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Hi I am Ravi & I like to read the sex stories of Kerala Erotica. I too did sex with my teachers. Their names are jannu & Rupa. They teach us two subjects. I never had a bad thought for them. I use to go to tuition at jannu teacher. She was very beautiful & maintained a very sexy figure. Her age was 27 & mine was 18 running. I have 15 good friends. All of us use to go to the tuition at her house. She was with her mother who was a heart patient. But their family is very rich. Once I got fainted in the college in her class. She took a good care of mine & dropped me at my home which was near to her house & my mother was a good friend of her. My mother thanked her.

On other hand Rupa teacher’s house was just behind the jannu’s house. I was very friendly with both of them. One day jannu’s mother got heart attack. She came to us crying & said the matter. I immediately rang up to my uncle who was a doctor. He came immediately & took her mother to hospital. Doctors said that she should take rest there itself for 10 days. So daily jannu slept with her mother. After 3 days I went to hospital with my mother. My mother said that she would be there that night & said me to take teacher home. I did so. But I forget my home keys. After reaching home I dialed mother & asked what to do? Than jannu said my mother that I would be with her. My mother agreed.

Both of us were very tired &I asked her doubts in accounts. She cleared my doubts. Then she had her bath & after that I too had a bath. Teacher gave me the cloths of her brother who died in an accident recently. I wore the dress. Then we went out & had our dinner in Rupa’s house. While returning jannu fell in mud & all her dress became dirty. But she didn’t get hurt. We were in home by 10:30p.m. She again went to have a bath. She came back wearing just towel on her body over the breast. She forgot that I was there in the house. She didn’t look at me & took off her towel. Now she is naked in front of me. She turned & saw me. She ran back to bathroom. I too came out of the room. She then wore a black saree which very transparent & I was able to see her Navel & Sharp boobs. She came to me & asked “Did U see any thing?” I said ” Yes everything”. She smiled & said not to tell this to anyone. Then she asked me some questions about sex. I answered them. She asked me whether I was interested in sex. I said it should be done only with wife.

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She smiled & said ‘can I be Ur wife tonight’ & took off her saree. I was wondered to see such a beautiful structure. I agreed & first touched her navel which I liked most. I lifted her & took her to Bedroom. I threw on bed, went to kitchen & got some honey. I poured it in her Navel & tasted it. Oh that was really great. Then I took off mine & her cloths. I sucked all over her body & she too did that to me. We both were in full heat. She had my tool in her mouth & tasted my liquid. Then I fucked her for about 30 min. Her moaning was very sexy. She said aaaahhhh ooooooohhhhhhhh, pleeezeeeeee don’t stop, uuggghhh & kissed my lips for about one hour. We were in sex till 7:30am. Then we had a bath together for about half an hour & went to college on my bike. We slept all the day in the college bcz we didn’t sleep all the night.

After two days I got a second chance. I went to her house & caught her boobs from behind. She was kissing on my lips & to our surprise Rupa came there. We forget to close the door. She looked at us smiled. Later jannu explained every thing. She said that she too want an experience. She called her mother from balcony & said that she would sleep with jannu that night. Her mother agreed. Three of us entered the bed room. I first was called by Rupa. She took off my short & started sucking my tool as an ice cream. I too touched her boobs & started squeezing them. She moaned “aaahhhhhhhhhhh ooohhhhhh ooooooooooooooooogggggggg oooooooooofffffffffffffffffff. Then she said me to fuck her. I took the honey bottle made her lie on bed, poured honey in her Big Navel & sucked it like anything. Then I sucked her all over her body. She caught my tool which a rod & sucked it as if it was a ‘CHOCOBAR’. Then I fucked her for about 15 min. Then jannu too joined us. So we were in good work till 7:30am & had a joint bath too. I continued the same for about 3 days with both of them. . Still I have the same style of sex with two everyday.

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