I first spotted this sexy White mama while walking through the Rideau Shopping Center

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When a man is gripped by the seemingly all-powerful force that is lust, there’s absolutely nothing he can do. My name is Troy James Whitehead. My friends call me T.J. for short. As for the Whitehead thing, weird last name for a big and tall young Black man, I know. I was born in the City of Decatur, State of Georgia, and moved to the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario, three years ago. I came here to attend grad school at Carleton University after flunking out of Georgia Tech. Civil engineering is my passion and Carleton University has one of the best programs in Canada. Life hasn’t been a bed of roses in the Canadian capital but I’m managing just fine, I guess.
I have a confession to make, ladies and gentlemen. I have a thing for the forbidden fruit, and I have no other way of satisfying my urges. I have to pursue that which I crave. Like many young Black men out there, I have a thing for White women. What distinguishes me from most of the others is that I like older White women. Take Theresa Tremblay for example. I first spotted this sexy White mama while walking through the Rideau Shopping Center. Now, there are a lot of snobs in the City of Ottawa and by far, White women from Theresa’s age bracket make up the bulk of them. That makes them a challenge for a predator like myself, and I like it that way.
I spotted her walking into a fancy clothing store, dressed in a White silk blouse and dark gray pants. Five-foot-eight, chubby but alright, with short blonde hair starting to go silver here and there. A round face that seems friendly, until you see the steely blue eyes. Full lips that look sensual until downturned. Theresa Tremblay had Canadian government worker written all over her, I could tell that long before I saw the Canada Revenue Agency badge hanging around her neck. You got to see them in Ottawa, man. It’s a very conservative-minded government town. Eighty percent of the good jobs here are in the government sector.
For the most part, government workers are snobs. I’ve dealt with them a lot lately, because I have a part-time job working as a security guard. My job sends me to a lot of government offices in the City of Ottawa. I do what I got to do to pay the bills. All for an inglorious twelve dollars and seventy five cents an hour. Isn’t that peachy keen? I want to get my civil engineering degree in Canada because Canadian schools are much cheaper than American ones. Georgia Tech is much more expensive than Carleton University, even though I am paying international fees here. Isn’t that a kick in the butt?
Anyhow, I saw that good-looking older White lady with the nice big ass and had to go over and say hi. I walked into the fancy clothing store, clad in my black silk shirt, blue jeans and dark gray Timberland boots. Oh, and my blue and White backpack with the Carleton University logo emblazoned all over it, of course. I’m proud of my new school because I found it nice and welcoming. I thought every school in the Canadian capital would be supremely White but Carleton University surprised me. Lots of students of African, Indian, Chinese, Arab and Filipino background call this school of mine home. There are so many Chinese and Indian students in the civil engineering program that I feel that they’re taking over. I’ve seen some Black students in the engineering building. Most of them are from places like Nigeria, Jamaica, Haiti, Trinidad, Ethiopia and Somaliland. Black folks from the Caribbean and continental Africa. No African-Americans. I guess I’m the only one.
With my Carleton University gear and my all-American swag, I walked into the store and immediately was greeted by a nervous-looking Chinese chick who asked me if she could help me find anything. I kind of exaggerated my southern drawl and told her that I would be fine. The good-looking older White lady looked at me curiously, and I smiled at her. Our eyes met. I expected her to just give me a fake smile like so many White women. They’re so fake sometimes it’s not even funny. This lady smiled at me and it was a genuine smile. She walked over to me and asked me if I came from the States. I nodded, smiled and told her that I was a proud son of Decatur City in the State of Georgia. The lady smiled and told me she had a son studying at Morehouse College. That made me pause. Morehouse College is the best school on the planet for men of African descent. Located in the heart of metropolitan Atlanta, State of Georgia. Um, what’s a White dude doing there?
The lady seemed to read my mind, and then she flashed me a picture in her wallet. The picture was that of a light-skinned young brother, not a day over twenty. The lady proudly told me this was her son Mathieu Junior. I smiled and told her that her son was going to have a blast at Morehouse College. I studied at Morehouse College for three semesters before switching to Georgia Tech. I’m proud to have been a Morehouse Man! The lady held out her hand, introducing herself as Theresa Anne Tremblay. I shook her hand. Her handshake was warm and firm. Just like the rest of her, as I would someday discover.
And that’s how I met Theresa Anne Tremblay. A forty-eight-year-old native of metropolitan Montreal, Quebec, who once studied Business Administration at the University of Georgia in downtown Atlanta. She met her husband Mathieu Sylvestre, a Haitian-American lawyer, while studying in Atlanta, Georgia. They got married, and divided their time between the City of Atlanta, Georgia, and the City of Montreal, Quebec. Their son Mathieu was born in Atlanta but raised in Montreal. He always wanted to study in Atlanta and moved there last year. She worked for the Canadian Revenue Agency as a special accounts manager in Ottawa, having grown bored of life in Montreal without her son. Theresa was recently divorced from her hubby of more than twenty years. Wow. I was not expecting all that when I spoke to Theresa. I thought she was just like every other middle-aged White female government worker in the Canadian capital. I was blown away.
