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I’ve a good career and cannot commit to just one woman, but as I got older, I wanted a child or children. Not that I wanted to marry anyone either, as time passed, I came to the idea of providing a service. Getting professional women pregnant at no cost or financial cost to either party. I would get them pregnant, and they would raise the child free of my involvement totally. I was then 37 and doing very well career wise and had no troubles in relationships quick relationship. I’m not into long term relationships, I thought I would someone the professional women would want to father their child. I’m healthy and have defected genes that are transmitted in family lines. I’m also very fit and okay on the eye and have had plenty of experience satisfying women in beds over the years and never had a complain. You might think me to be shallow, but I’m not a settling down type man and I wouldn’t be a reliable husband. I place an ad in a certain magazine that was for women looking to start families. I wasn’t knocked over by women wanting my services. But I had expected that and continued posting the ad. It took 14 months before I got an enquire, but that was as far as it went. I was quite honest and said I would get them pregnant and not bother them afterwards. Several months later, I got another enquire and this time we actually met in person and her (39) wanted a baby asap as she said her childbearing time was fast decreasing. Well, I could say she was gorgeous, but she was above average. We met and had sex several times aligned with her cycles, and she got pregnant and would’ve a girl. I haven’t seen her or our daughter since, I then had another and another and as of my writing this I’ve had 6 accept my services and 5 had children 4 girls and 2 boys, The sixth is still undergoing servicing. The third having twins a girl and a boy, no repeats as of now. But it’s a great benefit I think to the women, and I also enjoy the sex.

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