"I Could Masturbate You," said Mom

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tagIncest/Taboo"I Could Masturbate You," said Mom

This is a true story as told to me by Colleen for me to write about what happened between her and her son, Brian, when they were sheltering in place to protect themselves from the COVID-19 virus pandemic.
# # #
"I could masturbate you," said Brian's mother, Colleen, to his shocked, sexual excitement.
He looked at his mother stunned by what she had said. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. His MILF of a mother offered to masturbate him if he'd stay home and not go out with his friends. Seemingly, she'd do anything to keep him safe, even give him incestuous sex.
Something that happened more often than we think, with no place to go and little to do, a bored mother and a horny son have incestuous sex while sheltering in place during the pandemic.
# # #
"How much longer must we stay in the house, Mom? I want to go out," said Brian. "I want to see my friends."
Colleen looked at her son with sympathy and understanding. Yet, her job, as his mother and as his sole parent, was to keep him safe. It was too dangerous outside to mingle with his friends, drink, and party.
She remembered how wild and sexually promiscuous she was at his age. Clearly, she needed to be more creative than offering to play games and watch movies with him to keep him safely at home. She needed to think of something that would keep him occupied and entertained enough for him to voluntarily want to stay home without her having to continually berate him, threaten him, and force him to stay home.
"Until they have a vaccine, it's not safe to go outside," said Colleen to her son, Brian, while talking to him as if he was a child instead of a grown man. "I know that it's difficult for someone your age not to be going here, there, and everywhere but, unfortunately, we'll be stuck here together for several, more months."
Acting more like a spoiled child than a grown man, twenty-year-old Brian stomped his foot, punched the wall, and made a face in frustration. Held against his will, he felt as if he was being imprisoned. He loved his mother, of course, but being with her 24/7 was a bit, too much. He wanted his freedom. He wanted to go out. He needed to see his friends. He needed to get laid.
He could disobey his mother and leave the house but he'd have Hell to pay when he returned home, especially if he caught the virus and infected her with it. He'd be better off dead than to face the angry wrath of his mother. As if she was a descendent from IRA terrorists and, indeed she was, she had quite the Irish temper. He never wanted to be on the bad side of his mother when she was angry. As if speaking in tongues, she spoke with a heavy, Irish accent, a sexy brogue, when riled.
With her fiery as she was feisty, she reminded him of Maureen O'Hara when she played Mary Kate Danaher in the Quiet Man opposite John Wayne. As if she was the famous actress reincarnated, with her red hair, blue eyes, and big tits, she looked a lot like her, too. She was quite the striking woman. When it was time for him to marry someone, he'd want a woman who looked just like his mother. There's nothing like a big, breasted woman to quiet an angry man's heart.
Besides, ever the loving and obedient son, he loved, honored, was respectfully dedicated to keeping his mother safe by him not getting foolishly infected. With thousands of new hospitalizations and deaths every day, he knew she was right by keeping him safely indoors. It could be worse. He could have a short, fat, plain looking mother with small breasts and a flabby ass as many of his friends had.
# # #
"Not fair. I haven't seen my friends in months," he said. "I need to go out," he said without telling her the real reason for his sudden, emotionally, charged outburst. "I have cabin fever," he said as his lame and dishonest excuse for his frustration.
Colleen opened her closet door to look at the games they had and to see if there were any that they haven't already played over and again.
"We can play a game or we can do a jigsaw puzzle together. That would be fun," she said looking over at him and giving him a warm and innocent, motherly smile.
Knowing full well that he wouldn't play another game or complete a jigsaw puzzle when he wanted to be out with his friends, she looked at her son in frustration. Besides, they've already played every game over and again. She needed to come up with something else that he'd willingly want to do. Somehow, she needed to get his mind off of him wanting to go out, off of him wanting to see his friends, off of him wanting to have sex with random women, and more on her, but how?
"I'm tired of playing games, Mother," he said. "All we do is play games, watch TV, and watch movies. I really need to go out," he said grabbing his crotch as if he was a black, rap singer.
# # #
No doubt, the game that he'd love to play with his MILF of a mother was strip poker. Brian told her about his housebound friend, Frankie, stuck in doors with his MILF of a mother, Sheila, his sexy sister, Heather, his slutty cousin, Carol, and his whore of an aunt, Anne, who had already played strip poker with them. Something he didn't tell his mother, they not only played stripped poker and stripped naked more than once but also, they had sex with one another.
