I had sex with my ex while my boyfriend was gaming

My boyfriend was a gamer. Once he puts his headphones on, he won’t even hear me. So one day, I was so stressed as he keeps playing games. As I sat on the couch bored and naked, the door bell rang. He didn’t know I was naked. He asked me to get the door as he calls the plumber to fix the kitchen sink. I went and get the door naked. To my surprise he was my ex-boyfriend whom my boyfriend doesn’t know. He has a way bigger dick than by present boyfriend. I was thrilled. I went to the kitchen with my ex. He was already a boner as he sees me naked. I pulled out his huge dick and gave him a deep throat blow job. Then he started feeling my boobs and down to my pussy. I was clean shaved. He put his fingers in and said, “your hole have become much bigger”. I frown and told him I just had sex with my black neighbor in the garden before he came. Then he kneel and licked my pussy. He made me bent over the dining table and banged me hard. We end up with is cum all over my face. I asked him not to repair the sink and come back tomorrow.
It was a great sex with him after a while.

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