I discovered my darker self and enjoyed it to the full

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By lena There I was all dressed up and stark naked beneath my skirt and I lost my nerve, all I had to do was open my legs a little as I had enough attention.

My name is Lena and I’m nearly 65 years old but this all happened when I was 23, a good few years ago now when going out with a local lad we used to go to the coast drinking as the city was not really my thing and didn’t care much for it, my boyfriend was always a flirt but one night it really got out of hand and more like FWB’s.
I had been to the loo and when I came out their they were locked together, and where his hand was was no ones business and I was bloody furious, after staring in disbelief I stormed out leaving him with her, we were in Tynemouth at the time and only three years before the Metro started so it was 1979 and I was 21!
The bus stop wasn’t far away but it ran to Newcastle, the 306 I think it was but could get off at the intersection at Chillingham road and then another bus home, getting on the bus and going upstairs there were only 7 or 8 people on for the whole journey I think and thought just for this I should let all these men just have me, right here right now, the more I thought about it the wetter I got until I was soaked, but I couldn’t get rid of the thought or the vision of him especially with what he was doing that night, needless to say he was on borrowed time I’d had enough.

I got a bus timetable and found out when the last one left Tynemouth, I can’t remember now but I think it was around 23.30, I actually travelled on it a few times after that at the weekend to sound it out but Saturday night seemed to be the best night if I was going to do it but I had no idea how, then a thought hit me if I took off my pants sat upstairs on back seat in the middle I would be exposed to everyone who wanted to see, I know not much of a plan is it! But I couldn’t just walk up to someone and say have me it had to come from them with a little visuals from me.
I formulated the idea picked a night and off I went, I’m ashamed to say that first time I completely lost my nerve, short skirt in fact it was a rah-rah, which I got in America when I was there with my parents, they became very popular here in the 80’s though, all I had to do was open my legs a little as I had enough attention but instead I moved to the corner!

I got off that bus thinking you bloody coward and I was on a high and switched on, it would be 3 weeks I think before it “conditions” were right, in fact they were perfect, getting on and finding only 6 men upstairs, sitting in the middle upstairs I opened my legs about 11 or 12 inches, my bare pussy was now on display in all it glory with no pubic hair to hide it and my skirt is high on my thighs and my decision of fulfilling this fantasy was here.
I had brought a cassette walkman which were brand new out and had my earphones on and pretended to be absorbed in the music but I could already feel the atmosphere change, I’m not embarrassed I’m so aroused knowing what they are looking at.

A couple made there way to the back seats, then I felt a hand on my leg, I opened my eyes and just smiled at him removing my headphones, his hand moved up my leg touching my pussy his finger parting my lips then going inside me finger fucking me, seconds later his cock was out but with me sitting down it just wasn’t working so I got up turned around and knelt on the seat, as soon as I did that he was pushing himself into me making me moan, the other guy also had his cock out, the others made there back too looking at me being screwed, a couple of minutes later he came inside me and felt him throb, upon removing himself the guy waiting slid inside, I moaned a little louder as he thrust inside and my orgasm started to build up, Finally with a Ahhhhh I came all over his cock and he also came inside me, looking towards the front the conductor was looking almost in disbelief at what was going on, the second guys cock slipped out of me our combined juices dripped out of my pussy.

The third one to have me was much older and when he entered me he was much bigger, being wet and slippery helped him slam his huge dick into me with one massive thrust, he started sliding in and out at a good pace as he held me pulling me back onto him going as deep as he could go as I enjoyed the build up sensations of my orgasm, we must have come together as I felt him explode in me, shooting rope after rope of cum into me until it was leaking out down my legs, more poured out as he pulled out then he was gone!

The next one was the last and he went at it like a rabbit in heat, he literally orgasmed in under a minute, then he was gone, so only four out of the six had me.

I missed my stop and ended up in Newcastle, on the way off I got some really cheeky looks from the bus crew especially the conductor who saw but couldn’t join in! I ended up getting a taxi home, I had discovered the darker side of myself and enjoyed it, lucky for me I carried lots of tissues.