Yet, when he told her about his friend playing strip poker with his female relatives, he looked at his mother as if he was suggesting that she play strip poker with him. He gave her a sexy look as if daring her to play strip poker with him. It was no secret that he imagined his mother stripping off her clothes while playing strip poker with him.
She caught him masturbating while sniffing her panties while stroking his cock. She caught him dealing out cards on his bed while overhearing him pretending that they were playing strip poker. Clearly, he'd love to see his mother naked, totally naked. In the way that his friend, Frankie, had sex with his MILF of a mother, mother, his sexy sister, his slutty cousin, and his whore of an aunt, Brian would love to have sex with his MILF of a mother.
Yet, unbeknownst to his innocent mother, he'd do anything to have sex with her. He'd love to sleep with her in her bed. He'd love to hold her and comfort her while cuddling with her and spooning her. Then, as soon as she fell asleep, he'd touch and feel her everywhere that a son should never touch and feel his mother.
While she was sleeping, he'd touch, feel, and fondle her big tits through her nightgown while fingering her nipples. He'd lift the back of her nightgown and touch, feel, caress, and squeeze her naked ass. He'd lift the front of her nightgown and rub her naked clit while fingering her wet pussy.
As soon as she fell asleep, he'd get out of bed and stand beside her. He'd insert his stiff prick in her hand and force her to give him a hand job by wrapping her fingers around his erect cock and humping her sleeping hand. Then, not yet wanting to cum, he'd slowly slide his erect, naked prick across her red, full lips while parting her lips with the head of his cock and stick his erect dick in her mouth.
"Blow me, Mom. Suck my cock," he said while masturbating himself over the thought of imagining seeing his mother naked and having incestuous sex with her. "I need to cum in your beautiful mouth."
Honestly, more than anything, he'd love to make out with his mother while touching, feeling, and fondling her big breasts while fingering her erect nipples. He'd love to make out with his mother while feeling her shapely ass, rubbing her clit, and fingerfucking her wet pussy. He'd love to masturbate her, eat her, make love to her, and fuck her. He wished that she'd stroke him, suck him, make love to him before fucking him.
# # #
"Okay, now your bra, Mother. Show me your tits," he said while imagining that he had won a hand while pretending to play strip poker with her and she had lost.
When walking by his room, she laughed to herself after overhearing the vividly and creative imagination of her son.
'There's a thought. Would I dare play strip poker with my son to stop him from going outside? Would I dare remove my clothes in front of him to keep him safely at home,' she thought? 'Would I dare allow him to see me in my bra and panties, topless, and/or naked? How could I face him the next morning when he saw me without my clothes the night before? I'd be so embarrassed. I'd have to be drunk to play strip poker with him. I'd have to be drunk for him to see me in my panties and bra, topless, and/or naked,' she thought to herself.
Yet, a twinge of sexual arousal erected and hardened her nipples and she felt a sudden moistness between her legs. The thought of her son seeing her in her bra and panties, topless, and/or naked made her suddenly wet. Clearly, she was as sexually frustrated as her son was horny. Clearly, they were both bored with sheltering in place, not going out, and staying home.
No doubt, Brian would love nothing better than to see his mother in her panties and bra, topless, and/or naked. No doubt, something incestuous to do, he'd love nothing more than to expose his erect, naked cock to her. Something forbidden to do, he'd love nothing more than to touch and feel his mother through her clothes while making out with her. Not just crossing the incestuous line but erasing the incestuous line, obviously, her son would love nothing more than to have sex with his mother.
Only, nothing like that would ever happen. His mother wasn't whore. She was a lady. Modesty moral, she was a good Christian woman. She was his mother and not his wife, his girlfriend, or his lover. She was nothing like his friend's mother. Actually, one of his masturbation fantasies, the only way he imagined that she'd have sex with him is if home invaders forced them to strip naked and have sex with each other.
He imagined his mother forced to strip naked. He imagined home invaders forcing her to have sex with him. He imagined his mother sucking him and him cumming in her mouth. He imagined fucking his mother and him cumming in her pussy. Then, after the home invaders left, quite the sexual transformation, he imagined his mother being his sexy bitch.
