I got fisted | romantic story from Maggie Mae

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I got fist fucked and I liked it.

My boyfriend Nathan and I were sitting on the couch.

I was facing him with my back on the arm.
Pretending to be reading a book. Kinda teasing him as we watched tv.

Before I get much farther, I guess I need to tell a little bit about Nathan and me.

I’m forty-three years old.
Blonde, blue eyes, and a very well taken care of body.
Measuring a tight 34D-24-33 and 5’5″ tall.

Nathan is 5’10” with sandy blonde hair, pearly white teeth, and a killer smile with dimples.

Oh, and Nathan is twenty-four years old.

I used my experience and my body to nab Nathan.

And no I didn’t play fair.

Back to my story.

Like I said.

I was teasing Nathan.

I was horny and wanted some dick.

Nathan slid his hand over and started gently rubbing my clit.

I instantly opened my legs to him.

Nathan wiggled a finger around until it slipped inside me.

Gently and playfully Nathan fingered me for a while with his finger bringing me to a light orgasm.

When my pussy relaxed and opened Nathan slid a second finger into me.

Again, the same thing as I watched him smiling.

When I relaxed and my pussy opened Nathan adjusted to get a better position to three fingers in me.

Still slow, gently, and relaxing.

Just making me cum..

After my third orgasm.

I smiled at Nathan and told him to hold on.

Running to my room.

I grabbed the lube and hurried back and jumped on the couch smiling.

With two fingers.
Nathan loosened me back up.

Nathan smiling at me squirted lube on his hand and then rubbed it on my pussy lubing me up.

Then he lubed up his hand.

Slow and gentle he worked four fingers into me.

I relaxed, controlled my breathing, and smiled as I watched his hand slide in and out of me until his thumb stopped him from going any farther.

Grabbing the libe off the back of the couch.

I squirted more lube on his hand.

Watching intently.

I watched as Nathan folded his thumb in and slowly and methodically started working his whole hand inside me.

I adjusted my hips a little bit and rested my feet on Nathan’s shoulders.

When it got to the fat part of Nathan’s hand, I curled my hips up and relaxed panting hard as I watched Nathan’s hand disappear inside me.

Once it was just his wrist sticking out of me.

I grabbed his arm and held it in place as I became accustomed to being full and stretched so big.

Once I regained my breathing.

I smiled at Nathan and released his arm.

Gently Nathan started slowly pushing into me and pulling back.

Squirting more lube on his hand, wrist, and my pussy.

I looked at Nathan and smiled as the sweat glistened on my body.

I watched, as a very large orgasm built inside me, Ethan’s hand working in and out of me till I gaped so much his hand slid in and out of me with ease.

When my orgasm reached the point of no return.

I grabbed his wrist with both hands.
Pushed it as deep inside me as I could ground my hips in circles and squirted pussy juice all over Nathan’s arm as I looked him directly in the eye as I withered.

After my orgasm passed and I settled down I looked at Nathan and smiled.

Holding his wrist.
I slowly worked my hips back and forth.

“I still want that sexy dick in me.” I smiled at Nathan.

Nathan smiled back at me as he pulled his hand out of me slowly.

We both looked down at my pussy and chuckled.

“Looks like your gonna have to use the back door.” I chuckled looking at my gaping black hole.

Usually when I took it up the ass.
Nathan pounds the hell out of me.

But, that night he took his time and gave my little asshole two good loads of seed.

I’m waiting for my next opportunity to get fisted