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12 years ago, I married my now wife 31 years old now. I was overseas and she was my translator and spoiled goods as they say. She had been pack raped and her parents and siblings murdered. Her uncle took her in, and she wasn’t looked upon as suitable wife as she wasn’t a virgin. As she spoke English, she became my translator. I liked working with her and I was told by a local colleague she wasn’t a respectable woman. Once I knew her story, I thought it was wrong for her to be blamed for what had happened to her. I also heard that someone would buy her as a cheap wife if she was lucky. Otherwise, she would end up in a brothel and I’m not a great with women and I was getting on with her very well. It could be she was doing it keep her job or we had a connection. If the later, I would be crazy not to make the most of it. She couldn’t date me as that wasn’t allowed and that would mark her even worse. So, as I was to start travelling as part of my job, I wanted her to travel with me, I seen her uncle and bought her as my wife. It would be then allowed for her to travel with me when we were married. As her status was low a quick marriage was arranged. She was my wife, and she was with me all the time and after my contracted ended she expected me to divorce her. But I didn’t and I wanted to start a family with her, I hadn’t before because of the lack of medical services. So, I used condoms and while finishing up my contract and arranging visa and passport for my wife. I stopped using condoms. She was very happy once she realized I wanted her to stay my wife. As she had been promised a lot and never got anything. By the time we left for home she was pregnant, there is a ten-year age gap between us. But she is a very devoted wife, and I haven’t ever thought I may a mistake marrying her.

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