# # #
"What would you be doing other than driving around wasting gas," she asked with a smug, little laugh?
He made a face, sighed loudly out loud, and rolled his eyes.
"I'd be going to clubs. I'd be picking up women. I be having sex," he said. "Other than having sex with my hand, it's been a long time, months, since I had sex with a woman," he said with shame. "I'm horny, Mother. I'm so very horny," he said giving her an embarrassed and pitiful look.
Even though he admitted that he was horny, at least he was open and honest with her about how he felt. Certainly, she felt sorry for him but she didn't pity him enough to have sex with him. Having sex with her son would be wrong. Having sex with Brian would be nasty.
"Everyone is sheltering in place. The clubs aren't open. I'm sure that there are no girls for you to pick up. Besides, why would you dare have sex with a stranger who could give you this deadly virus," she asked? "Think of the bigger picture. Sacrificing your life for sex is not worth the risk, Brian."
He folded his arms across his chest and pouted as if he was ten-year-old and his mother wouldn't buy him the toy that he wanted. Colleen looked at her son with her big, blue eyes. Clearly, she felt bad for him but there was nothing that she could do without him endangering himself and without her sacrificing her morals and modesty.
Then, surprising even herself, she had a thought that he may like. She had a thought that they both may like. She had a thought that would surely occupy and entertain them both. She had a thought that would, definitely, keep alive and keep him home safe. Yet, rethinking what she was about to say, a big step and a bold move on her part, she was not only considering crossing the incestuous, sexual line but obliterating the incestuous, sexual line with her outrageous, sexual suggestion.
Something she never felt before, Colleen looked at her son with forbidden lust. Skipping over playing strip poker with him, leapfrogging over him seeing her in her panties and bra, topless, and/or naked, shocking but true, she thought more about performing a sexual act with him. Could she? Would she? Did she dare masturbate her son to keep him home safe with her?
Then, as if rethinking what she was about to say and what she was about to suggest that she'd willingly and consensually do, she had a long and thoughtful, guilt riddled and sexually provoking pause. Thinking it an innocent solution to her son's problem of being horny, her being bored, and them being sexually frustrated, she was ready to blurt out her response. She was ready to tell him what he wanted to hear and what she was willing to do to keep him alive.
# # #
"I could masturbate you," she said as if she was suggesting that she could watch the super bowl together.
She brushed back her long and lush, red hair as if the thought of masturbating her son had sexually aroused her and certainly it had. Expecting him to be as sexually excited as she was suddenly sexually flustered, she waited for his reaction to her question. She looked at her son with sexual arousal while he looked at her stunned. His jaw dropped in his sexually excitement and his eyes bugged out of his head. Still waiting for his response to her question, then, when he didn't answer her, she asked him her question again.
"What if I masturbated you," she asked while looking up at him to give him a sexy smile and a naughty look? "Would you like that? Would you like me to stroke your cock? Would you like your mother to masturbate you, Brian," she asked while looking down at the bulge that her son already had in his pajama bottoms? "If I made you cum with my hand would that ease your horniness? Would having sex with me stop you from leaving the house to have sex with strange women?"
Brian looked his mother with shock mixed with sexual excitement. He seemingly couldn't believe what she had said, what he had heard, and what she was willing to do to keep him safe. Forget about wanting her to play strip poker with him, his mother offered to masturbate him. She not only offered to stroke his cock but also, she offered to make him cum. Too good to pass up an offer like that, no doubt, he'd love her to wrap her long, manicure fingers around his erect prick and masturbate him.
"Seriously?" Brian looked at his mother in disbelief. Obviously, he'd love to cum for his mother. "Wait. You'd really masturbate me to keep me from going out?" He looked at her in shocked surprise. "You'd masturbate me to keep me home and safe," he asked? "You'd do that for me?"
She smiled while nodding her head.
"Of course, I would. I love you. You're my son. Besides, it's just a hand job," she said moving her hand up and down with a shrug as if she was already masturbating her son and as if masturbating him was no big deal.
Never thinking that she'd have to persuade him to receive a hand job from her, she persevered.
