up and tenderly washed my shoulders and back. Next, Lamai knelt down and started with my feet, ankles, calves, and worked upwards until she reached my inner thighs. The Thai soap she used had a unique aroma. I can’t identify any American soap brands that smelled similar, but it had a pleasing spice-like scent.
We had spoken very little until this point. “Bend over please,” Lamai said.
I bent forward from the waist and could feel her soft feminine hands as she gently ran the washcloth up and down the crack in my ass. I felt her rub the cloth around my anus and scrotum. My cock was now fully at attention.
“Turn around,” she said.
I turned to face her as she grabbed a new washcloth from a stack just outside the shower–she washed me from my collarbone to my abdomen, just above my pubic hair. She acted as if she didn’t notice my erection. I was hoping she would. In fact, I wished she would take the time to wash it, and stroke it, but she continued as if it wasn’t there. Back to my feet, she began working upwards, washing my knees and inside my thighs. Then she had me turn around and rinsed me off.
When Lamai completed bathing me, she handed me the soap bar and another washcloth. At first, I didn’t understand, but then she turned around. She was offering to let me to bathe her. We traded places, and I tried washing her body as gently as she had bathed mine. Her skin was flawless, nearly as silky smooth and soft as a baby’s bottom. This was truly a unique experience for me–I’d never bathed a woman before. I did as she had done, letting my hands wander over her velvety skin as I bathed her.
After washing her back, I asked her to bend forward, and she did. I lathered the washcloth and rubbed it up and down the crack of her ass. As I rubbed the washcloth on her anus, she stiffened slightly. I turned her around and noticed her nipples were standing at attention as much as my cock was. Turnabout is fair play, I figured, so when I washed her front, I ignored her nipples and her pussy. As I knelt in front of her, I noticed her pussy had a few sparse hairs, but it was nearly as smooth as when she was a little girl. Seeing her puffy, light brown labia at this close range only served to make my cock stiffer.
Only after I’d rinsed her off, did she grab the bar of soap and began lathering my scrotum and cock. By now, my cock was so hard that it was almost painful–the extended build up had me on the edge. Lamai used her gentle hands to cup my scrotum and lightly stroked my sex-starved cock. I thought my knees were going to buckle as I ejaculated all over her abdomen and hip. Lamai just smiled up at me as I sought to catch my breath.
After she washed my semen off both of us, she handed me the soap and let me wash her pussy. I took great care to run my fingers through all her pussy’s folds and creases, washing them as sensuously as she’d washed my cock. She giggled and gasped lightly as I brushed my fingers through the inner lips of her pussy.
Finishing our shower, we both rinsed off and stepped onto the bath mat. She dried me with a fluffy bath towel, making sure she had dried my genitals and the crack of my ass. I did the same for her, taking care to dry her round breasts and soft pussy. It was a great way to start a three-night stay. Lamai wrapped a towel around her waist, and I did the same as we headed back to the bedroom.
When we arrived at the bed, Lamai asked if I’d like a massage. After I agreed, she asked me to lie face down on the bed. She knelt behind me, and starting with my feet, used her fingers, knuckles, elbows, and forearms to knead and massage every muscle on my feet and calves. I felt her move higher on my body, and as she did, she pulled my towel off so she could massage my thighs, buttocks, and lower back. Lamai was an expert masseuse; she worked on just about every muscle on my backside. I found her slow, sensual massage to be very relaxing.
Lamai removed her towel, and as she straddled my back, I could feel her hot, bare pussy on it as she massaged my shoulders, neck, and arms. When she had been kneading my legs, I started to unwind, but the feeling of her steamy pussy on my back caused my cock to stiffen again.
Lamai crawled off my back and asked me to roll over so she could massage my front. She didn’t pay any attention to my erection as she went back to massaging my feet. As before, she straddled my legs and worked up to my thighs. The next time she moved up my body, she was astride my hips; my cock was pinned against my abdomen by Lamai’s hot pussy. She just smiled down at me, and asked, “You like?”
I nodded yes, and Lamai continued massaging my arms and shoulders. What a cock tease she was–as Lamai massaged my upper arms and shoulders, her hips rocked back and forth. A couple times I was sure the contact between my cock and her randy pussy was going to set me off.
Finally, Lamai finished my massage and asked, “We fuck now?”
Is the Pope Catholic? Of course I wanted to fuck. Never had I been more ready than I was then. “Yes, Lamai. Let’s fuck.”
Lamai went to the small basket she’d brought and came back to the bed with a condom.
“No worry. All girls at hotel registered. Condom keep me from having baby.”
Lamai skillfully unrolled the condom over my stiff cock. She was lying next to me; her nearest breast was almost in my mouth. I took the nipple between my lips and gave it a couple of flips with my tongue, causing her to let out a reflexive gasp. In a few seconds I had maneuvered myself so I could suckle her other nipple. Both her nipples were becoming little fleshy knots. I took the opportunity to reach between her thighs; her pussy was wet and smoldering hot. We didn’t engage in any more foreplay. I just rolled Lamai on her back and was immediately on top of her.
