I bought a house/annex and 5 acres sight unseen | straight story from Happy Lover/father

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I wasn’t ever good with women and used hookers for sex, it easy to get and no hoops to jump thru to get it as long as you had the cash. My career was the complete opposite to my love life and at 36 I discovered I was in a rut and so I moved to country town. Bought my property and the town wasn’t small it wasn’t big enough to be called a city. I didn’t want a place where everybody knows you, I’m the private person type. After settling in I got the lay of the land as they say and was quite happy the house/annex and land I’d bought. No real close neighbors another plus, at first, I kept low profile rarely going anywhere. After 3 months I started checking out my new hometown to find the hidden gems you could say. It turned out they were very rare gems, as I found none that took my fancy. But there was a total lack of hookers, but I could always travel to the city for them. I saw a woman looking thru trash cans and didn’t pay much attention and then I saw her and another woman doing the same thing. They were hunted by the storekeeper and they away, I went into the store to get some things and he commented on the gutter trash as he called them. That’s when I found out there 3 women who couldn’t get work and were outcasts as they weren’t very Christian. They never went to church, neither did I, but I wasn’t outcast by the town. Maybe I hadn’t been there long enough yet, at another store they were referred to as witches. No concern of mine, only later did I see them picking something from trees along a dry gully just outside my property. Still no concern of mine, but they saw me and said sorry. I asked sorry for what, picking your trees without asking was their reply. Not my trees I said, but we kept talking and they were sisters in their thirties like me and had no skills and weren’t church goers and got on the wrong side of the town who were church goers. Two of the sisters had been married and then divorced no children, all lived in an old house about a mile from my home. They got little jobs here and there and made things they could sell. Then one said they cleaned houses for the towns people, spring cleaning they called it. Clean the house top to bottom, I’m not a cleaner nor cook and so I asked were they interested in doing some cleaning for me and they said yes. The town was slowly growing and the land their old house was on was earmarked for a new mill. They didn’t own it, so they had to find another place to live. I had taken a fancy to them and would’ve made a move if I thought I had a chance. But past failures meant I didn’t think I did, so didn’t try. With nothing available and they were getting desperate I decided to chance it. Getting a date, I struck out as per usual for me. But not because of the usual reasons, she refused because the local Christian men thought taking any of them on a date meant having sex with them. That included the married men as well the single ones, so they always refused. The older one didn’t believe that was my intent and told of their history dating the locals. I wasn’t as down after as I was before, but a refusal is still a refusal. The house was to be pulled down and I wanted to keep my cleaners and offered them the annex it had 2 bedrooms and was separate from the house. They were a bit reluctant at first but decided to accept. I also try again and this time I got a yes, but not a date with one, but with all of them at the same time. Safety in numbers I thought, anyway it was an improvement in my book, and I took the 3 of them out and we had a great time together. One would think I would have better luck the next time, but I didn’t ask one out I asked all of them and we always went out as a group. I had to go to the city, and we all went, and we all stayed in the same room. That was the start of my sexual relationship with them, I was able to fuck each of them. We were having a group relationship and it and later when I asked if any of them were interested in having children they said yes. Now 4 years later from starting to have children I’ve 5 children and another on the way. I’m not married to any of them, and we get along great. The town is getting larger and larger, and a lot of new people have moved here, and the Christian are losing their sway somewhat.

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