"What's the big deal? I've given your father hundreds of hand jobs. I'd do anything, even masturbate you, to keep you safe at home with me," she said. "I don't want anything to happen to you. I don't want you to die and I don't want to die either. Possibly a death sentence for me with me having Diabetes, I certainly don't want you to infect me."
# # #
Not having to even think about it, he immediately gave his mother his answer.
"Sure. I'd love for you to masturbate me, Mother," he said ready to strip off his pajama bottoms right there in the kitchen.
She held up her hand.
"Wait. Stop. Not so fast. Not here and not now," she said. "I have conditions."
Brian looked at his mother confused.
"Conditions?" Brian looked at his mother with curiosity. "What conditions do you have," he asked?
As if she had previously been thinking of masturbating her son, she answered him without having to give it much thought.
"Instead masturbating you right here in the kitchen where we eat, I'll masturbate you in the living room while sitting on the sofa and watching a movie, a romantic one. I need to be in the mood," she said with a nervous, little laugh. "For me to willingly and consensually masturbate my son, I'll definitely need a glass or two of wine," she said with a dirty laugh while fanning herself with her hand.
Brian nodded his head in agreement. Truthfully, he'd agree to any conditions that his MILF of a mother had for her to agree to masturbate him. He'd love nothing more than for his mother to wrap her long, thin, manicured fingers around hi naked, erect prick and stroke him to make him cum with her hand. He'd love nothing more than to cum for his mother.
# # #
She was so pretty. She was so sexy. Out of all his friends' mothers, with some of them younger than her 45-year-old age, she was the best looking one. All of his friends' mothers were overweight from eating too much food, not exercising, and from having babies. With her so very shapely, as shapely as 47-year-old Heidi Klum or 48-year-old Jenny McCarthy, but with bigger tits, his mother had the best body of them all, by far.
"Is that it? Are those your only conditions? Being in the living room while drinking wine and watching a romantic movie," he asked? "I can do that," he said returning her dirty laugh with his dirty laugh.
She shook her head no and laughed.
"If we're going to do this, really do this, I have a few other conditions," she said. "To preserve your modesty, my morality, and our reputations, I'll place a throw blanket over our laps. Then, surprising you sometime during the movie, I'll slide my hand over to you while holding some tissues," she said.
He looked at her as if he had a question to ask.
"May I touch and feel you while you're masturbating me, Mother," he asked seemingly sexually excited by his own question?
To be honest, he'd love nothing better than to touch and feel his mother where no son should ever touch and feel their mother while she masturbated him. She shook her head no again and made a face. As soon as she said no, part of his sexual excitement and as if he needed to touch and feel her to cum, he looked disappointed.
"Absolutely not," she said. "You mustn't touch me," she said with shocked surprise. "Isn't it enough that I'll be masturbating you? You should be happy with that."
Obviously, he would have preferred touching and feeling his mother through her nightgown while she masturbated him. He would have preferred to reach his hand down in her nightgown top to feel her naked tits while she stroked him. He would have preferred to reach his horny hand up her nightgown to finger her naked pussy. He would have preferred stripping her naked while she continued masturbating him. Then, when she saw the disappointment on her son's face, she relaxed her conditions.
"Okay. What about this? You may touch, feel, and fondle my breasts through my nightgown as long as you don't finger my nipples. I'm serious. You mustn't finger my nipples. I mean it," she said. "If you finger my nipples, I'll stop masturbating you."
He nodded his agreement.
"Got it," he said. "I can do that. I can touch, feel, and fondle your tits through your nightgown but no fingering your nipples."
Ready to give him more conditions, she gave her son a serious look.
"You cannot stick your hand down my nightgown to feel my naked breasts and you cannot stick your hand up my nightgown to feel my naked pussy," she said. "If you do, I'll stop masturbating you."
Seemingly, sexually excited that he'd be allowed to touch, feel, and fondle his mother's big breasts through her nightgown, he looked perplexed why he mustn't finger her nipples.
"Got it. I can't stick my hand down your nightgown top to feel and fondle your naked tits and I can't stick my hand up your nightgown to feel, fondle, and finger your naked pussy," he said while looking at her with confusion. "Yet, if you're allowing me to feel and fondle your breasts through your nightgown, why can't I finger your nipples, too, Mother," he asked?

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