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By Longuy32 Although most people would criticize me for doing this, I can’t help but find it fun. Whenever I can, I go on chatting websites that allow a wide range of ages to join. Although most say that they only allow people that are in their teens, I still end up joining under a fake account. Makes me feel youthful again chatting with teens and remembering what it was like to be that age. Though, I have a tough time keeping up with all the new slang and what not. But you don’t want to hear about this.

The girl in question is named Lexi. She and I have been messaging for a while. About 8 or so months. In the beginning I had my age hidden as I am a little more than twice here age. Eventually I had to confess after we shared pictures with each other, non that were nude however, just fun selfies of us on our day to day lives. Although a little shocked at first she eventually came around which was a huge relief for me. It wasn’t long before we started getting more flirty and even voice chatted when she was alone. We’d talk dirty and even helped each other cum. She was already used to masturbating since before she met me. Though she was still a virgin from what I could tell at that time.

As time went on and we shared more of each other, the time came where we shared our first nudes. She was amazing. Small and petite. I’d have to say she was about 5 ft. So incredibly light. B cup tits and an nice hourglass shape. Her ass was nice and plump. Her hair long and dark brown. I always had a thing for brunettes. Her skin was pale and looked so soft. I must have spent a good 5 minutes tugging at my cock before she asked for mine.

I won’t lie when I say I’m not the most attractive. I’m fairly average looking, though a bit on the tall side. What I am most proud of is my dick. A good 8.5 inches. Not as thick as I’d like it to be, but definitely long. It has a slight upward curve and a good size head.

Snapping a picture of it with my hand around to he base, I sent it to her. All she said after a while of no response was “wow”. I really enjoy compliments like those. It’s fun to see how people react to it.

We kept sending naughty pictures to each other. Some were even short videos of us. Her fingering herself with her legs spread apart and saying my name, me jerking off to her while saying her name as well and how I want to feel her pussy and lips on my cock. It was amazing!

She and I knew of the danger of our little relationship, so we made sure to delete everything after our sessions even though it killed me to do so.

After a few more weeks of this and occasional chatting and phone calls (yes, we eventually exchanged personal numbers), we started talking about possibly meeting each other.

She and I are very careful with this since we can both get in big trouble, but she and I wanted this to happen. Constantly asking if she’s ok with this and seeing how far it was ok for me to take things.

Talking for a week more when we brought up the idea of meeting up, we settled in a date. We lived about an hour away from each other and her parents were going to be out for work during the majority of the day. Working until close to midnight and leaving home quite early.

We decided that I’d leave home around half an hour after they left. I made sure to shower and clean myself thoroughly so I came presentable. Driving over there, I couldn’t help but stay hard the whole time. It was a dream come true, almost too good to be real.

Finally I arrived near the address and parked a few blocks away just in case. I texted her and she told me to come in closer. I parked my car just down the road and walked up to her place. Her house was rather large. Bigger than I was expecting, but no matter. I knocked on the door and finally saw her for the first time. She was small and dressed so cute. Thigh high black socks and a pair of white denim shorts. A thin black tank top with no bra underneath which made my cock twitch. More beautiful that I could’ve imagined.

We hugged and she invited me inside. Gotta say, it felt quite awkward now that we were there. She invited me over to her room. Quite spacious. A tiny bed but big enough for both of us. Lots of black and pink decor around the room. We sat there talking a little cuddleing next to each other.

It wasn’t long before I lifter her chin to meet my face and kissed her for the first time. So sweet. Her lip balm tasted of strawberry or cherry, I just know I wanted more. We kissed and felt each other. Removing our cloths. Her top came off and I couldn’t help myself but to lick them. So perfect and soft. She moaned softly and could tell she was wet. My had glided down to her pussy under her shorts. No panties. She was soaked.

My cock was rock hard at this point and eager to be touched. I stood up and took of my jeans. I felt like a pressure release when I did so with how tight it felt. I was wearing some loose boxers, so it was all inher face once I took them off. I was leaking pre already. She smiled and giggled at the sight of it. I made sure to tell her that we can go as slow as she wants, I don’t want to hurt her. I even bought some lube to help. And yes I did have to wear a condom unfortunately. I hated it, but it was necessary.

The first thing we did was her giveing me head. I was laying on the bed, a little bit sat up with some pillows on my back for support. She played with my dick for a bit before starting to suck on it. It was her first time so I didn’t expect her to be very good at it. Regardless, it felt amazing. Her soft lips wrapping around the head of my cock almost made me cum. Her tongue swirling around the head and she sucked on it. I didn’t push her to go very deep as I didn’t want to hurt her or make her uncomfortable. Taking our time. She sucked on my cock for almost 5 minutes. Licking my length and sucking on the tip, occasionally going a little deeper, but never past the first 3 inches. I told her I was about to cum and she wanted me to do it inside her mouth. Obviously not turning this down I used my hips to thrust as she sucked me off a little faster. Finally, I erupted inside her mouth. I’ve never came so hard or so much before. I got a little dizzy with the intensity not gonna lie. She spit some out due to the amount I came, but managed to swallow quite a bit. I was so proud of her and her smile as she tried to swallow it all.

