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This happened when I was studying in my class 15. I had already fucked two of my teachers already (remember my math teacher?). They said there’s going to be a new teacher for it. Shortly, a plump, fair & a sexy looking lady in a yellow cotton saree entered the class. I even forgot to close my wide open mouth when I saw such a awesome woman fit for a steamy night actually is my math teacher. Her figure was mind blowing. She had big & heavy boobs in creamy white color & a soft, silky stomach which had some extra pounds, which made her belly even more sexy. I couldn’t see her navel because she had tucked the folds into her stomach. She was simply awesome. I felt uneasy when I saw indications of marriage(you know very well). But married women have a great body than virgins. I immediately got lusty of her & wanted her at any cost.

She introduced herself as usha rani, shortly rani. I longed to call her sex ki rani.

After a short chat we settled down for the lesson (but I was very disturbed.) While teaching, she untucked the saree covering her stomach, revealing her silky white belly, but her bellybutton couldn’t be seen.

Days went by, I greatly impressed her by my sharpness in math (I purposely did so). Soon I became a pet to her, not knowing that this pet would one day master her. Once in the last period, she called me to her staff room to take some books to our class. As soon as she saw me, she got up & greeted me with a bright smile. She was clad in a silk saree, which was opaque & I thought I will not see her boobs this time. She went near the cup-board & started to search. She did not find it in & stretched up to search in the top rake. I accidentally saw her & wow!!!! I could see her nipples poking out of her blouse, which I assumed that she has got the mood for sex. I still saw lower & got aroused to see her navel, poking out. It was vertical & bigger than my cock(!). I was like a ! & extremely sexy. My hands wanted to grab & massage her massive tits & my mouth nearly ordered me to insert my tongue into her big, vertical navel & lick it. I remembered many cine-scenes where the hero plays with the heroine’s navel. She handed me the books & I dropped it. We bent down at the same time & our clashed. “ouch!!!”, she said laughing & I too gave a silly smile & went away.

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Some days later, in the math class rani asked that if the students are interested in a private math classes at her home. I was the first to give my name. Classes were conducted every Fridays & Saturdays at 6:30 in the evening.

Once in the tuition, I went to her asking doubt(even though I knew it very well). I stood besides her & was watching her solving it. While watching I accidentally saw below her neck. Oh!!! I nearly fainted on seeing this!. I saw her naked boobs, without any bra & the nipples very erect, inside her nighty. The cleavage was out of this world. I got hard on & tried to look on the sum, but I couldn’t. As I was wearing a loose tracks, I was able to hide my erection or else my erection would have disturbed rani & the girls. That night I dreamt of sucking & playing with rani’s boobs & she in turn massaging my dick. I always thought about fucking & sucking her whenever I was free.

The day I dreamt of came true. My dream became a reality. On a rainy Saturday, she called off the tuition because of the bad weather. She too stayed back in school to finish off some work. I even though knew it was a holiday, I went to her house for classes(soon it will be a class of love-making). I was completely wet & when I reached there, I found the door to be locked. So I decided to wait there. After nearly 20 minutes, I saw her coming completely wet in rain & hid myself behind a tree. She was wearing a black nylon saree, which became transparent & sticky in the rain. I got a lusty treat of her boobs & her bra material through her wet blouse. Also in extra I relished her big navel completely out like a little cave a 2″ above her saree. Her petticoat was wet & I could see her ass crack & the panty line. Water droplets were trailing at her navel & the cleavage making me ticklish.

She entered her house & shut the door behind her. I came out & opened two buttons of my shirt just to reveal my body(to make her feel tempted). I rang the bell & she opened the door still in her wet saree, with a surprised look. She asked “why! There’s no tuition today”. “why don’t you change your clothes & wait till the rain stops?”. I entered into the house & said “sorry! I didn’t know that”. She said “that’s all right, bye the bye, when did you became a glamour boy?”, I saw her with a puzzled look. “hey! You are showing me your navel & your stomach” she said & started to laugh, “I thought only we women show their navel through sarees & other dresses, now you men too started, not bad! Your navel looks sexy to me”. She said & started to laugh. I was dumbfounded & stared at her with disbelief. She continued “hey! I’m not a teacher now, I’m your friend & it’s common among them”. I thought she would have said “I’m your lover”. She said “my navel length is 7″ & I made it big from 3″ using my finger, a stick & even my husband’s cock. He liked big navels”. I asked still dazed “where’s he now?” she said “he’s in the gulf, for 3 years he will be back only after 5 years. I miss him a lot! & his…” suddenly she stopped & bit her tongue as if she did a mistake. I understood that she meant his big meaty cock. Then I too grinned. Encouraged I said “how long will we stand like this, revealing our navels?” she too agreed & went in & came back after some time with a towel for me. She had dried her hair & changed her saree. This time it was a white cotton saree & to my surprise it was tucked below her navel. I got the towel looking at that long, love hole & started to dry my hair slowly. She saw this “what’s this you’ll catch cold if you dry too slow! Come on give it ill do for you” without even waiting she snatched it from my hand & pulled me towards her. I crashed hard against her boobs & waves of shiver ran through my body. While drying, I saw her boobs juggling, like two volley-balls in front of me. My hands wanted to catch it. But I controlled it with great trouble.