Grabbing my cock, I guided it into her pussy. It wasn’t what I’d expected; her pussy muscles were nothing short of spectacular. If there was ever an Olympic medal for the most incredible pussy muscles, Lamai would have been a hands-down winner. On every stroke I’d feel a different sensation inside her pussy. I’d never had a milking of my cock like Lamai gave it.
When I’d had sex with my college girl friend, she’d lay still, pretty much like a dead fish, and her pussy felt like a warm, wet sock, but Lamai’s pussy gripped and tugged and pulsated over the head of my cock, like nothing I’d ever felt before. Lamai moved her pelvis opposite mine while our pubic bones bumped together on nearly every stroke. It didn’t take many thrusts until my climax was a foregone conclusion. My scrotum tightened, and I felt a tingling ecstasy as each pulse of semen erupted into the condom. Lamai had massaged my cock as much as she had the rest of my body. I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed sex with Lamai.
The room was still fairly warm; we were both sweaty and reeked of sex, so we took another shower before bed. After we dried off, we crawled naked into bed with Lamai in front of me. I pulled the sheet over us and held Lamai in a spoon position, with my cock between her thighs and my hand on her breast.
Before I fell asleep, I ruminated over the events of the day. It seemed a somewhat bizarre turn of events. I’d arrived in Bangkok, expecting to see some of the sights. Instead I’d had sex with a beautiful Thai woman who was now holding my cock between her legs. Other thoughts swirled through my head. I realized I’d been a typical selfish male, pounding her pussy, with no regard for her sexual gratification. “Oh well,” I thought, “I was paying for her services.” On the other hand, Lamai was a sweet and beautiful, young woman who seemed to have a mellow personality. I resolved the next time we had sex, I’d try to give back some of the same pleasure she had given me. Within a few minutes, I drifted off in a deep slumber.
I must have slept like a rock, because as morning arrived, the next thing I recalled was a warm, sensuous feeling on my cock. It was Lamai’s gentle hand, unrolling a condom over it. Apparently she had awakened before me and noticed my morning hard-on. My cock was always stiff in the morning when I’d slept all night, and my bladder was full. She must have thought I wanted to fuck. In no time, she was on her hands and knees above me, straddling my hips, impaling her hot pussy on my stiff cock.
Lamai rotated her hips around as if she was swinging a hula-hoop, while her pussy was pleasuring my cock–tugging, squeezing, grasping–pumping it. What a wonderful way to wake up. I looked up and saw her tan breasts bobbing back and forth as she rocked above me. She let out an involuntary moan as I reached up and grabbed a nipple between each thumb and forefinger. When I squeezed her nipples, I could feel her hot, slippery pussy clench my cock tighter. I met each of her thrusts with one of my own, and it seemed only a few seconds until I could feel the pulsing of my cock as she was again draining me inside her.
She smiled sweetly down at me. “Good morning, sir. You like?”
“Yes, Lamai. You are much better at waking me than an alarm clock.”
She giggled, “Tomorrow I be you alarm clock, OK?”
“OK, you can be my alarm clock.”
Speaking of alarm clocks, I wondered what time it was–it appeared to be around dawn. I looked at my watch and it was barely past 6 AM. Lamai’s pubic bone was pushing on my bladder, and it was really full.
“Lamai, I have to take a leak.”
I rolled out of bed and headed toward the bathroom. She followed me. As I stood at the toilet, emptying my bladder, Lamai watched, “You like race horse.”
“Do you mean I piss like a race horse?”
She laughed, “No. You have big cock like race horse.”
I suppose that was Lamai’s compliment to me. Anyway, that’s how I took it. After I finished, Lamai sat on the toilet and relieved her bladder, too. When we returned to the bedroom, Lamai asked if I’d like to share a banana.
“Yes, Lamai, I’m hungry this morning.”
Lamai went to the fruit bowl and emptied its contents on the dresser. She grabbed the bowl and selected an almost-ripe banana about eight inches long from the pile of fruit. She peeled the banana, placed it in the bowl, and dropped the peel in the waste basket. I stood near the bed and watched inquisitively as she set the bowl containing the banana near the edge of the bed. Then she stood on the bed with both feet, facing me, and squatted down over the bowl.
With one hand, she grabbed the banana, and used her other hand to steady herself on the bed. She reached under herself and started inching the entire banana into her pussy. When it was fully inside her, she put both hands behind her on the bed and sank to her knees. Leaning her torso backward, she started slowly pushing it out. Every couple of inches, she would tighten her pussy muscles and trim off another piece of the banana, which fell into the bowl, until she had completely expelled all of it.

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