I Became Callboy

Hello and Hi to all the readers of this N8story site stories. I’m reading almost all the stories of this site. This is the story how I became Callboy for my family problems. I am a businessman in Mysore. Usually I travel more to Bangalore to purchase materials. Like that few weeks back when I boarded the bus there were only few people in bus. I sat in two seat side and a lady around 30-32 years was diagonally sitting in next seat.

Meanwhile I got a call from my client and I was discussing on rate and supply, service etc. after that call the lady asked me, are you into Computers business. I said yes and after that she said she is having problem with her computer at home and it is old one and needed to be replaced. I gave the details of new computer and she immediately said she will take it today itself and said after getting down at Bangalore she will pay me the amount.
Then she said her husband is working in gulf and needs to chat with him every alternative day and it’s difficult to go and use web at browsing center. So she insisted provide internet facility to her new system. I agreed and she started talking about personal stuffs, then I got a call from my home that my brother is vomiting blood. He is a cancer patient then I consoled my mother and due to her crying.
I got tears out of my eyes then she observed the same and asked what happened? I explained the problem to her and then she said she will help me if I help her. I said if possible from me I will help.  She asked me to accompany her while returning also. Then we exchanged our numbers and had breakfast and departed for our works at Bangalore then in the afternoon after my work I called her she replied that she will reach bus stand in another 30 minutes.
I went there and she joined me again after getting into bus, we opted luxury bus and it started then she said her problems and she wanted to get fucked badly. So she asked me to be as her husband till her husband returns. I was shocked and she said she will help me for my brother`s treatment and she will keep it secret and will not harm in any way of my married life too then I said why she is so desperate and then she said she is starving for sex from her college days and not taken any bold steps till her marriage. 
After marriage she got fucked by her for just 1 month then he left to Gulf after the baby boy birth he has returned back and fucked only few times and again he left. After that from around 2 yrs she is not touched by any male. So she is desperate and wanted me to be as her boy friend and we both agreed and I smooch her in bus only. She also helped me to suck her boobs and gave me a blow job. 
Then she asked me to stay with her that night, but I said I will stay tomorrow. She agreed and we reached Mysore. Then we went to our houses. Next I prepared her computer and in the evening I informed my parents that I will stay in my friend’s home and will not come back. I took her computer and left. I called and she came to the landmark she has given before and she guided me to her home.
It was nice built home and we entered inside then I fixed her computer and she is happy and gave me a tight hug. Then we started our sex play and she hurried for first round of fuck. Then I asked where? She said on the floor itself and removed my dress. Then she asked me to remove her dress. In few seconds we both were in our birth suites. She guided me to her clean shaven pussy and I started missionary fuck. 
Then I started to squeeze and drink her milk from her normal boobs. She was enjoying because of long time gap of my fucking sessions, I was about to come early, but she said to hold for few more minutes and both of us climaxed together and she was happy and she feed me the dinner and we were still naked. Then we moved her bedroom and her baby was sleeping there. So we shifted to another room.
That night we fucked 9 times and she is not satisfied. She did not agree for doggy style or ass fuck then we got up and I went back again in the evening she asked me to come when I went there she introduced me to her friend Radha. She is a teacher. Then we chit chatted and I said I will go then my temporary wife asked me to drop her friend on the way. I said yes and it was already 7 pm. We started then within 200 meters the power gone off. 
Then Radha started talking with me and said she knows everything about me and her friend’s relation and she is not married. She asked me to fuck her too and she is ready to pay me for my problems. Straight away she took me to her home and she introduced me to her mother and she is also having computer and her mother was going outside for nearby friends home, she gave her coffee for both of us and left.
Radha said her mother that, after repairing the computer I will start then her mother asked me to have dinner and then go but I said my mother will be waiting. Radha said her mother that I will be regular visit for them here after to teach her computers then we all laughed. Her mother went out then she hugged me tight and she took me to her room. I didn`t touched her computer at all then she removed her dress and I wanted to try doggy. 
She agreed and bent down and I removed my dress and kept my lund at her vaginal entrance and it went inside then she said she is not virgin and one her colleague has fucked her in her holidays and school trips. Now he has got job in some other place and went then while fucking I asked shall we try ass fuck? She hesitated, but agreed later. 
We fucked twice and I left and next day she asked me to come near her school and introduced me to her headmistress they agreed to give me the contract work for computer services then when we came out she paid me 5k and said she needs me whenever she wanted to be fucked. I agreed then onwards almost alternative days I am fucking both the friends. For feedback mail me. Thanks