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This is a true slutty confession from me.
My First Plush Party
Since I joined the swinger lifestyle many years ago, people told me about Plush parties. I had no idea what they were, but many different people told me that if I ever had an opportunity to go to a Plush party, I should do it. I vowed to try one out if I got the chance, but I didn't actually get to attend one until recently.
In the lifestyle, many of the parties are free to single women and I went to a lot of parties. At most of the parties, I was fucking a lot of people, mostly men. I'm bisexual and every once in a while, I would get a chance to play with another woman. I had been doing a lot of gangbang parties around that time where it was only a few gangbang sluts and then a bunch of men. I fucked countless men of all body types, cock sizes, and ages. I didn't discriminate. I did use condoms and had to purchase them in hundred packs.
While I was doing all this partying and fucking, I met a guy who was the best fuck I had ever come across. He quickly became my lifestyle boyfriend. We had been hanging out a lot and I would take him to my gangbang parties with me and watch him fuck all of my fellow gangbang sluts. I enjoyed watching him and I think he enjoyed watching me. We were mirror images of one another. At parties, I would have a line of men waiting for me and he would have a line of women waiting for him. Our experiences bonded us and we started dating seriously. I stopped going to as many parties and I asked him to do the same because our relationship was getting really serious and I was at the point where I didn't want other people anymore, just him.
He wasn't convinced that this was what he wanted and he told me he wanted to go meet a couple that he had fucked in the past for a rendezvous. I was unhappy that he still wanted to meet up with other people when I was so hopelessly smitten by him, but what could I do? I had to let him be himself. The night of his adventure quickly approached and in my Kasidie account (this is a website that swingers use for networking) that week I saw something interesting. I had been added to the Plush Parties mailing list. There was an invite to a Christmas party (this was 2019) and I noticed that they were charging single females $30. It was the same night as my boyfriend's threesome and so I bought a ticket on the spot. I think this was called the Nutcracker Ball or something like that.
The night before the event, my boyfriend expressed concern about my feelings. He was worried that I would be sad and depressed when he went to his threesome, but I told him I bought a ticket to a sex party and I wanted to go. There was no way I could get an additional ticket at that point because Plush parties fill up fast, so I told him to go to his threesome and I packed a bag full of sex toys and sexy outfits and headed to this party by myself. I had been to plenty of parties alone, but this one was a bit different because I had built it up in my mind to be this huge deal.
It was raining, dark, and freezing that night as I got out of my car. I had to use an umbrella to shield myself from the downpour. The venue was a clubhouse at a huge country club. There were tons of people already inside and wearing the sluttiest outfits I've ever seen. I was actually a bit underdressed and I was feeling a bit self-conscious as I checked my coat and bag into the coat check. I went to the bar to get some water. I got in line behind a couple who were talking animatedly about their excitement for the evening.
"Have you been to a Plush party before?" I asked the female half of the couple.
"Oh yeah, we come to a lot of these. I'm Erika. This is Ryan," she introduced her partner.
"I'm Jenni. Nice to meet you!" I said extending my hand.
"Nice to meet you too," Ryan shook my hand first, and then Erika did as well.
"So, have you been to a lot of swinger parties?" Erika asked me. She had long, dark hair with brown skin and was slightly overweight. Her face was pretty and her brown eyes held a delicate sparkle of mischief that put me at ease, despite my nervousness.
"Yes, but this is my first Plush party. I've always wanted to go to one of these though."
"You should come join us in the playroom tonight," she gave me a naughty wink.
"Okay. Where are you doing to be?"
"I'll go scope out a spot in there," she pointed toward where the playrooms were located. "Just come join me after you get your drinks."
"You're leaving me?" Ryan asked her.
"Yeah, bring Jenni with you when you come back to join me. I'm going to be in there," she pointed toward an opening that led to a play area.
"Of course," he told her and she waved animatedly before turning and walking toward the playroom.
"How long have you been together?" I asked Ryan.
"Two years. It's been interesting. I don't really like fucking other people, but I get that Erika is a slut and she needs to fuck people. I just come along and watch usually."
"Have you ever joined in?" I asked, curious about their relationship. It sounded very non-traditional and I am always interested in how swingers do it. Every relationship is different.
"Sometimes, but I like watching her. She's an instigator," he said proudly.
"What does that mean?"
"It means if I take you back there, she's going to start something. In fact, she's probably already got some girl naked back there."
"It's our turn!" I informed Ryan as he paused his story so we could get our drinks. Once we had them, he indicated that I should follow him. "Let's go find her and see what trouble she's into."
"Okay!" I followed Ryan through the crowd, which was getting larger by the minute. We walked into the play area and it was amazing how much space there was and how many beds they had set up. The beds were basically made of a rubbery material that would be easily washable, but they were covered with thin, white sheets. We looked around and spotted Erika. Sure enough, as Ryan predicted, she was on one of the beds with a couple.
