I fucked Dimple Jhanwar

I am Dinesh from Gharsana. I am narrating the love I have for female body, my sis Deepu in particular. Enjoy my love and don’t forget to contact me with your feelings.

One night I was downstairs sitting on the couch doing my work when I heard a ‘Knock Knock’ from the door way. It was my little sister. Out of instinct my eyes did not go straight to her face. I took a quick once over of her body and saw that she was wearing her dance clothes still. The way she dressed when she went to dance was almost slutty. But she was innocent enough for a 13 year old. That was not the look that she was really going for. But provocative it remained to my 25 year old mind. She was barefoot and was wearing her grey and white…sweats I would call them, more like pajamas, which were tight against her slender legs and little butt. As she started to walk toward me I looked a little higher and noticed she was wearing her white tank top over her little training bra covering her protruding B cup breasts. She had shoulder length brown hair swishing back and forth across her face as she sped up to a run and jumped over the back of the couch and landed next to me. Finally looking her in the face she started to speak.

“Sanjay I need you to do something for me” she said.

“Ok, what do you need?” I asked.

“I need you to cover for me tomorrow night”

“What for?” I asked.

“Well Dimple and I are… Going somewhere tomorrow night and I already know mom and dad wouldn’t let me go if I asked them so will you please cover for me.” She then started to give me the puppy dog face and looking into her sweet eyes I could not say no.

“Well I do have something going on tomorrow night that I kind of need to be there for. I could lose I lot of money.” I said already deciding to say yes.

“Oh PLEASE! Please I really, really need you to do this. Umm…I don’t have very much money really. How much would it take to pay you?”

“More than you have.” I replied.

“Uhh… Well I there anything else I could do for you. Like chores or something?” Then just when I was about to say OK I will, she said “Well how about If I played with your penis for a while? Or well no that was stupid. Not than, I mean well I heard” I was totally shocked. I had never thought she would go to that extreme.

I started to get images and flashbacks running through my mind. My little sister’s lips sliding up and down on my shaft. Me cumming in her mouth. And then I remembered the time when I caught a look at her in the shower last year. Her naked body wet, and covered with soap. Her budding breasts beginning to become visible. I had thought about her sexually more than once but never acted on those thoughts. It wasn’t my fault when I happened to glance down and see her little camel toe or get a slight hard on when she would walk around in the morning in her underwear out in the open.

But before she was finished babbling, I had already made up my mind that it would be wrong to take advantage of her. “Look Jamie you don’t need to do that, there has got to be something else-”

“But there isn’t” she said placing her hand on my thigh. “And why wouldn’t you want me to do that anyway? Are you saying you have never thought about me that way even once? Come on I know you. I am not a little girl anymore Brian. And I promise I won’t tell anyone about it.”

Her hand stared to slowly slide up my thigh closer and closer to my hardening prick. I could not resist her anymore especially when she was insisting like that. “Ok, just for a minute” I said.

“Ok” she said sliding down onto the floor in front of me “but I have never done this kind of thing before. I have only heard the other girls talk about it so tell me if I am not doing it right” I was relived that she hadn’t done anything before with other guys. If it is going to be with anyone I guess I would want it to be me I thought. She reached her hands up and undid my pants, slowly pulling down the zipper.

My cock was throbbing anticipating her touch. As soon as my pants were down my dick shot up and made a tent in my boxers. I saw a little smile on Jamie’s face as she reached up and pulled down my boxers making my cock spring back into the upright position. She slowly reached out her hand and touched the tip with her fingers. My whole body jerked from the sensation. She was the first person to touch my shaft besides myself and it felt wonderful. Soon she completely took hold of me and started rubbing slowly. Her soft fingers were smooth against my skin. I started giving her directions on what to do. Soon she was doing it like a pro. Sliding her hand up and down at just the perfect speed. I was trying to hold off my orgasm for as long as I could to make this last. I was turned on more than I had ever been in my entire life. “Put your mouth on it” I said breathing heavily. Without question she dropped her head down, pulled back her hair and put her lips to my shaft. Just like in my vision she was perfect. Her soft virgin lips sliding and licking everywhere on my dick. After a couple of minutes it was finally too much to bear. I let my stream go. The first gush startled her and she stopped sucking as it hit the back of her throat. “Don’t stop!” I said and then she went back to sucking, licking up every last drop of my hot cum.

I lay back on the couch and stared at the ceiling. After a minute I looked back down and saw my limp cock still wet with my little sister’s saliva and her face still covered with my cum.

“So… How did your little sister do for her first time?”

“She did… Excellent, couldn’t have done better.”

“Thanks I am glad you liked it” she replied “But listen can you do me one more favor?”

“Ya anything you want sis.”

“I want you to give me an orgasm.”

“What! Hey I don’t know if we should go any farther. I mean I am your brother.”

“I just gave you a blowjob Brian. Can’t you do this one thing for me please? I can’t get myself to climax with my fingers.”

After a moment of hesitation I said “Alright take off your clothes.” She stood up and lifted her shirt off over her head and then she reached behind her back and unclasped her bra. Letting it fall to the ground she looked up at me, but I wasn’t looking at her face. She then put her hands on her hips and slowly slides down her pants and kicked them off on the floor reveling her silkily, black panties covering her wet cunt. “OK…..lay down on the couch” I said. She got herself comfortable. I placed my hands on her feet and moved them up to her hips. Grabbing hold of her panties I slide them down off her legs, down to her ankles then she kicked them off onto the floor with her feet. Not taking my eyes of her nude body I positioned myself between her legs. “What do you think of me?” she asked. The devilish look I gave her answered her question. Immediately I slide my hand over to her pussy and inserted a finger. Ohh she was so tight and wet. My fingers had no trouble moving inside her virgin folds. She started to moan softly and play with her erect nipples. I reached up and took one of her breasts in my hand and fondled her at the same time. Her boobs were so soft and smooth and I was able to cup the whole thing in my hand at once. After about five minutes of fingering, Deepu could not take it any longer. “Fuck me Sanju, do me now, I want you inside me.”

“What… I can’t. You will get pregnant Deepu.”

“No you won’t I am on the pill, that is where Sushma and I were going tomorrow, for a check up.”


“Ya really, so go ahead take me”

She didn’t need to tell me again. I pulled my cock back out of my boxers and lifted both her legs onto my shoulders giving me a clear view of her bald, little pussy. Moving in closer I touched the head of my cock to her pussy lips. “Push it Sanju!” Deepu moaned. Slowly inch by inch I slide my hard 8 inch member into her wet vagina until I was completely inside her. Calmly I started pumping her slamming my balls into her hips after each push. Soon I was able to go full speed on her. In and out, in and out I went with Deepu pushing her hips into me at the same time. “I have to cum” I yelled.

“No wait just a minute longer I am almost there” She screamed.

After about five more pumps I felt her female juices squirting out onto my cock and dripping off my ball sack. “Now” she screamed. Then with all my energy I exploded deep inside her. Gush after gush I pump my hot liquid in my little sister’s pussy until I fell on top of her exhausted with my penis still in her. My head lying on her breast as I fell asleep.

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