I became my mother after dad fucked me last night Pt.5

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By Dadsextoy1 My father brought a second wife and it made me feel good and gave answers and some new questions

Hi everybody sorry for the long wait but things changed drastically for the better in the last few days, But anyways, also my mother’s name was Khadija (an Arab name) I never told you about it but this is for the sake of simplicity

The next morning my father came home and he brought with him a… Woman? He said “listen Khadija, I thought about it and my second is coming to live with us, we never told the kids so I want you to tell them” my father had a second wife, what, I acted like I knew about her all the time(also she is in her 30s and she has two kids 7 and 9 I think) I called my brothers and told them each about her and they were pretty understanding, and she finally came home and my father left saying that you have to bond without me, she had a look of confusion on her face, and we greeted each other like I knew her, and she said my name but I didn’t, she said “you forgot my name” I responded “well…”
And then she said “why do you look different, you look younger and slimmer” I was trying to avoid the question but I told her the whole truth, she said “so how’s it feel” I said “what” she said “having your father humiliate you like that, I mean you’re a boy after all”, “it feels weird, sometimes good” she said “have you ever had sex as a man” I said no and she told wanna see how it feels, I. Said are you sure about it, she said yes.

We got to the bedroom made sure we locked it, she removed her clothes and stayed in her panties and bra, I did the same, she said “you surprisingly look good in those and how is the bra a tight fit” I said ” I have really big man boobs” I removed my bra but left the panties in my dick was rock hard, she got on all fours and I got behind her my dick was poking her behind both our panties, I started caressing her ass, and I started sniffing her ass and it smelt good to say the least, I moved her panties to the side and started licking and she said can I moan, I said “I am not like my father” abd we both had a laugh

I stood up and moved my panties to the side and lowered hers to just below her hips, and I started rubbing my dick on her pussy, the sensation was just amazing and I couldn’t wait, she was moaning hard, I finally put it inside and I was in heaven, and she was moaning I was so lost in pleasure, she started saying like fuck me honey, and I did just that, and it felt so good, I came inside and I laid on top of her, with my dick still inside and throbbing, my thought were a bunch of questions and answers, here are some of them “now I know why my father couldn’t stop fucking my mother and started to fuck me instead” “if my father had a second wife, why did he turn into my mother to fuck me” she said “I enjoyed it alot did you” I said yes and realized I came inside her, I started being concerned and she said she can’t get pregnant no more, she got the tubal sterilization, I said oh okay, she, I got in my clothes and she got in hers, her name is Hawa.

My father finally arrived and with him her kids and my brother he apologized, later I got a phone call from my other brother (I will call my oldest brother who slapped me Kyle and my other brother Sam from now on and no they’re not their real name) he said that he will arrive tomorrow. Me and Hawa did some few chores and she was helpful and her kids were well behaved honestly, come night time her kids will sleep in the living room since Kyle’s room is messy and can’t fit 3 people let alone 4 by tomorrow, my father slept between me and Hawa, by 12 I was still awake, I saw my dad start helping hawa’s ass, he started kissing her passionately, he then said “Khadija come here and lay on top her, she was on her back and I got on top of her we both blushed she spread her legs in the air and my dick was pressing hard her crotch, if it wasn’t for our panties I would be inside of her, he pulled my panties to the side and started rubbing his dick in my ass, he told Hawa to spit on his hand and hmshe did and he rubbed it across my butt crack and he finally penetrated me, I almost moaned, then Hawa giggled and we both started kissing while my father was thrusting inside of me, my father said “who does your ass belong to Khadija” I said “to you honey” it came out muffled because I was kissing Hawa.

he then told us to both get on all fours side by side, he got behind Hawa and started fucking her pussy, I giggled at she blushed, my father asked same thing to her and she responded same way he then got up while we both were on all fours and started cumming some of it hit our faces although most of it was on our backs, he then got his dick inside of me and started pissing, I was humiliated again, and then stopped and pissed inside hawa pussy, he pulled our panties up and the piss started to drip. In the morning he undone both our bras while we were sleeping and started sucking on them, after that he left without breakfast, Hawa then got on top of me and asked me if I wanted some milk I said sure I started sucking on her breasts (C cup) and they still had milk it tasted good better than cow milk.

After that we woke the boys up and got them breakfast, we then got in a bath together, she said “you look cute and you look so womanly even more than me” I got flustered, I then bent over the side of the bath to pick the soap that fell and she slapped my ass I got red, she said “your ass is so big and jiggly for a 14 year old, I see why he chose you to replace her” I didn’t say anything she then said can I lick your ass, “only if I lick yours later” I responded, I bent over infront of her face and she started eating my ass and it felt good I started moaning not too loud tho, I said you lick better than my father, she giggled while still eating it, we finished our business and got out”

While taking a nap I heard a knock and I knew it was same but how was he going to react to me, I opened the door and he acted like am his mother, I got used to it by this point, me and Hawa cleaned the kids room and tidyed it up so it can fit them all, 4 of my brothers bonded together well, (yes her kids are my half brothers) in the evening my father came home and we prepared dinner for the family and it looked wholesome if you didn’t know the truth we laughed with each other.

In the night I was removing my clothes to change into my nightie, and then my father got behind me and started pushing his croth on my butt and I started moving my hips to match the rhythm Hawa was looking at us and she was giggling, he then told us to get on the bed with me on my back and her on top of me, she started kissing me and invading my mouth with her tongue, he then got behind and started fucking her, he was breathing heavily and the bed was creaking, and my brothers definitely heard us, he started talking dirty, he then pushed to the front basically making her chest on my head, which my legs spread wide, he pulled my panties up a little and started fucking me harder than he fucked her, I started sucking on her breasts and filling my mouth with milk, I came in my panties and my father came inside me he then made Hawa lick the cum leaking out my ass, in the morning my father went to work early, I couldn’t hold myself and started kissing Hawa, she then spread her legs for me and I started fucking her while sucking on her breasts she was moaning and said to me “who’s a good girl for mommy” I said “me”, I came inside her but I didn’t stop I flipped her onto her stomach and pounded her hard, I came inside her again and it felt so good.

Which brings us to now, I am sitting on our bed and she is doing chores my brothers are doing whatever, but I have answers as to why my father made take my mother’s role, but still left me confused, also if you want me to still write about our sex life let me know.

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