The guy half of the couple was an older gentleman, probably in his late forties or early fifties. He was white with big hands and a prominent nose. He had his arms wrapped around his girlfriend, who was a thin, Asian girl in her late twenties.
"Wow, you work quickly!" I said to Erika with admiration.
"Thank you!" she laughed. "This is Joe and Nancy. This is her first night at a swinger party and she's never been with a girl."
"Wow, it's your first time?" I reached to shake her hand and then Joe's hand.
"Yeah, but I'm ready!" she assured me.
"Oh yeah? I brought my strap-on with me. Want to try it out?"
"You did? Where is it?" she asked with interest.
"I'll go get it if you want to try it." I wanted to fuck her so much. I love women and the thought of being the first girl to ever fuck her was appealing.
"Yeah, go get it!"
"Okay! I'll be right back!"
"I'll be waiting!" she called after me.
I scuttled back to the coat check and retrieved my bag. I had a lot of toys and things in my bag with me and I rifled through them until I found the strap-on and headed back to Nancy to give her what she wanted.
By the time I returned Nancy and Erika were kissing. Joe was still holding her as they kissed. Ryan sat in a chair near the bed, simply watching. I pulled the strap-on up and on. I tightened the straps until the pink, plastic cock hung from my body as if it really belonged to me.
"You can keep kissing Erika, but I need you to open your legs," I commanded Nancy. She opened her legs and I pulled her closer to me. Her head was now resting on Joe's stomach. He was still straddling her body as I made my way between her legs and added a condom to my plastic cock (it's easier when you fuck multiple women with a toy to use condoms so you don't have to clean the toy every time you fuck a new girl). I slid into her pussy slowly. Erika was still kissing her and caressing her. Her boyfriend was still holding her.
I moved my plastic dick in and out of her pussy, working her closer and closer to orgasm until she was screaming and shaking uncontrollably. I knew that I was making her cum hard, so I didn't stop.
"I want you in doggy-style," I told her and Joe gave me a wink. I could tell this was turning him on. Nancy got on her hands and knees and I pushed my plastic cock into her from behind. I began to fuck her slowly at first, and then I worked up to where I was absolutely pounding her from behind. I could feel her pussy tightening as she came. Her mouth was wrapped around Joe's cock as I fucked her and I smiled as I watched her suck desperately at his dick as she took my pounding. Her final orgasm on my strap-on was epic. Her whole body shuddered with pleasure before she collapsed, Joe's cock still in her mouth.
She finally spit his cock out of her mouth. "That was amazing. Can I try eating your pussy?" she asked me when she could speak again. "I've never eaten a pussy before and I really want to try."
I could see that Erika was looking a bit disappointed because I'm sure she wanted a piece of Nancy as well, but we switched places until my legs were open and Nancy's tongue was in between my pussy lips. Despite the fact that it was her first time, Nancy was amazing with her tongue. She went by feel and made me cum many times before she finally stopped.
"How was that? How did I do?" she asked.
"I can't believe that was your first time!" I told her. She had really made me cum and impressed me with her pussy licking skills.
"Now it's my turn to eat your pussy!" Erika announced and we rearranged again. Erika buried her tongue into Nancy's pussy and I watched, in awe of Erika's impressive tongue.
I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked up to see another couple standing on the side of the bed. I hadn't realized it, but a crowd had formed around the bed I'd been fucking Nancy on. This couple was young and foreign. I could hear the thick Middle-Eastern accent from the female as she begged me to suck and fuck her pussy. She was tall, with bleached blonde hair and very delicate features. Her skin was a lot lighter than most Middle-Eastern women and she was gorgeous. I can't recall what the guy even looked like. She spread her legs for me as I strapped back on.
I covered my plastic cock with a new condom and began to fuck her. She was on her back and I had her legs bent back over her head so I could really hammer her G-spot. She was screaming and cumming and begging me to stop, but I didn't stop. Instead, I told her husband to hold her down for me so I could really fuck her good. I was out of breath and tired as I pounded the shit out of her pussy. I wasn't expecting her to squirt, but she definitely got me right in the stomach. I paused for a moment to figure out what happened and she used that moment to wriggle away.
"We will come back," she told me. "Thank you."
I was a bit baffled by the Middle-Eastern girl as she grabbed her husband by the hand and led him away from our bed. Erika was still working her magic on Nancy's pussy and I watched her, wishing that I could be as good at eating pussy as she was. I was really taking notes and trying my best to figure out her secrets. Erika was a pussy whisperer.
"Excuse me? Would you like to play?" A blonde woman tapped me on the shoulder. "I'm Monique and this is Scott. We aren't married but we play together. I saw you fucking a couple of girls with your strap-on. You think I could get a turn?" This couple was a bit older, probably in their late forties but they were both extremely attractive. Monique had blonde hair and a voluptuous body. She was very fit but definitely had a little extra weight in her midsection. Scott was a very enlightened guy. I could tell by the way he let Monique lead.
