I had no idea that my wife was. | cheating story from Husband

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Written by Husband ,
on 2023-07-16,
genre cheating

Hey guys I need some feedback and opinions please. Well today I came home early from work and my wife was not home but her car was in the driveway. I didn’t think much of it until I heard voices coming from our back yard and since our bedroom was the closest to the back yard it sounded like the voices were coming from our next door neighbor Mr Jones. Suddenly I was able to make out my wife talking to someone. A few minutes later my wife came rushing in the house and through our bedroom. She was calm and very normal I wasn’t sure if I had heard her next door or not but then I noticed that she was wearing her short black skirt and no panties. I asked her if she was going to let me have some pussy tonight? Before she answered my request for sex tonight she let me know that she was next door helping Mr Jones with some chores and that she didn’t have time to change clothes before she walked next door. I told her that I didn’t like her wearing that kind of clothes when she was next door helping Mr Jones. She said not to worry about anything that Mr Jones and his roommates were very respectful. Okay but be careful because they have told me that they like to gangbang women every once in a while. For the next few weeks my wife has been gangbanged by Mr Jones and his roommates as well as other black guys in the neighborhood.

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