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I’m still living at home and work as a mechanic for local bus company, working shifts. But most of the time its night work, day shift starts at 7 and finish at 4 and afternoon starts at 3 and finish at midnight, the dogwatch as it’s call start 11 and finish at 8 every day of the week except Sundays. Not many buses run Sundays, there is another work shift that works all day shifts the major overhaul shift where buses are overhauled like getting their engines totally overhauled or replaced. But I’m not in that section, I’m just do the servicing of the buses and fix any problem that can be done quickly, not take days like the overhaul jobs. I’m also required to go and fix breakdowns out on their routes, which includes changing their tires if needed. if unable to be done on site another bus replaces it and the broken-down bus is returned to the depot. So, I’m at home during the day and got to see our neighbor 43 having sex with a stranger and she saw me watching her. But didn’t react at the time, I’d finished at 8 and was off until Monday afternoon at 3. My parents were away visiting their new granddaughter in the city, my only sister 2years older than me had just had her first child. My parents were to be back until late Sunday evening. My neighbor’s husband was away playing a solider in a civil war reenactment of some battle. Something he did regularly, I wasn’t concerned over her having an affair that her choice. At 24 I wasn’t the greatest lover but had some success. Anyway, my neighbor came over when the stranger had gone, and she had showered and dolled herself up a bit. Wanting to know what I was going to do about what I’d seen, at first, she didn’t believe when I said it was none of my business and I don’t spread tales true or not. But she came around to believing me, mostly and asked to have dinner with her. I agreed nothing planned. I had no current girlfriend, girls don’t stick around with guys who work mostly nights. Anyway, the dinner was nice, and after she straight asked me to fuck her. I’m a firm believer in take all your offered as they don’t last forever. I stayed the whole night with her, and she really drained me. The next morning, she was still very willing to fuck me, and I was very greedy. Her husband was neglecting her, and she had started having mostly one-off romps with men she met. Themselves usually married, her 2 children were at university and in the navy. As I lived next door, I became her go to guy for sex. Which I’m quite happy to provide, she works as well and her husband travels for his job but is always back for the weekend reenactments or just drilling with his reenactor’s buddies. Anytime she alone and I’m available, I visit her for sex, and she is very willing, and she can’t get pregnant as they both got fixed up as they say after their second child was born as they had planned to have 2 no more. I’m her handyman you could say living next door.

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