I got abused and pregnant

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By Britney66DD My brother and the brother of my late stepfather got me pregnant

About three week ago, my mother called to tell me the bad news, my stepfather had died in intensive care because of internal bleeding caused by the road accident he had weeks before.
There were a few of my stepfather’s relatives at the funeral, but the only one I knew was his younger brother Roy.
Roy was completely broken, it was a shame to see him like that.
I tried to comfort him, but he was really sad.
He was going to stay with us for a few days at my mother’s, who was also devastated.
He asked me to keep him company in the car on the journey home, to which I agreed without hesitation, because I could see that he needed to get things off his chest.
It was a two-hour drive, and almost halfway there was still no topic of conversation.
That’s when I asked him to pull the car over in a secluded spot so we could be more at ease.
When he stopped the car, he asked me if everything was all right with me, and I said yes. I took off my seatbelt, unzipped the top of my dress, fully exposing my tits and leaned over him.
Dumbfounded and looking surprised, he stood there with no reaction as I opened his fly, slipped my hand inside his pants and pulled out his cock.
Without saying a word, I began to suck his cock, which was already rock hard.
Mmmm, I really missed sucking this cock.
Ohhhh what a wonderful mouth, he moans.
My head bobs up and down with the help of his hand and I work the head of his cock with my tongue.
Oooooh aaaaah, he moans with pleasure.
I want you to swallow all my cum.
Suck, suck, suck, I keep sucking and saying mmmm mmmm in agreement.
A few minutes later, I feel him growing in my mouth.
He starts moaning even more, oooooh, ooooooh, I’m almost there.
I intensify the sucking and a few seconds later…. he holds my head down
Ooooooh, ooooooh, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, aaaaaah, aaaaaah, swallow it all, swallow all my cum, aaaaah, aaaaah.
He cums like a cannon down my throat.
So much cum and so thick that I choke and it comes out of my mouth and nose.
Glup, glup, glup, suck, suck, I make an enormous effort to swallow every last drop.
Ooooh what a wonderful mouth, he says.
I haven’t cum like that since my brother and I fucked you for the last time together.
I’m still sucking and swallowing the last drops of his cum, when I start to feel his cock getting hard again in my mouth.
He doesn’t let me take his cock out of my mouth and says, keep sucking.
Without stopping, I do as he asks, only this time he takes much longer to cum.
Suck, suck, suck, my mouth is already going numb, but I keep bobbing my head up and down on his cock.
About twenty minutes later, he starts moaning louder.
Oooooh, oooooh, I’m going to cum.
Oooooh, oooooh, swallow it, swallow it all.
The amount of cum was less, but it still filled my mouth.
He completely emptied his balls in my mouth.
I got up, wiped my lips with my tongue, composed myself, he starts the car and we drive to my mother’s house.
When we get home, we each go to our own rooms, Roy stays in my brother’s room.
Towards the end of the day, I get a call from my mother on the mobile telling me that my brother is also staying here for a few days and that she’s staying at my grandmother’s so that my brother can sleep in her room.
I inform Roy that Chris is also coming and will be sleeping in my mother’s room.
I’m already in bed when I heard Chris come into the house, Roy is in the living room, I hear them talking and I fall asleep.
Without realizing what time it was, I found myself waking up when I felt the sheet on my bed being lifted.
It was my brother and he was naked.
I’ve missed you, Brit,” he says, and puts a hand over my mouth to stop me screaming.
I was also naked because of the heat.
Frightened by Chris’s presence, I tried to react, but he was too strong for me. With his strong arm, he pinned me to the bed and climbed on top of me.
I continue to struggle, but he pushes my thighs apart with his knees and puts his cock against my pussy.
I’m going to fuck you good Brit, and he slowly sticks his huge cock inside me.
I start to feel every inch of his cock penetrating me deep inside and I start to moan in disagreement.
Shut up Brit or you’ll wake Roy up.
I stop resisting so as not to make any more noise, Chris takes his hand off my mouth and starts fucking me harder.
My tits bounce for his pleasure, licking and sucking my nipples.
