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I left school early as it and me didn’t get on, I was kicked out of home by father who said I was a loser. At 15 I hit the road and got by, by working whatever I could get. I met an old man who watched over me taught me a few things as well. But as I said he was old and died when I was 23. Alone again, walking along a road on my way to a fruit picking area in the hope of a job. I came across a car broken down and a woman and a small child were the only people with it. I offered to fix it and got it going, she gave me a ride to the next town. As I got out of her car a deputy grabbed me threw me up against the police car. The woman told him to let me go, but he ignored her. The sheriff arrived she told the sheriff I had fixed her car and she given a ride here in return. The sheriff told his son the deputy to let me go, he did. The sheriff said sorry, and I was allowed to go. I got a job on a local farm fruit picking and was watched by the deputy every time he saw me. It turned out the woman was his sister, and he really didn’t like drifters. But the sheriff let me be as I had helped his daughter and her son 5, her husband was away in the Army. I left the town after the picking was over headed to the next job. I arrived and as was usual the local sheriff and his deputies were ready to make sure we behaved. But I was left alone, I found out later I had been flagged as okay by the previous sheriff. So, I wasn’t bothered like other drifters were. I move on again and came across a woman fixing a fence and cutting up a tree that fell thru her fence. I stopped and helped her, I was invited for dinner she lived alone and she asked me did want a job and I said Yes. I became her farmhand, not big farm nor was it her source of income. It was her hobby farm, she was widow 52 and preferred the county to the city. After 2 weeks she asked to fuck her, and I did as I was asked. I still work for her now 5 years later, still regularly fucking her and married to her daughter and have 2 children with my wife. I was picked by the mother to marry her daughter and as I was fucking the mother already, fucking the daughter was another step in joining the family by marriage.

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