I fucked my friends wife under hypnotic suggestion | cheating story from Annonymous13

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A guy I hung out with had a really cute, 18 year old wife I really wanted to fuck. One day when we were alone, I asked her about learning to relax, and she seemed eager to learn, so using a Chinese method I had learned in Singapore, I,put her in a deep trance. I began asking her questions like did she like being fucked, of course she said yes.. as I went over several questions I asked her if she had ever made love with another girl and she said no. I decided to try something. I asked her who was the prettiest girl she knew and she said JL a wife in our building. I told her I had talked to JL several times and JL had said she would really like to eat her pussy, and would she like this. She said no she didn’t like the idea of sex with a girl, so I gave her a series of strong suggestions that JL was going to suck her pussy. She kept saying no, but I told her to imagine JL standing in front of her taking off her clothes. She said she could see that. I asked her how JL’s tits looked and she said really sweet and soft with firm pencil eraser nipples. I asked her how JL’s pussy looked and she said soft and really hot. I then told her JL was going to suck her clit and to open her legs so JL could look at her pussy. She started to complain and kept her legs closed so as I opened her legs I said JL’s face was right between her legs and she was hungry for the girls pussy. She started to say I don’t want sex with a girl and don’t let her touch me down there. Then I said JL was now sucking her clit and how wonderful it felt. She was moaning and thrusting her young pussy up against JL’s imaginary mouth_ she came really hard so I asked if she liked JL,sucking her off and she said God yes. Then I said she was to turn over and when she did I told her JL was going to tongue fuck her ass hole. She really went nuts when I kept telling her this and soon came again. Then I told her JL wanted her pussy licked and that her face was right next to JL’s hot, hot pussy and she was to suck her off. She went wild tonguing and sucking JL’s imaginary pussy. I asked her to put on a strap on and fuck JL in the ass hole. She did as commanded and as I told her JL was coming, she had her third climax. In the next days that followed I put her under hypnosis again and again and had her imagine sucking JL’s hot pussy over and over.I was more confident now so putting her into deep sleeping told her to imagine her husband had said he really wanted to see her get fucked by another man and this idea really made her hot. I then told her to see her husband sitting in the corner on a chair, jacking off while she described another guy fucking her. Pretending I was her husband I first asked her to suck the guys cock and she began sucking as though she had a cock in her mouth. I asked her how many times since we got married had she sucked another man’s cock and she said three times. While her husband was at sea (navy)she had sucked off three guys she met on the beach. I asked if she liked it and she said yeah, it felt really good sucking other guys cocks. I asked her if they had fucked her and she said two,of them had and she really liked having a different cock in her pussy. I asked if they had fucked her ass and she said yes, very gently and sweetly. She still hadn’t let her husband fuck her ass, so I started to finger fuck her ass and her make believe husband asked what was I doing and she said fucking her ass hole and it really felt good. I had the make believe husband ask her if she liked him watching her get fucked and she cum hard saying she loved it. So I left her with a strong suggestion that she would agree to him watching her get fucked . But that is another story.Needless to say I fucked this young wife over and over while her husband was at sea.

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