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After I recovered for a few minutes, it was her turn. I lied her where I was before. Still wearing her shorts, I pulled them off to reveal a waxed pussy. I was in love when I saw this. So perfect and tight. I was already getting hard again just looking at it. Telling her to close her eyes and relax, I began to kiss her clit and lick it slowly. She tasted amazing. So sweet and so wet. I used my tongue to stimulate her little clit and her pussy, pushing it a little inside and around it. She wouldn’t stop squirming and grabbing my head from the feeling. Her moans were orgasmic to listen to. Her thighs squishing my head from the stimulation. Using my finger I creeped my way inside her pussy. Her hymen had broken already due to her masturbating even before we met so I had an easier time going deeper with my finger. She felt so tight and couldn’t wait to take her virginity. This went in for about 6 or 7 minutes before I started to feel her tighten around my finger. She was cumming. I heard her voice whispers it to me as if we didn’t have the house to ourselves. It was a beautiful sound knowing I made her cum as well. Both now having satisfied ourselves, it was time for the main event.

We had to rest a little bit of course. We cuddled completely nude. Touching each other and my cock grinding against her back. We were spooning. I managed her tits and punched her nipples gently. Once recovered I asked her if she was ready. She agreed and we moved to the edge of the bed where she laid down missionary and me standing up. The bed was just high enough where I didn’t have to bend my knees to reach her pussy.

Once we were in position, I told her that I am going to use a condom for the entire time, but I wanted to go raw the very first minute if she’d let me. Although I took a bit of convincing, she agreed in the end. I was overjoyed! I grabbed the lube from the night stand and made sure to use a generous amount to cover my cock and some more on her entrance. She was soaking again so that would help a lot too. My cock was rock hard and already had that upward curve to it when I’m at my hardest.

I lined up my cock to her entrance. I asked her to let me know if she wanted me to stop or go slower. I wasn’t exactly “first time friendly” with my size. I pushed a little bit feeling her pussy lips separate a bit. So fucking tight! It felt amazing! It took all of my self restraint from pushing as hard as I could. I thrusted slowly where my head was barely going inside her. After about two minutes I started going deeper where my head was now fully inserted. I never knew pussy could feel thing good. I had to keep going slow as I can hear her voice if she’s enjoying it or if I’m going too rough. Her face also showed me; when she squinted it was probably too painful and I went slower still.

Little by little, inch by inch, after about 20 or 30 minutes of this, my cock was already as deep as her pussy allowed me to be. I took her virginity. Finally! After so long I was inside this perfect teen! I enjoyed the feeling of my bare cock being inside her. I leaned down to kiss her while still inside her. It was perfect!

I begrudgingly pulled out and let her rest a bit while I out on the condom. Rolling it down and putting some more lube, I went back and had an easier time going in. Her tits bouncing at every thrust was hypnotizing. I was truly in love. Deep thrusts and so much passion in the air, we cherished this moment together. I felt her tighten around my cock gripping me tighter. She was cumming again and this time it was on my cock. I went faster and faster. The bed was squeaking at this point from how hard I was going. She moaned louder and louder. I had to cover her mouth afraid her neighbor might hear her. She came so hard her legs starting shaking a bit. I was overjoyed. I was getting close too, but I wanted to enjoy this more. I lower the pace down and tightened my ass to keep from cumming.

I managed to compose myself and lasted another 10 minutes. A little less probably, but I got to enjoy more of this moment. As I felt myself getting closer, I brought her closer to me and started thrusting faster and closer in her. She was loud again, but at this point I didn’t care. I was about to cum inside of this teenage girl who’ve I conquered completely. One last thrust, I pushed hard and deep! I was surprised the condom didn’t break from how hard I was going but it managed to keep us from getting into more trouble. I collapsed on top of her and with my cock still in her, I turned our bodies where she was on top of me laying on my chest. Exhausted and satisfied, we finally rested. I pulled out shortly after and tied the condom. Quite a huge amount of cum. If I had gone in raw she d definitely be pregnant no doubt. I put the condom in a trash bag I brought with me to dispose of any evidence. Completely naked we got on her bed and cuddled for the rest of the time. We were so tired we had fallen asleep. I made sure to put an alarm so I don’t oversleep and get ca6 ybher parents.

My alarm went off about an hour later and I got up. I checked the time and we still had about 3 hours before her parents were supposed to return. Wanting to make most of today we decided to go again for another 20 minutes. We rested and then another. This Tim’s 40 minutes. Different positions each time. Doggy, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl. Introducing her to them was great too. I only wished I was able to capture the moment, but rules are rules.

I experienced heaven that day and hope to have that again soon.

Our day ended with us completely satisfied and my balls completely empty. An hour and a half was left before her parents returned and not wanting to take any chances, I decided it was time for me to go. We hugged, we kissed, and I left.

It’s been about a month since then and we still chat. She’s 15 now. Hopefully we get the same chance again in the future. Maybe invite her over to my place for the weekend if possible. But I will never forget this moment. I’ve slept with others since then. All older then her and closer to my age, but none begin

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