I done the deed and paid the price | straight story from Happy Husband and MIL fucker

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I’m used to getting what I want and always press my luck. that’s why I was transferred to a small town to manage a mill owned by my family. A small town less chance of me getting into trouble. At 31 and not married like older and younger siblings, I would get into some trouble regularly like clockwork. Hence being exiled, they knew there weren’t many young women in the town, as they moved away as soon as they were old enough. Of the women that I worked with there was only one under the age of 40 and she was my office staff (receptionist/secretary) and she 38 and fairly good looking and she was single and had a daughter 20 who worked at the library. Of all the women in the town they were the best looker to me. The daughter and mother were joined at the hip never alone except at work. But I like challengers and started trying to get close to the mother, not overly successful at the start. But I got closer and at the end of the financial year, I had to work Saturday morning I wasn’t very far behind just enough to make me work the Saturday and being mindful it was good reason to have mother with me to complete the paperwork without anyone else coming in to see me as the mill was closed weekends. I told her I would need her assistance and she agreed to work. The work was slowed a bit as I was trying to fuck her more than finish the work. But I manage to get the work done and fuck her as well. She became very willing to please me after that, anyway we were having fairly regular sex and finally I convinced her to get her daughter to join us. Which was before the pandemic and the lockdown that came with it. But the deed was done before the deed was done already. Yes, I’d gotten the mother pregnant and maybe the daughter as well. Anyway, not willing to chance more trouble with my family I decided to marry, and the mother insisted I marry her daughter. Which I did quickly as news of a lockdown was being talked about. Turns out the daughter wasn’t pregnant only the mother, but by the end of the lockdown she was. Still at the mill as manager and living with my wife and her mother and soon to have our fourth child. My mother-in-law gave me a daughter and my wife gave me a son and in late 2022 another son. My mother-in-law is expecting a son also in November. My family have accepted my fathering children with my mother-in-law and really like my wife and her mother and all my children. They still prefer a sort of containment of me in the small town, rather than having back in the city.

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