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At the age of 16 I lost both my parents car accident and went to live my uncle and his wife. They had a son already older than me, and the son join the army about year after I started living with my uncle. My mother’s only sibling he was older by 3 years than she was, and we got on very well. My uncle died in a mass shooting he was shopping, and a nutcase started shooting anyone he saw. My cousin came home for the funeral and was gone a few days later. I was 22 at the time working as plumber’s assistant learning the trade. I was still living with my aunt who took his death fairly hard. But over the next couple months she had seemed to get over it, but I was lying in bed on a stormy Saturday night and had stayed home because the rain and thunder. When my aunt joined me in my bed, and she was naked. She asked me to fuck her as she was very horny and my uncle and her always had sex on stormy nights. I decided to fuck her, and she stayed the rest of the night with me and we fucked again in the morning. I thought it was a one-off type of thing, but she became a regular visitor to my bed at night raining or fine it didn’t matter. After about a month she had me move into her bed full time. Of course, she finally started dating and would marry 5 years later and I would marry her stepdaughter not very long after she had married. He was 11 years older than her, and she supplemented her sex with him using me. He was very well off and had only one child his daughter who was the same age as me and with my aunt’s help I had bedded. So, we all live together and I’ve 3 children with my wife of 5 years.

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