I got my teacher pregnant | straight story from Husband and Student

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My father always told me, we are rich and can do anything we want it was a sort of motto. I (19) was falling behind in my studies. So, my father hired a teacher to teach me during the holidays and to get my grades up before university entrance exams. Being used to getting everything I wanted I made a move on my teacher (27), and I succeed in bedding her regularly over the holidays. She of course got pregnant, then another family motto one always takes responsibility for your actions and my father made sure I did. I got in the university and with my now wife and son we live close by the university. My father is happy to have a grandson named after him his first, but already has 3 granddaughters from my only sibling my older brother (29). I’m also expanding my family as my wife is again pregnant and it’s another boy. I really like being married and my wife is the only woman I want. Seems like I’ve found my perfect woman, my mother thinks so and points it out regularly, she also has my father’s support. But my wife is the best she helps me study and keeps me on track and saves me a lot of time, otherwise I would’ve to go out chasing girls to get sex. I have a woman who warms my bed every night no need to go out looking.

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