Fucking me hard, he moans.
Ooooh, ooooh, you’re so good to fuck, ooooh, ooooh.
Our bodies rock back and forth
I just want him to finish quickly.
But no luck. He fucks me for a long time.
About 30 minutes later, he starts to thrust harder and moans breathlessly.
Chris, I’m not on the pill, I inform him.
Even better, he says.
Ooooh, ooooh, so good.
Chris, no, you’re going to get me pregnant.
That’s my intention Brit and he begins to tense up more and more and his cock gets harder.
Aaaaaah I’m going to cum, he informs me
I start to feel streams of cum invading my insides.
Nooo Chris, pull out, pull out.
Oooooh, he thrusts hard with every stream that comes out of his balls, oooooh, my God, so good
Chris, please pull out.
Ooooh, no, ooooh, inside feels so much better.
And he empties his balls deep into my cervix.
Before he gets off me, he tries to kiss me, but I turn my face away and he falls exhausted to the other end of the bed.
Fuck Brit, I’ve never had a fuck as good as you.
He gets up and walks out of my room.
Ashamed of what happened, I get into a fetal position and fall asleep crying.
When I woke up around midday, I took a shower, put on some shorts and a tank top and went downstairs for lunch.
Chris and Roy are already in the kitchen talking about something.
Good afternoon, sleepyhead, says Roy.
Did you sleep well?” asked Chris, smiling.
Yes, I slept as well as I could.
That said, the three of us had lunch in the kitchen.
As soon as I’ve finished lunch, I go into the living room to watch TV. They’re still chatting in the kitchen.
A few minutes later, they both come into the living room and sit on either side of me.
We’re quietly watching Aquaman 2 on Disney+ when Chris gets up to go to the bathroom.
I’m left alone with Roy and he immediately takes the opportunity to tell me that I have tasty tits and starts to feel them up.
Not now Roy, my brother’s here.
Without caring, he pulls out his cock and lays me down on the sofa. I want a quickie.
Roy, stop it,
I want to fuck you, he says and pulls my shorts aside and immediately puts his cock in me.
He starts thrusting hard and fast, hmmm, hmmm, hmmm, he moans with pleasure
As he started, he finished very quickly.
I’m going to cum, he says softly
Ooooh, Ooooh and fill me with spunk.
We hear Chris flushing the toilet, his balls empty, Roy gets up and sits down quickly. I try to clean myself up in a hurry and sit down next to Roy.
I hope Chris doesn’t notice the stain on the sofa, I think to myself.
Chris returns to the living room and we continue watching the movie together.
A few minutes later Roy gets up and has to go to the toilet too.
Chris takes advantage of Roy’s absence and he too comes over to me.
Brit, that top is making me so horny, I have to give you a quickie.
No, Chris, please leave me alone.
He lays me down on the sofa, pulls his cock out of his boxers, pushes my shorts aside and thrusts in quickly.
His cock slides in better with Roy’s cum in my pussy.
Do you still have my spunk inside you, you slut? he asks
Yes, I say. Hurry up and come
I thrust fast and hard, and he comes very fast too.
Aaaaah, aaaaah, fuck, so good.
He gives one last thrust and pulls out.
I’ve got cum up to my stomach.
When he gets off me, we look towards the entrance to the room and Roy is watching us.
What a fucked-up scene, he says. A brother fucking his own sister.
We don’t know what to say, but my cheeky brother unceremoniously turns to me and rips off my top.
Let’s fuck her together.
No way, I say.
You don’t get a say, Roy exclaims and sits down on the sofa with his cock erect.
Chris grabs me and makes me sit on Roy’s cock and positions himself behind me to fuck my ass.
Hold her, he asks Roy, who in turn complies with his request.
Roy, with his cock already in my pussy, holds me tight.
Nooo, let go of me.
Shhhh Brit, take our cocks, says Chris as he sticks his cock up my ass.
All afternoon they fucked me in turn or at the same time.
They did a lot of different things to me and always came inside me.
In the evening it was Roy’s turn to come to my room and fuck me.
It wasn’t until the next day that I realized they had orchestrated the whole thing, when I heard them talking in the kitchen without them realizing I was listening.
A few days ago I found out that I’m pregnant and I’m going to have a hard time finding out who the father is, without my mother realizing that it could be my brother’s child.

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By Britney66DD #Abuse #Incest #Pics #Pregnancy #Rape