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At 32 with 2 children and a widower, I was to raise my children since my wife’s death due to a weak heart and the birth of our son. Warned of the danger she ignored the warning and died as a result. I was fairly well off and able to work from home and with help from relatives we were getting by. She died at 27 and I was almost 30 and our daughter had just stated school. After a year we had come to accept her passing and got on with our lives. I wasn’t into to dating or much socializing except family gatherings. As my daughter was at school and my son was alone with me at home. From the time I dropped her off at school to the time I picked her up. My daughter got a new teacher as her old teacher retired. Her new teacher was younger at 29 and soon was adored by my daughter. I met the teacher at a parent teacher night at the school and she told my daughter was a good student and no trouble at all in class. Only later did I meet the teacher away from class at the local museum, I was carrying my son and my daughter was beside me. She saw her teacher and ran over to her, and I had to follow her. The teacher was happy to see my daughter and she stayed with us while we were at the museum. After several more meetings like that, I finally asked the teacher out on a date. I had found out she was unattached and asked just to say I tried mainly not expecting her to accept. But she agreed and we started seeing each other regularly, once a week at first then more and more as time passed. I wasn’t rushing our relationship, mainly as we were always accompanied by my children. Which the teacher was happy to be with, sometimes I thought the children was the only reason she saw me as she paid them more attention than me. But that changed when I was taking my children to seaside and my daughter asked her teacher about joining us. I was a little shocked by my daughter’s action. But added my request to it anyway and we were all delighted when she agreed. We all went to seaside, and we shared the same hotel room, and I shared the same bed as the teacher. We had become lovers and I started thinking of asking the teacher to marry me, after our trip she started staying overnight at my home Fridy thru Sunday. But with her position as teacher, her staying at my house overnight would attract gossip. Once it became known, so I asked her to marry me, and she accepted, and we married last month. Beating the local gossips to the punch as they say, the story of her living with me became local news the week after our marriage and on hearing it at the local supermarket my sister was there shopping. Put the gossip in her place by saying where do you think a wife should live other than with her husband and showed wedding photos on her cellphone. My late wife’s family are happy with my choice of wife and are regular visitors still. My new wife isn’t yet pregnant, but we’re trying to change that as fast as possible.

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