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After this, I got dry clothes of her husband which fitted me correctly & we settled down. She served me hot coffee & sat on the sofa besides me. The rain was getting harder every moment. It was pretty dark outside & she asked me “will you stay here tonight?, it’s not safe to travel in such darkness.” so I decided to ring up home & told the information. My father volunteered to come in his car, but I refused saying the bad roads as the reason. So green signal & I will stay her for the night.

At 8:00 we had dinner & sat down for a chat. After talking generally, she asked “have you been in love before?. I know this is the age”. I said no. Then she said “have you ever had any experience of being alone with a woman”. I looked at her puzzled “that means have you ever tasted any woman with her permission?” I was getting aroused & wanted to get out. She said in a deep & silky voice as if she is aroused “darling!, I asked you this question because, I am waiting long for a big healthy cock & I’m craving for a man to eat me & take my virginity off from me”. “yes!!!! I crave for sex & I need you!!!!, I love you!!! Come on take me!!!, eat me!! Suck every part of me!!! Come on!!! Dear” she said in a moaning voice. I was exotic & asked “ok!!!! I accept it, I need you!!! I too wanted to fuck you!! I got aroused to see your big tits & a sexy navel!!!. I’ll fuck you & eat you tonight ok? But your husband….” she said “that bastard will know this! He’s uninterested in sex & I failed to turn his attention towards me,” “bye the way, have you fucked any woman before?”. I said “yes!!! Two of them! Our computer miss abi & my math teacher usha”, she said with a exotic look “then you are the fittest person to satisfy me” & pulled me towards her.

She kissed me hard on my lips & we were engaged in a passionate lip-lock for a long time. Our tongues met each other & played in a sexy manner. She opened my zipper & pulled the big erect dick & massaged it with her hands. It was very steamy for me & I splashed my semen right on her saree. But she continued massaging me. I pulled out her pallu & the saree fully off her. I opened the blouse & was dazed to find those big melons sprang out, without any disturbance from the bra.

I massaged it light & then got hard on. She was gasping hard & she massaged my cock even hard. I then took the nipples to my mouth & pulled it, bit it & made it hard like a rock. I then proceeded to her navel & licked it & played with it for a long time. I inserted my cock into it & made roundabout movements. She too enjoyed it & moaning said ‘hoooo!!! Your making me aroused!!!” & laid down on the floor. I removed her petticoat & her satin panty which was pretty wet & threw it on her face.

Hungrily I pounced on her & started to eat her pussy. I inserted my tongue into it & explored the inner parts which were red & were overflowing with cum. Now for the climax! I began inserting my cock into pussy & as usual, it’s heavy moaning & the slow back & fro movements. She moaned hard & it echoed all over which made me even more erotic. I increased my speed & fucked her faster. Her whole body jerked & I could see her big belly & the extra large boobs shaking violently. I grabbed her navel & pinched it & fingered it.

Then I drew my cock out & we laid down in the famous 69 position. She tasted my cock from top to bottom & washed it with her saliva. She took the head first & tickled it with her tongue when I cummed again in her face. I was simply having a great time with her vagina. Then I turned her back & fucked her asshole. It was tight & she cried in pain. I slowly withdrew & fucked her in her pussy.

So like this we continued till the morning & she was fucked & sucked until she got satisfied. She gave a passionate French kiss before I left her. We continued like this for 2 more years, until when her husband called her to gulf. She was 40 days pregnant when she left. Then after that we never saw each other. But she used to mail me her experiences in the gulf, with her husband. I have made a collection of it. I will post them soon………

So this was my experience gals with rani. Don’t forget gals, aunties & lesbians(not gays!!!) To mail me at [email protected] for free fucking sessions

Bye now!!!!

With a erected dick full of love & cum