In bed that night I lay there thinking about how great it felt letting all those cock one after the other have me and it wasn’t going to end there although my relationship did end, not because of that though as he knew nothing about it.
I knew I couldn’t keep doing it on the bus it’s one sure way to run into the same guys again and being able to drive I borrowed my parents car and went to Blyth and Seaton Sluice for the sand dunes to “sunbath” using my most revealing two piece, in fact I traded the bottoms for a G-string, getting the dunes it was a glorious day and 11 in the morning I think, I was better prepared this time, I had my little tape player with me and finding a nice dip in the dunes I set myself up, It wasn’t long after he left that I heard some voices and looked down the beach and saw four guys jogging along the shore line, I stood on top of the dune and shook my towel pretended I didn’t see them and settled down again.

I knew they getting much closer and must have been just behind the dune I was at and sounded like they were talking among themselves, and then they headed over my way over the top of the dune, I was laying there on my towel not naked but as close to it as could be and my g-string hid almost nothing but decided to unclip my top exposing my breasts just before they found me.
They came up and stood around making small talk when I “suddenly realized” I didn’t have my top on (Lol’s)
I was in the process of fastening it when they said I looked so good without it that it would be a shame to cover up and ruin my tan, in fact I recognized one of them but he shall remain nameless, A Newcastle United football player, his pic had been in the paper and was 6 years younger than me, I didn’t know the others although they could have players too, I know they were not shy at coming forward as one said  how nice my tits were and wished he could feel them!
I started to get into it too and told him to go ahead a see if they felt good, before I knew it they were feeling me up and rubbing their hands all over my body and I was getting hotter and hotter. I laid back and allowed them to remove my g-string and they began to rub my pussy, then finger me.

I was laying back with my eyes closed just enjoying it all when I felt a dick rubbing against my mouth,  I opened my mouth and took his cock in it, by this time they had removed their shorts and all had impressively sized cocks, at that moment the one in the paper was between my legs and felt his cock slide into my pussy, the other two continues to fondle my tits,  It wasn’t long before the guy I was sucking started coming in my mouth and the other fucking me seeing this shot a huge load in my pussy with me coming over his cock.

As soon as they got off they were replaced by the other two, Oh man I have never felt anything so good, the bus sex was great but they were drunk, this time no alcohol was involved, me swirling my tongue around that cock had an effect as he was soon throbbing in my mouth squirting his cum in it, I had another orgasm before the other one came in my pussy too.

Then it was switcheroo, the ones who came in my mouth wanted to fuck me too and I let them, this time they lasted longer and had too build up to their orgasms, one of them that came in my mouth was huge, he started easing that monster in me and oh it felt so damn good I threw my legs around him and pulled him into me, when that guy was close to coming I knew it and with his size I was close to erupting myself, as he started to throb he must have had a gallon of cum as my own orgasm pounced like a startled cat, I literally had a death grip on him with my legs pulling him inside me, his friends saw what it was like when a girl squirts on a penis that’s coming inside them.

It all lasted for a little over an hour, as he got off me I could feel all the cum start to run out of me, all the guys told me I was fantastic and did I need anything but I didn’t, They all thanked me and waded out in the water to wash off and I collected my things and joined them to wash off and let some of the cum drain out of my pussy, when they were done they gave me a peck on the cheek and continued on down the beach, they used that beach all the time and we met up a few times!

That beach and the bus there turned out to be the perfect place to be “ambushed”! Even though I was setting them up, of course all this was before WWW, mobile phones, cameras on busses and the like, afterwards I felt energetic, for hours and days on end, I didn’t feel used at all as it was the other way round, I used them but to them, I was just an available pussy, I didn’t know them and they didn’t know me, I didn’t care for them individually and no questions were asked.

Nothing of that is relevant to my experience. My experience was that I wanted it and they were willing to do it married or not, I was the centre of attention.
For me, that experience was all about myself, and an awful lot of people contributed to that experience they took care of their experience themselves.
I don’t care how many of them came, or think I was a good fuck or a bad fuck, I could just let go of all expectations of society and focus on myself, be myself. I didn’t need to please anybody. Sometimes I just wanted to lay there and feel their cocks inside me, sometimes I wanted to be more active and moved against their thrusts. I was completely focused on pleasing myself, and not on pleasing anybody else.

That was a very liberating feeling, I did that for two years, the pill worked for me and I never caught any STD’s thank goodness.
Have displayed a pic of me then and me now. The then one has yellowed a bit but never mind.

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By lena #Exhibitionist #Group #Voyeur