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By Amelia Double edge didlo slide out of my pussy with a BIG POP SOUND and big relief of me, i laying down to bed in my stomach taking deep breaths. I was in need of rest but Veronica doesn’t finish, i feel her to rub with her hands and kissing me in neck and my back, please enough for tonight i haven’t other strength i tell her, no she say there is one more thing i want of you she answered and however i protested she was very dominant.
Both of us sitting on bed, we take again the double edge dildo but her edges on our mouths sucking them, but i had the edge which was inside her pussy and her my edge so as she say to taste each others liquids. I must say it was hot but the strange was that Veronica was looking and smiling at wall and i was wondering why. I will discovered it later, well our night ends in this way.

Next night, double edge dildo was again the all star toy, me and Veronica on all four and our asses going back and forth above it. Then i see with the edge of my eye my little sister watching us, door wasn’t full closed, probably little bitch was liked the show so i give her one really big. I was giving big backshots a result to feel double edge dildo to hit and stretched my very inside, i was fucking my brains out offer me some very intence orgams.
Another one night, we were nude, sitting and kissing above the bed when Veronica left me so she go to walk in closet, opening her sex toys box and searching, i wondering what it’s waiting me. Soon she was again in her legs coming to me and keeping one black strapon, but it was different, strapless. All this time i was good student and girl, i deserve a gift, i haven’t idea what she was meant but i learn when she slide the one side of strapless strapon inside my pussy.

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This make me to scream and jump, calm down she say you will love it, she continue move it inside it my pussy until she found my lovely spot, here we are now you are like girl with cock. I look myself down and she was right, Veronica to my surprise she fell on her hands and knees and sucking me. I couldn’t believe it, thinking i was dreaming, because Veronica was wearing the strapon and me sucking her but today our roles reversed.
Yes a older girl to suck the strapon which a younger girl was wearing was so hot, so naughty. Veronica tonight was one other person. Veronica catch my asscheeks and pushing taking strapless deep inside her mouth like a beast. Soon i had the first intense orgasm screaming. After sucking my strapless Veronica got on all fours in front of me asking me to fuck her. Helding the strapon and with her instructions i rubbed it over her beautiful pussy and ass entrance.

Well held it i push him into Veronicas moistened pussy. It fit though easy but Veronica letting out one big yelp. Ohhhh she moaned, as the rubbery cock went inside her. With her instructions held her from waist i start something i was thinking was a dream, i was fucking Veronica.
I thrust her waist forward and backwards, forward and backwards, forward and backwards. Our moans got louder and stronger as strapless strapon was thrust even deeper into her, Cum started to show on her side of strapless, which proved that i was fucking her very good and she was enjoying being fucked from me.
I Couldn’t hold anymore myself and i start screaming to her, fuck, fuck, fuck god, i love fucking you big bitch, big whole, hag, you love being fucking from little girls, fucking bitch

Oh, oh, oh yes, little Amelia fuck Veronica, Veronica was a bad girl, ahhhhhhh, i will fuck your brains out pervert babysitter i scream her. I could feel my pussy moisten and widen again as i became violently sexually aroused while continued to fuck her. I just couldn’t hold my excitement and horniness – I get rough. went so fast and deep that my pussy hit Veronicas butt cheeks.
I hear her screaming i’m cumming , same i i answer and with one unexpecting move, she flipped over with her legs wide open, strapless slide out and then squirted cum all over me, stomach, thighs, pussy boobs, i couldn’t believe it.

It doesn’t end there.

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By Amelia #Lesbian #PreTeen