"Sure. I can help!" I agreed. Monique sat next to me on the bed and leaned in for a kiss. My strap-on was still attached to my body and so I paused to peel off one condom and open another before I bend Monique over and made her suck her man's cock as I fucked her. I was feeling pretty good about the whole night and I had already fucked more girls than I usually did in a night. The night was still young, too. Monique came so hard for me. She was screaming and grunting underneath me when she finally crawled away from me because she couldn't take anymore.
"Why don't you fuck Scott. He hasn't gotten any pussy yet tonight," Monique suggested.
"Well, this is ladies' night for me, but I suppose one cock wouldn't hurt." I climbed on top of Scott, stopping only to put a condom on him. I lowered my pussy down on his dick and I began to fuck him. What I wasn't expecting was the way he fucked me back. Monique's hands were all over my tits and the rest of my body. It felt so good to fuck Scott's dick and have Monique's hands all over me. She kissed me as I fucked him and it sent me over the edge. I came so fucking hard, letting my pussy explode all over Scott. I don't usually squirt, but there was definitely a lot of juice all over Scott as I finally climbed off of his dick.
"My turn next!" I heard another female scream. This girl had long, dark hair and I think she was probably Middle-Eastern but I'm not 100% sure. She got on her hands and knees in front of me.
"You want me to fuck you?" I asked her, a bit dazed from all of my orgasms.
"Yes! There's a line for you now," she pointed toward a few girls who were literally standing in a line next to my side of the bed.
"Wow, okay. Well, let's get going then!" I got my strap-on back in place and slid on another condom. I fucked the girl with the long, dark hair, watching her cum many times before she crawled away.
Another girl replaced her, and then another. I had never had a line of females and couples before, but this was one of those nights where the unbelievable became real for me. I fucked so many pussies that night that I totally lost count. All the while, Erika was on the bed next to me, helping out. She was licking everyone's pussy and honestly, watching her was driving me onward.
I fucked until I couldn't possibly fuck anymore. I even developed a deep bruise on my pussy where my strap-on dug into my tender skin as I fucked. I finally got up and made my way to the bathroom. When I looked in the mirror I had to laugh. My makeup was smeared and I looked like I had been through a lot of sex. Other women in the restroom gave me weird, sideways looks.
There was an extremely hot girl in the bathroom and she was dressed as a flapper. She had big, fake boobs and a round ass. Her hair was long and dark and I wanted to fuck her. I still had my strap-on attached to my body, but I had a robe over the top of it.
"Want to get fucked?" I asked the hot girl.
"What?" she asked, surprised by my question.
"Ever been fucked by a girl?" I asked her.
"No. I'm not into women. I'm straight."
"Well, fucking me is like fucking a guy. I have a strap-on." I opened my robe a little bit and showed the girl. She laughed.
"That's not for me, but thanks for the offer," she told me.
"No problem. I'll be in a playroom if you change your mind," I told her. I normally would never flirt so blatantly, but I was feeling ballsy after the night I'd had.
I returned back to the playroom and saw that Nancy was now in a pile of maybe 5 women and she looked extremely happy. Erika was in that pile too. There was a tap on my shoulder.
"Want to again?" It was the Middle-Eastern girl from earlier and so I licked her pussy for her and then fucked her.
Nancy wanted one last fuck from me as well. At this point, it was getting late and there weren't a lot of people left. I gave Nancy what she wanted and then realized that I was exhausted. I couldn't fuck anymore. As I gathered my things and put them in my bag, people came and gave me their cards. A lot of swingers have swinger business cards they hand out at these things. I have some as well so I exchanged info with everyone and I had every intention of keeping in touch.
I was glowing as I drove home and the excitement carried over to the next day. When my boyfriend called me I told him a brief summary of everything that had happened to me and included a picture that Erika had taken and sent to me of that night. In the photo, I had my strap-on inside of Nancy as she sucked her boyfriend off. I was smiling like I was having the time of my life.
My boyfriend was a bit miffed at me because his night hadn't been as exciting as mine. Apparently, the husband and wife he had joined only had him over for a short time before the wife had to tap out. It was obvious he would have had a much better time at the Plush party with me, but then if he had been there I'm not sure I would have had the kind of night that I had.
I meant to keep in touch with everyone, but I'm weird like that. I only keep in touch with people that I really, really want to have in my life long-term. Parties are good for those one-time encounters. So, I didn't keep in touch. I do have Erika's number somewhere on my phone and I suppose I could contact her, but it's Covid times now and people aren't really playing like they used to.
So, that's my TRUE slutty confession. I had more girls in one night than I've ever had before. I hope you enjoyed it.

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