Theresa and I would run into each other downstairs, in the food court, where we had coffee and sandwiches. She was on a break from work. Afterwards, we exchanged numbers. Just like that. We talked on the phone that night. She was surprised to hear that I was twenty seven. Apparently I looked much younger. People always tell me that I look like I’m twenty one or twenty two years old at the most. I take that as a compliment. Good Black doesn’t crack and all that. Theresa and I became friends, and we began seeing each other. Just casually. Just two friends, as it were. Slowly but surely, things progressed. We were both consenting adults, and we had needs.
Theresa and I lay naked in bed, in her house in the Ottawa suburb of Orleans. Before getting into it, we talked beforehand about what we liked and didn’t like. We were on the same page. Theresa spread her thighs, and I began licking her sweet pussy. Her mound was hairy but I didn’t mind. I licked her pussy real good, thrusting two fingers into her. She was wet and wild, just the way I liked my women. I loved the way she closed her eyes and licked her lips as I pleasured her. After I gave her pussy a good licking, Theresa returned the favor. Kneeling before me, she grabbed hold of my long and thick, uncircumcised black cock. I’m eight inches long, by the way. Not porn star big but not small either. Theresa seemed to like what I got for she attacked it with her mouth voraciously. She sucked my cock and licked my sweaty, hairy balls like there was no tomorrow. Man, this woman was absolutely awesome. Got me hard as hell in no time.
Theresa rolled a Magnum condom on my dick, then climbed on top of me. I slid my cock into her snatch as she wrapped her arms around me. Locking eyes with me, Theresa told me to fuck her HARD. I slammed into her, fucking her really hard. Her pussy was surprisingly hard considering she was an older lady and had a son who was nearly my age. I fucked her like this for a while, then we switched positions. Theresa got on all fours, face down and ass up. I took her like this, holding her hips firmly as I thrust my dick right back into her cunt. Theresa went wild, screaming obscenities and urging me to give it to her harder. Man, did this woman want me to break her pussy? Oh, well. It’s worth a try. I tried my best, going frigging nuts on her and pounding away at her cunt like I didn’t give a fuck. And you know what? It worked. For I made Theresa squeal in delight. She had tears of joy in her eyes by the time I was done with her.
Theresa and I lay next to each other, our bodies sweaty. It was our first time together but definitely not our last. Like I said, I got a thing for older White women. And they seem to be fond of me as well. Since I turned twenty, I’ve only bedded White women and they’re all over the age of thirty. That’s my requirement and my criterion. Theresa turned out to be full of surprises. Since last year I’ve begun to explore the world of BDSM, and Theresa is really into that. I enjoy tying her up and spanking her. I also had a great time fucking her in the ass. This sexy French Canadian lady loved anal sex and you can bet I was okay with that. I bent her over, spread her ass cheeks and lubricated them. This I did after handcuffing her and binding her legs. I spread her ass, and asked her if she was ready for me. Theresa nodded and I pushed my dick into her asshole.
How to describe the way Theresa’s asshole felt around my cock? Absolutely heavenly in its warmth and tightness. I gently smacked her butt while pushing my dick deeper into her anus. Theresa whimpered but did not scream. In fact, when I worked most of my dick inside of her, she told me it felt really good. We had plenty of lubricant and I was really patient with her. I enjoyed my delicious plate of White female booty as I gently pounded Theresa’s asshole with my dick. I fucked her like this for thirty six minutes, then pulled out. Slowly, I removed Theresa’s bonds and pulled her into my arms. She smiled and kissed me, then told me to wait my turn. I smiled. I was totally down with that.
Moments later, I lay on my back, staring at Theresa. The sexy older White woman whom I just butt-fucked moments ago was now wearing a strap-on dildo. She sprayed lubricant all over it, then came at me. Raising my legs in the air, Theresa placed her extremely well-lubricated strap-on dildo against my asshole. Gently, she pushed it inside. How to describe that first inch when it went into me? It hurt, no lie. Theresa stroked my cock and balls as she fucked my ass with her dildo. Slowly, she worked most of it inside of me. I groaned, feeling both pleasure and pain as she worked me over. I told her I could take more, and Theresa obliged me. Hard and fast she fucked me, pumping her dildo up my ass. This gentle and seemingly soft and sweet White woman pounded my ass like there was no tomorrow, and I screamed like my life depended on it. She owned my ass, man. Totally.
Theresa and I are quite a match, in more ways than one. We have great chemistry in and out of bed. I’ve taken her to art galleries and discotheques, and we have fun together. We took a trip to Buffalo, New York, and spent three days having nonstop sex in a nice hotel. We also shopped at the Galleria Mall and also swam in the pool. We attract attention from everyone pretty much everywhere we go because of the difference in our ages, backgrounds and skin tones. And that’s okay. We are very happy together. We’re not just fuck buddies. I’ve met some of her friends and she’s met some of mine. We’re okay, really. Just two smart people who enjoy each other’s company and have terrific sexual chemistry. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

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