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I 26 got a job with a large company and hoped I would do well. Starting in a low management job, after years of business school I was starting my career. But it was boring, and my idea of quick advancement wasn’t looking good. The boss the company was talking big, and nothing seem to improve. The company was privately owned and so no shareholders to please. I enquire into the company a bit and found out something very few people knew. The big boss didn’t own the company and only had the job because he had married the owner and got the big job on his father-in-law passing away. His only claim to fame was having a daughter with his wife. The company name wasn’t the same as the owners. The company just did its normal operations as it always had. The profits were always about the same, sometimes up and sometimes down I realized the boss just sat in his office and did nothing to improve the business. But as I was thinking of finding another job with a better advancement opportunity, I met the daughter 25 quiet and good-looking woman, I didn’t know at the time who she was. Her surname was a common one and I hadn’t expected to meet the owner’s daughter, who was down to earth and not as I would have expected. Anyway, we hit it off and she never said she was related to my employers, and I just assumed she was a ordinary person like me. We started having sex and short version a condom busted and she ended up pregnant. Fast forward we married as it was the best way, I thought of avoiding a scandal. Catholic families like to avoid heavily pregnant brides walking down the aisle. I knew soon after my proposal who she was related too, the shock on my face she thought was very funny. Her mother wasn’t as forgiving on our first meeting, her just sat next her and said nothing. But she realized I loved her daughter, and her daughter loved me. That was 2018 and the baby boy was born in 2019, the birth of a boy was welcomed as no boys had been born in their family for over 3 generations. So, our marriage was seen as blessed, living in the same house as the boss and her husband. My wife and child were the center of my mother-in-law attention, in early 2020 my wife was again pregnant, and the first news of a pandemic was being talked about. My father-in-law took a trip for business, code for playing golf and caught the virus and died within a week. Even before the suggestion of a lockdown was being talked about. Well, we took every precaution to protect ourselves and our son, with start of the lockdown. There was only 6 of us in the house, my wife, our son, her mother, and the housekeeper and her assistant. In all 4 women 1 man and a child, the staff were 56 and 53 and mother-in-law was 49. As the lockdown dragged on my wife and me busied ourselves with our son and as then knew his sister who was due in November or early December. My wife went off sex a bit not as willing as usual, but she got her mother to provide me with sex. More because her mother was horny, than my needs. But really bonded our relationship and help me get a large promotion, the job of her late husband. All I had to do was fuck my mother-in-law regularly, in the same bed as my wife. We got thru the lockdown and had our baby girl. Then there was a gap before my wife got pregnant again and we had another boy. As of now my wife is pregnant again with our fourth child another boy. My mother-in-law still shares our bed. Only change since the lockdown new housekeeper and her assistant the others got the virus after the lockdown and after they had refused the vaccine, and both passed away from the virus.

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